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Dollar Tree

Wide range of products at bargain prices

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3106 S Parker Rd #C2, Aurora, CO, 80014, United States
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217 reviews


"This staff is very helpful and they have the best selection of products"

"And the manager also said same thing form inside without looking at the food."

"Great place to shop for good prices"

Ksenia Poplinalmost 1 year ago

If I would have an option to put no stars at all I would. I arrived 10 min before closing time, plenti of time for me to take what I need and leave because I know what I need and usually leaving store in less then 5 min. Manager was staying at the door and didn't let me in, I don't know if I need to mention nationalities mine and her, as well, but been told "too many people at the store and if I let you in, we will be late". Must mention, I saw zero people, and I have perfect vision. Disrespectful, customer service zero, very mean, resist, and even person laugh with the security person after I started walking out. If you want to experience the same, welcome to this store.

Mariela Blanco1 year ago

This used to be my favorite dollar tree but after today I am not coming in at all. Travis is so rude. Actually all the employees here are rude. The employee that helped check out my stuff asked the customer in front of me what was on his face. Who asks that? Mind your own business. Get better and nicer employees.

SN AH2 years ago

Good store for shopping good customer service .and good quality and price of product to create your arts and crafts 馃憤i will add more pictures soon when I decorate my appointment with all products that i got from dollar tree .

Jarred Trinklemore than 1 year ago

Although the store ahead you know a pretty wide variety of items for selection and a fairly clean store; the staff was rather uninviting and there aren't a lot of amenities provided for patrons that might be either on foot or riding a bicycle. I myself ride a bike around town and so most of the time when going through stores if the establishment doesn't have a bike rack for me to lock my bike up on I just bring it with me inside the store. I find it pretty frustrating when a staff member from the store tell me that I can't go inside because I have my bike with me. What's the reason for that? Other people are allowed to bring in their dogs, so why not let me bring in my bike? In any case I'd give this place three out of five stars, average.

Seraiah Jackson1 year ago

Travis was so rude to an older lady! And I really didn鈥檛 appreciate that. All she wanted to do was use $6 on her card and the rest in cash. But he gave her a hard time and embarrassed her in front of a long line ! So disrespectful and distasteful!

Jalecia Lewisalmost 3 years ago

Lately, many of the stores are low on stock and are generally disorganized. This one in particular had 2 employees having a loud conversation complaining about how terrible the store is and how terrible the manager is. I know retail is difficult and I commend the retail workers for showing up to work however, keep your business out of customer ear shot. Dollar Tree.... treat your employees better.

Sheyalmost 3 years ago

Store was fairly clean and organized (rare for dollar trees) and pretty much everything was in stock other than a few popular items. They were very unstaffed, but the staff were working hard and even apologized for the wait. The new Dollar Plus section is awesome! The Dollar Plus area was a lot more picked over, but Im guessing thats because its new. Overall one of the nicest Dollar Trees i have been to.

Sharon Hanlon2 years ago

Seems new manager...better organized and clutter free. Noticeable empty shelves. Cashier today well trained so line(always) moved faster than most.

Ryan Bashor2 years ago

Big dollar store worth lots and lots of stuff. But the bigger the store the more people there. But they do have a lot of neat stuff. Not everything's a dollar there anymore. So pay attention to what you grab from where. Some things go up to 5.00, maybe more but the most I saw was $5.00.

Zunix Zunixalmost 4 years ago

Horrible service, they scan items two times saying that if an item doesn鈥檛 scan they scan another item twice. I didn鈥檛 know they did that and I saw various items scanned twice on my receipt and I went to the store to ask both the cashier and manager had a horrible attitude towards explaining me when I went to ask why the cashier scanned same item twice when I did not get those items twice. This is the second time I had a problem with this dollar tree and if I could give them 0 star I would. I don鈥檛 want an apology, just want them to give a better service towards their costumers.



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