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2424 Highway 6 and 50, Suite C, Grand Junction, CO, 81505, United States
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315 reviews


"Best prices on discount furniture pieces in town."

"Anyhow, if you like wrapping gifts I recommend you check out their selection."

"Staff outstanding, good products for fair prices."

Savannah Burrow · 11 months ago

Ashley and kaila were so helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with my mom and I tonight. They went above and beyond in letting me know they price match, as well as a student discount for ALL college students. These wonderful people made my night at target so much easier. They weren’t frustrated with me taking up some of their time. These wonderful humans deserve all the praise they can get. Managers REALLY need to watch these girl’s customer service and use them as an example for what to do.

Kehauz · more than 1 year ago

There is a difference between TarjayBoutique and Walmart and if you don’t know now you know. Despite the fact that they sold me a Christmas tote without a lid this week they have enough love tokens in my account for me to look past that ridiculousness. I love, love 💕 the pick up option because sometimes I just can’t tolerate people and since I was born with a broken filter for my mouth…it’s the best option for me. There is no minimum requirement for purchases and they bring your stuff out within an 2 hour window. Ah-mazing service!!!!! Anyhow, the Christmas paper this year has me in the holiday spirit! Or maybe it’s the sauce from Fishers Liquor barn….?? Anyhow, if you like wrapping gifts I recommend you check out their selection.

Deanna McCoy · almost 1 year ago

I bought a pair of sandals, which warped unbelievably in the heat, not even in the direct sunlight. I was looking to replace them, but the quality everywhere I looked in clothing and shoes was junk, definitely cheap imports. The store is a shambles!! It's worse than bargain basement day! Very sad decline in the store and its products. I will not be returning...ever.

Kim johnston · 1 year ago

What happened to this store? It looks like a Bargain Basement cheapie store - empty shelves, things EVERYWHERE all over the floor, items strewn everywhere. Seriously looks like there was a tornado inside the store weeks ago and they just left it like that. But worst is the QUEER QUEER QUEER line of clothes for kids at the front door, the "tuck" swimsuits and other offensive items that have no right to be in view of children. No wonder the Target brand is going broke.

David Calvillo · 1 year ago

They have a decent selection of various things. Unfortunately some of the specialty items/toys in the back by the books don't have any price tags, so this leaves you wandering around looking for an employee or scanner.

Konnor Zahniser · almost 2 years ago

Not only did they tell us we had to get an Xbox online the so called floor model we supposably couldn’t get in person was trashed looking like someone beat the box with a hammer and as we thought they’d give us one that is in prestige condition we ordered it online which took them a good 40 minutes to grab a singular item for no reason also giving us the trashed floor model and not even a discount this is unacceptable and something I would expect at a Walmart. I’m no expert but you work at Target your job is not hard.

Melissa Bernier · more than 1 year ago

Worst Target store I have ever been in. It was poorly stocked, the service people look soulless. We had to do self-checkout because the staff were too lazy to get their butts to the checkout areas. One associate made a joke about stealing alcohol in their backpacks. They had no good drinks. They only had coke and Gatorade. The grocery department sucks. They barely have any fresh veggies. People want to buy adult carrots, not baby carrots.

Aaron Frick · almost 1 year ago

After careful consideration and further comparison to similar services from other locations, I've revised and upgraded this review: Pros: Target has the best drive-up service I've experienced yet. Ordering is easy, including adding back-up items in case something you want is out of stock. You have more freedom in pickup times; once the order is ready drop by at your convenience. They always bring it out quickly after i notify them of my arrival. Cons: Somewhat limited grocery selection, sometimes groceries are not packed well and I have received expired coffee beans one time; however these faults have been more common in with other companies in my "shop online, pick up in store" experiences.

Cheryl Sommers · 1 year ago

Target is just one of our favorite -go to's- especially when you need something and you cannot seem to find anywhere else. We absolutely enjoy shopping at this store.

Sema Holm · more than 10 months ago

It was a Target, if you have been to one they are all pretty much the same.



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