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Quest Diagnostics Balsam

    6179 S Balsam Way Ste 240, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
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    75 reviews


    "Almost no wait for my morning appointment and the staff was quick and pleasant"

    "I was told unless I pay 400$ they had to refuse me service."

    "Nor is there a location in the next zip code, which has 35,000 people."

    Kaitlin Benz · almost 9 months ago

    This place is always a nightmare. If you think you’re about to walk in and walk out in ten minutes, you’re going to be sorely mistaken. I had labs that had to be taken before 9 am, showed up at 8 am and the soonest they could take my blood was an hour and a half later. I expressed after waiting nearly an hour that I had been waiting a long time and again, the labs needed to be drawn before 9. The man at the front desk was extremely kind and made an arrangement to get them done by 8:55 so I wouldn’t have to come back on another day, but the nurse was exceptionally condescending to me. She told me I should have known that I would need to show up between 7-9 (which I did, I showed up at 8) and when I told her that, she said I should make sure it’s sooner next time. Really, I feel like I shouldn’t have to prioritize more than an hour and a half of waiting for a five minute blood draw.

    Brittany Moyers · 1 year ago

    I came to Quest after not being able to get in for an appointment with Lab Corp again. I don't know why more people aren't coming to Quest. They actually had same day appointments, no long waits once I arrived, and the staff were friendly! Angel was incredible and so very helpful, and the intern that drew my labs was great and did an amazing job, it was painless!

    Tom Sexton · more than 8 months ago

    I had to fill out a form to get my lab results sent to my primary care provider. For some reason they never got my results. Hopefully this negligence never happens again.

    Gerri Domingo · 11 months ago

    I was very please with how easy it was to register and make my appointment. I was taken care of by Lori. I was very impressed. She was nice, efficient and very professional

    Ben J. · 1 year ago

    The contactless check-in station is very convenient. It scans your ID & insurance cards easily and quickly. If you make an appointment online before coming in, the experience is quite quick. The staff is pleasing to be served by, and was attentive to the process of my visit. Effortless and excellent!

    Lora Haimes · 1 year ago

    Angel was terrific! She handled all the folks in the waiting room efficiently and with kindness. She was superb at completing my blood draw with my slippery and invisible veins. Make an appointment to make things easier for everyone!

    Jordan Jiron · more than 1 year ago

    Terrible experience can't get in touch with anyone. Website is not helpful. When I got there they said I didn't have an appointment. Very disappointing as I made this appointment over a week ago. Sat in the waiting room for 20 minutes plus mintues will definitely go through another business in the future. As someone who has been extremely ill. This did not make my day start very well. Jordan

    Tim S · 1 year ago

    I’ve been here twice with no issues personally. I see some have had issues, but I have been just fine. Today 12/29 I came in at 8 and the lady who drew my blood was fast and painless and very friendly.

    Liz Wendling · 1 year ago

    If you need to speak to someone go somewhere else. You will be VERY disappointed because there is NO way to ask a question or clarification with a live person. Another company that does not "get it" and believes that voice trees are the way to make patients feel valued. I called 3 times and got disconnedted.

    Laurin · almost 11 months ago

    DO NOT EVER GO HERE. MOST ARROGANT AND RUDE WORKERS. Awful awful awful service. Was only 7 minutes late to the appointment at 4:30 - showed up at 4:37, but tried calling 4 times beforehand to see if that would be a problem. No answer. After I logged in, since no one was at the desk, they said “too bad you will be treated like a walk in” with a snarky, arrogant attitude. On top of that, the lady asked if I was “here for a PRISON sample” like I was some pig. The lady next to me said, “that is such a violation of privacy” and rolled her eyes at us. This facility is the most unbelievably awful and unprofessional place I have ever been to. Never been treated with such rude behavior. And for that woman, she is nothing but a bully. Sad sad person, who has some serious problems in the head, clearly. Don’t know how she even has a job. DO NOT GO HERE.


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