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Pit stop for snacks, drinks & sundries

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8378 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, CO, 80003, United States
Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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78 reviews


"Conveniently located staff is pleasant and they have a good variety"

"Food in display case could be turned around so food isnt dry and burnt looking."

"Go here all the time but they are ripping people off by charging more."

Marcella Briels · 1 year ago

I am a regular at this store, and I have to say hands down Rose is my absolute favorite person! She's helpful, friendly, attentive, seems like she's always staying busy whether helping customers, stocking items, or just cleaning up the store. I've witnessed her multitasking on numerous occasions i always enjoy chatting with her and we've had some epic conversations. She's seen me on good nights and on bad nights and she is always genuine, a true unique rarity. I make it a point to come in on her shifts. I appreciate how on top of things she is and just her sweet personality in general. I don't feel people take the time to give accolades to those who deserve them as often as they should. So thank you Rose for everything, you are appreciated!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

How awesome is that? Thanks for sharing! Your local 7-Eleven store can’t wait to see you again real soon!

Robin Rula · more than 9 months ago

I have always tried to be polite and patient going in here having worked this job, but the people who run this are still rude and mean. They sell items they know don’t work then get aggressive with you when you inform them. This place is just terrible, there’s no defending it. The hey have ruined my day repeatedly and I won’t go back.

Owner's response · more than 9 months ago

That doesn't sound right. Can you give us more information at so that we can get this addressed?

Andrew O'connor · 1 year ago

I bought a pizza and ask if she could cook it A little bit longer because the timing that they have on it makes the pizza still w little bit. But she said no that she's gonna cook it the way she wanted and that is terrible customer service And it's my pizza not hers so why is she saying she's gonna cook it her way? It's not burger king and she said it's Very rudely and snaggy It is not her pizza to say whether she's cooked it her way or not. It's my pizza I bought it is a life should be able to have it cooked to that like it my pizza So if I get sick which I fall up on this post. It's because the lazy at this door wants to cook it her way.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

Your local 7-Eleven store would like to look further into your comments. Please send us a note at so that your local 7-Eleven store can follow up.

Selene · 8 months ago

Rose is a sweetheart. The 2 men are absolute jerks! Loaded my cash ap card twice. The second time I went in they said "again" treated me like some teenager loading my card with their money.

Owner's response · 8 months ago

Your local 7-Eleven store is sorry to hear about your troubles during a recent visit. The store would be happy to take a look into this for you, please contact us at Thank you.

Bailey Lozano · 1 year ago

No complaints until today. Prices don't match what they have on the sign and what they charge you. Go here all the time but they are ripping people off by charging more. Love the chain 7 eleven, I seriously go here 5 to 7 times a week but need to find a different place to go if they are going to rip people off with prices. This is the 7-Eleven 8378 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, CO 80003.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Your local 7-Eleven store always strives to provide a great experience. Let us know more about your experience by reaching out to We’ll be sure to make your response available to your local 7-Eleven store to review.

Devan · 1 year ago

Singh does not like to talk apparently. When I tried to be nice and engage him he glared at me and told me he doesn't want to talk to people. I apologized and walked away. As I did, he let out a loud angry roar. I was scared to look back so I just left and did not come back for the order I placed. Second and last visit to this store. Dude has some anger issues.

Amanda Stokes · almost 1 year ago

Rose is áwesome. The men that look like they could all be related are not very friendly and rude at times.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

This just made our day! Thanks so much for sharing. Hoping to nudge that next visit up to a 5 star!

Frankie Productions (El Pancho) · 1 year ago

So I’ve been coming to this store for almost a year and no matter what they are always really nice and respectful also if your looking for a store with chips cuz i know theirs stores that don’t like restocking them for some reason trust me they always have chips and all the snacks you love honestly Great Service. I will be updating with some pictures in a couple of days!

Owner's response · 1 year ago

How awesome is that? Thanks for sharing! Your local 7-Eleven store can’t wait to see you again real soon!

Claudia Schanil · 1 year ago

If this 711 tells you they cant exchange your purchase because its on an EBT card that is 100% illegal. Please report it to the State or Colorado and 711. My daughter bought the wrong size milk and tried to exchange it before leaving the property, they refused saying it was impossible because it was an EBT card. They tried to get her to pay more money and buy a second milk. I went down and talked to the cashier and he agreed that it was 100% illegal to refuse the exchange but didnt know what to do. Called over another employee who tried to lie to me at first and say my daughter refused the exchange but he didnt realize she had called me and I was on the phone with her while he was refusing the exchange. Why do you have 2 employees working in here who dont know basic aspects about their job and do not call a manager to help talk them though it. EBT needs to be treated like regular money and what was done was 100% illegal. Being that this 711 is located feet away from a low income apartment building I am sure lying and breaking the law to customers paying with an EBT is regular practice. When i asked the cashier for the managers name to report the incident he refused. Be aware this is happening here, report it to the State of CO and 711. This is abuse of the lower class.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Your local 7-Eleven store understands the frustration that can happen when your visit doesn’t go as planned and would like to try to make it better. Could you send us the details at

Joel Thompson · 2 years ago

Pretty decent 7-Eleven. Great staff. Hard working and friendly. Bathroom is functional, but a bit antiquated and out of soap, but maybe that's rare. Great grill and Hot food items. Well stocked even at 4pm! Nice modern pumps too! Remodel the restroom and keep on keeping it clean and inviting and I'd definitely give 5 stars!

Owner's response · 2 years ago

This just made our day! Thanks so much for sharing. Hoping to nudge that next visit up to a 5 star!



Convenience chain offering grab-&-go bites & beverages, plus assorted newsstand items.

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