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Circle K

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12801 Washington St, Thornton, CO, 80241, United States
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Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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39 reviews


"Good service had all the food I need"

"The D.B. cashier constantly gave me crap for not donating my change."

"Incorrect prices and rude staff."

Malia Hockemeyer · 1 year ago

Incorrect prices and rude staff. I used the self check out because the 2 employees behind the counter ignored me completely. My items rang up as a higher price then advertised. When I brought it up to one of the workers he said "well that's the price, do you want the items or not?" I processed with my purchase and when I advised him to change the signs he rolled his eyes.

Maria Chavez · 1 year ago

All I have to say is this old lady named Gwen is rude. She’s lucky I didn’t punch her in her f….. mouth. 06/18 Gwen I will be talking to your manager for yelling at me and my son and stealing my son’s money. This lady belongs in a nursing home.

Clinton · more than 9 months ago

Insanely high prices! Tried to charge me $3.12 for a 20oz soda. Boycott these thieves and run them out of business

Christian B · 2 years ago

DING, DING!! The low fuel warning sound and light goes off on my dashboard, hurriedly I search for a fuel station to satisfy the insatiable thirst of my vehicle. As I pull in to the fueling bay and scramble through my pocket to pull out my credit card I remember that I have a fuel rewards card. I slide the card into the reader and it gives me a wondrous message that I get an extra discount for being a faithful customer. With a smile on my face I place the pump nozzle into the fuel receptacle and fill my tank with the magical fluid that gives my vehicle life. Waiting for this process to be completed I notice that the pumps were clean and fully operational, no trash was strewn about and the squeegee was in good repair and the cleaning fluid was full. Satisfied with my transaction, I return the nozzle to it's holder, grab my receipt and continue on with my journey a happy man.

Jordan Parry · 1 year ago

Just walked in at 1156 pm to grab 1 beer after a long day at work and the guy told me he cannot sell it to me because it's midnight already qnd by that time it was 1157 pm so I had 3 minutes still but the cashier was too busy talking with friends or something qnd just didn't want to do his job. At least I know where not to stop anymore.

Adrian Grigg · 1 year ago

I go to this Gas station nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. Who ever else goes there often know this older woman named Gwen. She’s extremely rude to customers. Every time someone buys a pack of cigarettes she starts repacking them when there like 5-10 people in line. HELLO not the time to do that when you have customers. Anyone buying anything she will either leave to the back room while a customer is Clearly waiting, she will stay on her phone when customers are clearly waiting, oh and this is the best part. Tonight I pull up to a gas pump, go inside get Cigarettes and then gas. I walk out to my pump and realize they have a caution bag over it. So I was like whoops. Guess I should just go to a different pump then. Mind you she’s already taken my money. I drive to another pump. See the same bad over gas nozzle. So I drive back around and they are on ALL OF THEM! I walk back in and was like Seriously are all your pumps not working??? She said “No they aren’t work, what didn’t see the sign? We have no gas!” THEN WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?! Her”I forgot that the pumps are down” HOW DO YOU FORGET? Seriously??

JAMES RIPTON · 2 years ago

Just now went to grab some things at 12:20am on 03/13/22. The lady working was smoking outside with some friends and told me I couldn't come in because she "just lit her cigarette" and the coffee side of the store had a wet floor. She clearly just wanted to keep smoking and hanging out. I didn't say anything but clearly looked annoyed, and she laughed with her friends as I left. Unfortunate that you have employees willing to turn away business in this crazy economy. Incredibly disappointed.

Ethan Kohn · 1 year ago

Came in at 4 o clock on 02/22 and was treated to a rude experience by the cashier with fully grey hair, very rude, and muttering under her breath at me as she walked away, nice staff member.

Matt Yoder · almost 11 months ago

Helpful, well laid-out and friendly! I appreciate the ease with which it could be navigated.

Owner's response · almost 11 months ago

Hello Thank you for the excellent feedback! Circle K appreciates your kind words and we hope to see you again soon.

Ah RashedPJR · 11 months ago

They usually bring the most distressed and rudest people in here, not the first time


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