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Circle K

Pit stop for snacks, drinks & more

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7584 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster, CO, 80003, United States
Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours


175 reviews


"Good service, good collection of snacks"

"No customer should ever have their personal space invaded by an employee."

"Kind staff that takes their time to make,great coffee."

Luke Warren · 10 months ago

Room for improvement granted 5:45 a.m it's hard to smile as 'she just started her shift and I was carded for cigarettes produced my out of State Driver's license that's expired She's following the rules. Who's going to fire her? I'm a sixty year old guy with a cup of coffee and no cigarettes I went down the street to 711 and wasn't hassled I remained polite

Alina Von · 1 year ago

Every time I pump gas on pump 8 I have an issue. The workers try their best to be helpful but don’t believe me when I say the pump is not pumping my gas completely! It’s frustrating having to make such a fuss about this over and over until someone gives me my money back or can give me the gas I payed for.

Todd B (TheThnikkaman) · 11 months ago

Went there at 9pm and the addicts and homeless were hanging out by the doors. One guy had his shirt off and couldn't put it back on. He was shaking and agitated. I was going to go in with the kids for drinks, but we just left.

Terrence (James) · more than 2 years ago

Doing lyft part time I stopped in to fill up vehicle and decided to purchase some cigars for later. I informed the cashier that which ones I wanted and they lady yelled at me and told me you have to purchase a cigar that I didn't want. I said I'm sorry and purchased the extra one anyway. There was one other person in the store at the time I guess a friend regular but they didn't know I wasn't leaving and was making jokes about me. I used the restroom and still even purchased gas outside cause I was so embarrassed. I wanted plastic tip cause I hug alot of family members and my grandfather can take the broken half a put it back in the plastic. But the cashier forced me to by one wood tip cause she was having a rough busy day earlier from what I heard from her other conversation. And you can littery see on the receipt the wrong one. She definitely expressed her disconcern when I tried to tell her. Like I said she yell no you buying this one to. Worst customer service experience I have had in a very long time.

Barbara Rodriguez · 2 years ago

If i could put NO STARS I WOULD, my husband and i have been coming into this store for almost over a year, all the employees are so very nice and welcoming, BUT one older lady she has very short white hair, shes EXTREMELY rude every time we go in there shes always mean, ny first encounter i just thought it was a bad day, but NO its EVERY DAY ! Maybe you should train her on customer service because that is what she lacks, its ALWAYS attitude every time we go in .

Evie Gotsdahter · 2 years ago

Much like other Circle K stores it was clean, well stocked, and staff were friendly. We went in for a cold beverage and ended up getting horchata from the fountain (it was so good). I live close to this location, and I go in fairly regularly. I like it.

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Hi, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We look forward to serving you again soon!

sherry thompson · more than 8 years ago

The customer service, most of cashiers are friendly but one in particular stands out. A gentleman named Travis, not only does he provide excellent service, but he takes the time to get to know regular customers. He remembers what they usually come in for, and gets to know them by name. He genuinely makes you feel at home, and as if he cares! You rarely find that kind of service anymore. He is indeed a valuable employee!

Axel Quintero · 1 year ago

I put $42 worth of gas and they took out $100 dollars off my account. CHECK YOU'RE ACCOUNTS AFTER FILL-UP!

Heather J · 4 years ago

They have coffee machines that allow you to brew your own cup and opt to leave space for condiments so it is fresh and made to your preference. The bathrooms could use a little more attention based on the times I have used it over the course of a few years. Lastly, an outlier review that should not reflect on this establishment but is worth mentioning in the interest of us all: The intersection can be busy and I was on my bike with permission to cross the road and cars failed to yield thus not honoring the rules of the crosswalk sign which made me feel at risk attempting to safely cross the street. It was a time of day people tend to commute from work. Please be more aware of pedestrians and bike riders etc. Thank you.

Ann Pokego · almost 5 years ago

Most of the employees are super friendly but the older lady with glasses is rude. When we came in she got way too close to me and just stood there. It made me feel very nervous and uncomfortable. I have anxiety about people standing behind me and when I mentioned it she just got closer and kind of laughed. This is unacceptable! No customer should ever have their personal space invaded by an employee. I wish I could give more stars for all the awesome workers but she ruined it for me.



Convenience-store chain with lots of food & drink options. Most sell fuel & some have car washes.

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