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14400 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
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2734 reviews


"Well organized, great variety of crafting and decor items, great prices"

"Great selection, great service, but over priced"

"OMG is a very nice and very good place to work and to get some furniture"

Jean Vilmenay9 months ago

They didn't notice that my item was on clearance and I was charged full price which people make mistakes. So after getting to my car discovering their error, I walked back in and verified with another associate that I was reading my receipt correctly. She said yes and did nothing to correct THEIR ERROR! I was forced to stand in line and wait in line to fix THEIR MISTAKES! This would not have been quite so bad but a manager and associate were working with a customer to fix another problem with a return. Meanwhile I am forced to wait, and wait, and fix their mistake. To make matters worse, once it was my turn, the error was excused as the person creating the markdown put the ticket on the wrong side of the tag. Simple solution is to require your associates to check both sides of a tag upon checking out! Customer Service wise, please accept responsibility for the inconvenience to your customer. But don't excuse the missteps you've made making it seem as if your customer is being unreasonable wanting to be charged the correct price on the tag! It's not only reasonable but lawful!

Theresa Sandoval-Rivera10 months ago

I love it here, I can find anything I need, and if I can't find it, the employees are always very friendly and helpful.

Sharla Sheeks1 year ago

I'm a bunny lover (have Harley and Tabby running around) so had great fun after Easter finding great bunny bargains

Madison Castillo9 months ago

Soooo everyone loves this place right?? We'll, they have A LOT of sales, but with high prices to begin with, I almost always talk myself out of whatever the item is because many decor items can be found at Ross, TJ Maxx or HomeGoods for the same or lower prices. I do however make this my #1 stop when it comes to specialty craft items! I just made 2 memory shadow boxes for my grandparents and they turned out great!

chichi gatesalmost 9 months ago

2023 Realized I have not updated/corrected my 1st review done yrs ago and have to admit this branch has gone a long way and it's all good. From my original 2-stars, I can honestly say I am upping my rating to a little lower than a 5 but higher than a 4. First, in the many times I have returned in the past years, the staff have really made a turnaround in terms of Customer Service. Surprisingly, in the many instances I have needed staff help, the younger staff were outstandingly helpful AND had great attitudes responding to a customer like me. (Mea culpa, I need to get staff names to give them proper credit for their great job. I will add an addendum to this review as soon as I do so.) Products are in great variety. One thing I can't really decide as being a 馃憤 or a 馃憥, is the quick and very fast product/s turnover. For example, it is ending June/early July and Fall/Thanksgiving is the product focus now. Believe me, as a homemaker, I love it that I get to look forward to the season and prepare early. However, by Aug., I may have missed out on some great fall/thanksgiving items already. Still, I am appreciative of the positive changes. ------------------------------------ Original Review: (about 2018-2019?) Nice store but store staff "buyers/purchasers" MUST understand and realize to ALWAYS remember and prioritize stocking and have availability of anything related to state's colors preferences. In our case, anything orange (Broncos), purple (Rockies), etc.. Went to get orange styrofoam balls only to find the whole orange theme (and the navy blue) has been phased out from the color-theme aisle where it used to be. Lack of sales/marketing knowledge. Some staff need retraining in customer service/politeness but knowing WHO to AVOID asking helps. Nice store does NOT make it good, customer shopping experience does and employee attitude is a big part of that.

Kia Howardalmost 2 years ago

If you've been to a hobby lobby, you already know what to expect: art supplies, decor, furniture, sales, and plenty of stuff that will have your crafty soul wandering around for hours! It's a magical time anytime you go, plenty of space to walk around, the layout is gorgeous, with really friendly and helpful staff. For whatever reason you visit, you'll always end up leaving with bags and bags of goods because it's just that amazing!

Ke Hamore than 5 years ago

This was an enjoyable visit. Tons of interesting ideas and creatives, so much that you can easily load up a shopping cart. Lots of stuff I really wanted, but could only get a few of each. Just not enough stock available in store. I really like their sales when they have them, especially the 50% off sales. Those are exciting. My only disappointment is that there isn't a Hobby Lobby closer to me. This one was 3 hours from me, so it was a special treat to get to visit.

Gia Aguilar1 year ago

I have always had a great shopping experience at Hobby Lobby! I find their staff to be knowledgeable about their product and quite willing to order something they are out of, or call another store for you. Their staff has always been polite and helpful and accomodating of the customer's needs. I shop at several different locations and found this to be fairly typical at all the locations I have been to. I highly recommend them for your craft, hobby, decorating, and party needs!

Aurora Todayalmost 7 years ago

The only Hobby Lobby around. Good for craft supplies and seasonal items (Christmas trees, Halloween, etc.), but not so great when it comes to fabric. Good selection of yarn. Horrible parking lot. Friendly employees, though.

Nichole Benderalmost 11 months ago

Love love love them always have amazing deals love that I don't have to Carrie a but load of coupons in my wallet. 4 Sars was given due to u guys have a wheel chair but it's not electric and that makes it way more difficult to get around. Love there Christian very and that they give Sundays off. My mom was disabled for 2 decades and I would see her struggle but not fully understand well now I do and I'm sure if ur company invested in a few electronic wheele chairs that more disabled people would come shop with u. Just a little tip other wise ur great. And the night manager she's a gem. Working retail myself for 20+ years finding good ones is hard. Make sure u keep her. Customers were happy but most of all the staff was smiling.



Chain carrying a variety of arts & crafts materials, plus party supplies, fabric & home-decor items.

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