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JOANN Fabric and Crafts

Standby for fabric & crafting supplies

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9090 E Phillips Pl, Centennial, CO, 80112, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM


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955 reviews


"Again Denver beats Washington for better treatment of staff and employees."

"They have a small selection of plant based yarns or yarn with recycled fibers."

"Good prices and a variety of stuff."

Rainbow · 6 months ago

I used to love this location but an older woman with long grey hair at cut counter was coughing and sneezing on my fabric I mentioned it to her that it was gross if she would wait or get a kleenex or something and she started swearing at me!!! I left. Never returned again!!! Disgust.

Becky Walker · 9 months ago

Kind of scammy. I consistently have items ring up for more than the price marked on the shelf, and have specials seemingly intentionally mismarked, as it happens too often to be an accident. Example: thread marked "buy 3, get 1 free" rang up as 4 full price items because "those ones are buy 5 get 3 free". I should stop shopping here.

Jered Scurlock · almost 2 years ago

It has been incredibly amazing to see the performances here and the care that the staff show to the faculties is excellent. The snacks are not the best variety and the drink menu is allot. The theater is where it is and very well taken care of.

Jessie Rollstin · more than 6 months ago

Not sure what their actual hours are on Saturday, but doors were closed and lights were off at 5:50 pm .... Staff were exiting and waving customers away.

Jeffrey Carter · 1 year ago

JoAnn's is a great arts and craft store with some really great seasonal decorations and decor. They offer a teacher discount which is wonderful and they have a great selection of items at comparable prices to the other stores of this kind. Plus they don't put their politics and religious beliefs into their business which I'm much more likely to support. The staff is knowledgeable and able to help with any project, and the store is always clean and organized.

Annie Mann · more than 1 year ago

Came in to pick up a quilting ruler on a killer sale. Was informed "oh, the sale online doesn't count in store" and I said well, the store was on my way home, so I didn't bother to place a pickup order as I wasn't in a rush. "Sorry, it's online only". Ok, how about I just place the pickup order now then and you can ring me out that way? "No, we're done doing pickup orders for the night" (This was at approximately 7:30pm). I say, so you're going to make me make a pickup order and come back tomorrow? "Yes, or you can use a worse coupon online". I don't want the worse coupon, I want the sale that I was offered online. "Sorry, there's nothing I can do". Come to find out this lady is the ACTUAL STORE MANAGER. So just to sum up, sale not being honored in store, and the STORE MANAGER refused to let me place and complete a pickup order when I was standing in front of her with the item (don't know how much easier I could have made it for both of us). The STORE MANAGER is making me come back on another day to complete my order because she couldn't be bothered to help me the first time.

Rod B · almost 3 years ago

Nice place. I must be going at the wrong time because they are real busy when I’m there and the checkouts are usually long. They need to get more employees to the registers faster instead of making customers wait during the rush.

Mary Bochain Ashby · 1 year ago

Joann Fabrics in Centennial, CO gets high marks from me. The entire staff was pleasant and helpful even under the stress of a big sale. Val, a manager resolved a discrepancy in my order quickly and professionally. As a result she earned my trust and loyalty. I will continue to support Joann fabrics in Centennial.

Becca Rothey · 1 year ago

The people here were super helpful. They directed me towards the fabric I needed, helped update my email, and were friendly through the process. 10/10

Carol P · more than 1 year ago

The assortment is spotty... even on promotional items. The people are friendly, the service can be a little slow, (depending on traffic levels). I stopped by to return some items that didn't quite work. I do wish it was more like the Joann Fabrics of years ago when they actually catered to those of us who sew!



Chain providing a wide range of fabrics, plus sewing & arts & crafts supplies (most offer classes).

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