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Pit stop for snacks, drinks & sundries

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1650 Main St, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
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Open 24 hours
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40 reviews


"Always great service, great staff from morning to night."

"Ever since the new owner took over the prices has been rising steadily."

"Making a first priorities to serving customer qualities product and service."

Eduardo Mosqueda · 1 year ago

earlier today I went to this 711 never really went to any lately I went in and the worker had other customers he was mean mugging me for no reason. It seemed like he was new an employee asked him about cokes and he was confused as hell like what? I went to get nachos then when I was paying he charged me extra almost $4 more I asked him hey why you charging me for extra he said well we charged extra for the cheese I couldn’t believe it I asked him are you the manager ?? He stayed quiet he was thinking about lying to me and saying yes. I want a refund asap

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

Your local 7-Eleven store would like to look further into your comments. Please send us a note at so that your local 7-Eleven store can follow up.

Ashley Clayborne · almost 2 years ago

Terrible 7/11. Needs to be shut down. Druggies hang outside. Workers are rude. The store is disgusting and so unsanitary! When are we going to stand up for ourselves & stop giving these terrible companies our money? Stop making these clowns rich!

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store understands the frustration that can happen when your visit doesn’t go as planned and would like to try to make it better. Could you send us the details at

RAJEEV PRADHAN (Revolve) · 6 years ago

Very kind hearted New 7eleven owners. Always going above and beyond to take care of customers needs. Making a first priorities to serving customer qualities product and service. Always greeted with smiles at entrance and exit while having my shopping experience makes very easy and friendly.

B Eq · almost 8 years ago

I've been coming here only for the coffee. This store is under new ownership. The new owner is okay I guess, but his family leaves little to be desired. Products on shelves don't scan correctly, especially I volume products, IE: coffee and water. I personally have had to get the management to make corrections on products I routinely purchase. This store needs an audit.

HUMANITY 101 · more than 2 years ago

The worst store, the owner or Who ever was at the counter today printed the wrong lottery tickets and then does not except his mistake and won’t refund for his mistake. Absolutely horrible store. Please go somewhere else to spend ur hard earned $$ not to this store.

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Hi, please help your local 7-Eleven store understand more about what happened when you stopped by. Please share the details by writing to

Kandi Wolfe · almost 6 years ago

Usually always clean and shelves are stocked. Most employees are friendly and helpful. Prices are pretty spendy. There are no longer any fuel pumps here though , which surprises alot of people!

Tabitha Cook · 2 years ago

I have to give a Star but don't want to the man who works at night is a Awful man he has over Charged me On numerous occasions He accused me of stealingWhich I've never done I go Elsewhere so I'm not accused of doing things wrongre so I'm not don't s*** where you eat In the past 7 yearsSince I've been going to the store I've never had a problem till now SinceThis man who works in the evening Has been there I spend thousands of dollars at 711 because it's close to my home I've chose to walk Elsewhere so I'm not accused of doing things I'm am willing know and well liked in my community I have nave been so Humiliated in my life

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store always strives to provide a great experience. Let us know more about your experience by reaching out to We’ll be sure to make your response available to your local 7-Eleven store to review.

Angel Ehrlich · almost 2 years ago

The guy that works there the napoul with his wife would not serve us he took our stuff from us started bringing up the past that was handled with a manager he cussed me out when walking out the store when the customer is always right he needs to be fired and his wife they bring there child to work with them and the child plays with everything the manager needs to get in touch with me I'm not to pleased with how things went at this store we shop here all the time we'll did and the one time we finally decided to come back that's how we get treated that lady to needs to learn English

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Your local 7-Eleven store understands the frustration that can happen when your visit doesn’t go as planned and would like to try to make it better. Could you send us the details at

Ken Enzman · 4 years ago

Horrible, went in it need of restroom and buy some water when asked to wear a mask i explained I am unable to due to being asmatic. Denied me to even use the restroom and to get out. So if you have any medical conditions that do not coincide with face masks do not go to this 7/11 because you will be discriminated against there employees for your disability.

Sean Hardy · 3 years ago

These people are the worst. They discriminate against the homeless and ban you from the store for no reason and only give the excuse of "talk to the manager" who doesn't give a reason why but everyone knows that they hate white people. I will never go to this store EVER , and no one else should either.



Convenience chain offering grab-&-go bites & beverages, plus assorted newsstand items.



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