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JOANN Fabric and Crafts

Standby for fabric & crafting supplies

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13861 E Exposition Ave, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
Closed · Opens at 10 AM Sun


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799 reviews


"Totally stocked shelves in this place with tons of options!"

"Had enough employees to service customers."

"The company would do well to find a bigger location and a bigger staff."

Wesley H · 1 year ago

Needs to learn how to balance customer service. I had a order to pickup, so I went and found a clerk. We get to the front and instead of helping me first which would be quickest she went and rang up a person who just got there, and then a 2nd one after that. Between the right g ups or while waiting for the person to make their payment the clerk could have helped me. My transaction was 30 seconds max. Learn how to juggle better if you are cutting down on staff teach them better management

Diana Hudson · 10 months ago

They had what I was looking for, I got the last Tim Holtz Moonlight dies, so I am super happy. It was worth the drive across town instead of my regular store that did not have it.

ashley gaynor · 10 months ago

It would be really helpful if the staff was informed of the proper policy and procedures when it comes to discount codes instead of making customers wait over 20 minutes for an issue that could have been avoided.

Danielle Stephens · almost 4 years ago

Good sales. Got these for a project for less $12. Not crowded. The cashier was in a good mood. She was jamming to the in house music. Will return to this location again.

Debra Johnson · 7 years ago

We can't remember the name of the person who helped us. She is an older woman and her husband likes to fly fish and she has kids and grandkids. Oh yeah she is short. She is fabulous. She guided my daughter and I through the store and totally helped us NOT PICK the wrong fabric. She guided us in the correct information for making blankets for my daughter and her 1st baby. My daughter does not live here and I don't sew a lot anymore, when I do however this is the store I will be coming back to.

Cedes B · more than 3 years ago

One of my fave locations, esp for fabrics. Great staff that is friendly and knowledgeable.

Jordan Pilat · more than 1 year ago

Got my first sewing machine, drove 15 miles here for the first time to get some fabrics, thread, sewing feet, etc. Unfortunately, I was unable to buy anything for my project, as midway through shopping, I needed to use the restroom, and the store said it was off limits to customers. So, I left and drove the 15 miles back home instead. Bad customer service, I guess I'll be buying craft supplies from an online seller instead. This is why retail is dying. Good riddance.

Ashley K · almost 2 years ago

Super disappointed in the staff at the this location... I called first thing in the morning to check stock on a specific make/model/pattern for an item that showed in stock in the system. Was told they had it and would hold it, gave my name and eta. Drove all the way from Morrison before my work shift... turns out they didn't have it in stock "but thought I could just look around when I got here".. absolutely unacceptable. I will never shop at this location. The whole thing made me late to work, wasted my gas, time and energy all when someone just could have said "it's not in stock". That's some terrible customer service.

Noora M · almost 2 years ago

A little Sunday Funday shopping. We're getting ready for Xmas. They didn't have the box we wanted, but the employees were kind and polite. They even answered all my questions and offered alternatives.

Joshua Yamaguchi · more than 1 year ago

Arried at 8pm (they close at 9) to a sign that said they were closed for "unexpected reasons." The sign was printed so I'm guessing this isn't the first time workers wanted to go home early. I doubt this location will last much longer with this kind of customer service.



Chain providing a wide range of fabrics, plus sewing & arts & crafts supplies (most offer classes).

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