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Circle K

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12051 Huron St, Westminster, CO, 80234, United States
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51 reviews


"I work at night, and coffee is needed for us night shift people."

"It appeared to work as the compressor kicked on after taking my $2."

"Compared to the prices back in Philly."

David Beard · more than 10 months ago

No gas for sale... there's no gas which is kind of the main point of a gas station. Every pump in bagged out of order. They do have diesel thought so good for them?

Anthony Fraser · almost 1 year ago

I have a night schedule and this is a 24hr location. problem is whoever works the night shift just puts a "In the Bathroom BRB" sign in the window and goes to sleep for hours on end. 3 nights in a row this week alone I've been there and no one comes to the door. From previous people waiting and my own time at least 15-30min with no one coming.

Matthew Crew · more than 9 months ago

The air pump was not working properly. No sign informing me it was “out of order.” It appeared to work as the compressor kicked on after taking my $2. I ended up making my low tire, nearly flat. Unbelievably, the staff knew it was out of order. Are you kidding me? That makes them culpable. My advice is keep on driving, right on past this place.

Kiki Prark · more than 10 months ago

So both managers are just doing everything against the policies? First off I seen the little guy James using the restroom where they dump there mop water I believe, you can just smell the urine from the soda machine, one of there employees named Aaron told me James had been doing it before he started working there and James took a Percocet right in front of me and I asked if I wanted to buy one for 20$… mins you guys this is one of the managers and second off… Abby the store manger I believe rants to her customers all day being aggressive and disrespectful for no reason at all! Calling white demales “Karen’s” treating everybody including her own co worker’s rude as possible somone can be to one another it’s just so disgusting and sad… I believe Erik is the main manager I don’t think he knows how this store is ran he needs to review footage of them daily and actually see what’s going on at this location I’ve been a customer here for 3 years it’s getting bad again!!!

carrie nina · more than 10 months ago

Today I came to get gas and I waited in line to pay this guy in front of me had 100 dollars and the employer took his 100 for his purchase and when I gave him my 50.00 he refused it. When I got change from a barber and came back to get my gas I had gave him 10.00 for my gas and he didn’t put the whole 10.00 on the register and the lady threw my other 5.00 out the door in the rain.

Jennifer Baker · almost 10 months ago

The staff was so nice store so clean and I love when you get a chance to use the facility restroom and it's sparkling

Owner's response · almost 10 months ago

Hello Thank you for the excellent feedback! Circle K appreciates your kind words and we hope to see you again soon.

Sima Pierce · 1 year ago

I’d like to give zero stars. There was no toilet paper in the restroom and the clerks response when I told him was “you should feel lucky you got in there at this location.” Mind you, this was not in downtown Denver where all the gas stations have stopped letting people in due to the vagrant problems. This was up in Northglen off 120th and Heron. No reason to intimate they don’t offer restrooms; no reason to lock people out. Do better Circle K

Jeanette Sloan · 11 months ago

Since we can't give them no stars I had to give them one just to leave a comet for the person who working the night shift that supposed to be a 24-hour store even has the guy who's supposed to be filling your tanks gasoline tanks waiting on you to unlock the door that you chained on the inside you didn't even put out I'll be back sign or going to the restroom sign a little b******* the store needs to be shut down

Madison Hutsell · 1 year ago

Horrible service. No greeting. No nothing when I walked up to the counter to pay. No eye contact. The entire time the manager behind the counter was busy yelling at the tops of her lungs at an employee putting candy away. How disrespectful to the employee and to the customer. She should not be in a management position or anywhere where she has to deal with people.

LilMissBabyDoll Lexi · 2 years ago

So the older lady working today isn’t listening to any of her customers. Three customers in front of me had to ask her to do something three times before she did it and when I came up to checkout and asked her for my copy of my receipt she didn’t listen and I asked three times and she told me to leave when I was asking nicely super rude and shouldn’t be working if she’s not gonna listen and if she’s gonna be rude. I’m a dasher and I’m always getting gas but I won’t be coming back here where staff is rude to multiple customers.


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