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15700 E Briarwood Cir, Aurora, CO, 80016, United States
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316 reviews


"Starbucks: Service was fast and our drinks were made correctly."

"When people who work at target don’t even know what they offer…."

"Bigger layout and more inviting floor plan makes it a pleasure shopping here."

Garrett Klapproth · more than 1 year ago

It’s an overall nice Target. The shelves are pretty bare but the store is very clean overall and the staff are super friendly.

888 · 11 months ago

I came here only cause I have a gift card, but wow! Are you doing so bad that you’re selling an entire row of expired organic milk? Plus there is barely any variety. When other places are overwhelming with all kinds of stuff, this place is underwhelming. No in between nowadays I guess. Are they the next bed bath and beyond or what!

Let It Shine Spirit Company · 1 year ago

Target is my happy place- fully respected targets efforts to make this store shoppable while remodeling. Will always be a Target fan- wish they’d bring back the more frequently rotated dollar section products like the back-to-school and seasonal favorites- seems like more of the dollar section items stay the same these days like the kids-be-busy books and toys. I’d love more housewares and home decore :) Thanks Target for being this mom’s escape-spot!

Mariah Rangel · 1 year ago

I used to love this Target, but during the last six months it has gone downhill. They are never stocked and I've gone during different days of the week and it always looks like the picture attached. I can never find anything I'm looking for anymore. It makes me so sad because this was such a great store...

Ricce Abanto · 1 year ago

I entered Target in search of dress pants was pleasantly greeted by Jaelyn. She walked with me to the mens dept which was located in the back right corner of the store. She found the Haggar slim fit pants, scanned the tag to find my size, no luck but was able to locate 'em at a different Target. Job well done which deserves recognition. Keep up the good work.

Erin A A · 1 year ago

This is about this specific target… 15700 E Briarwood Cir, Aurora, CO 80016 It was a mess and only the manager was actually helpful. I asked help if multiple people and a customer was more help than the actual store associates. I tried shopping the men’s apparel, specifically jeans, and it was such a fluster cluck, I debated even spending any money in the store, after having to search though shelf after shelf of incorrectly-sized or branded jeans. Even when I finally found a usable dressing room, removed all the excess piles of clothes, and the held the non-locking door (1 of three I tried) as the others were all locked and closed… (with no one in them) it was extremely frustrating and disappointing… AND this was at around 5 PM, so not some strange late hour… I went in after getting a 4 PM haircut at the nearby Floyd’s. So, probably closer to 4:30 PM… I let the front end manager know the dressing rooms didn’t have properly locking doors, after informing a mom and her kid as they were heading in, so they wouldn’t run into a surprise… The store seems like it would be nice, but is extremely ghetto, trashy, and unhelpful, which is unfortunate, as Target used to have an acceptable standard, compared to the K-Mart it felt like. The store was horrible and made me hate shopping and I don’t particularly love clothing or any other shopping in the first place, but it kept me from doing any of my other shopping there after the clothes portion was such a tedious nightmare. I shopped elsewhere. I am tried of going to places only to be met with employees you can’t miss are NOT HAPPY to be there and certainly not very helpful. I AM, however thankful that the manager offered to get those dressing room door locks looked at, but I’d literally just witnessed her holding up a credit card reader that was broken, so a customer could use the chip reader. I’m guessing there are FAR MORE ISSUES with that POS store than what I dealt with.

collin “Bats” schoenfelder · 1 year ago

They didn't have anything new on shelves I went to the toy section and they still had the Jurassic World Dominion toys on the end cap I was hoping for the new Super Mario Bros movie toys but those where nowhere to be found

Isaac Kern · 9 months ago

Not a bad target, but the shampoo area can be labeled better.

J F · 1 year ago

Donald in the electronics department really has a passion for the products and has better knowledge than many employees in upscale electronic stores. He helped me a lot with a TV.

Jessi K · 2 years ago

Remodel is looking great! Staff is friendly. Self check registers look way better than they used to and the candy shelves have back lighting. Store was clean. Starbucks: Service was fast and our drinks were made correctly. Target inventory for glasses and tumblers to purchase seem to always be larger and have a better selection than the free standing Starbucks locations.



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