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Dollar Tree

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1155 S Havana St #23, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
Closing soon 路 9 PM 路 Opens 9 AM Sun


8 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 9 PM


265 reviews


"Nice staff, plenty of quality items for a buck each....ya can't beat that."

"Great prices on dishes, bowls, glasses etc."

"A bit strange at checkout - no cashiers and only lane open was self check?"

Sydneyalmost 10 months ago

So I showed up at 8:50pm the store closes at 9pm. I only needed one thing so I wouldn't have been in the store long. As I approached the door, a woman inside shook her head no at me. She wasn't wearing a uniform or anything so I proceeded to open the door and this rude lady snached the door wouldn't allow me inside and then told me that they close at 8:55 and she doesn't have to allow me in. It wasn't even 8:55 yet, and the hours posted on the door clearly say they close at 9pm. So she blatantly lied to me and was rude about it. I would never leave someone like that in charge of my business.

Elise R11 months ago

The manager was the rudest individual I've met in a long time. She was ANGRY I had a full buggy. I was being rung out and she starts telling another employee that I was probably mad I couldn't steal that stuff. I told her I heard her and was calling corporate and walked out without buying anything.

Claudiaalmost 3 years ago

This Dollar Tree is in dire need of better management---I have been to DT's all over Denver, Littleton and elsewhere--and this store lacks management who truly cares about presentation. This store was filthy, from the entrance rug to almost every aisle--clutter, clutter everywhere. Empty shelves as well...I asked about an item on one of those empty shelves, an associate told me they had it back in stock, but, "that's not my job--I don't stock..." As with other reviews for this store--the customer line had exactly 18 people waiting to buy. One cashier, but two others hanging around talking on their cell phones. Again--poor management. I will drive a bit out of my way to a Dollar Tree that values its customer base. There obviously is no sense of pride or work ethic here.

Tahjanc Robertson1 year ago

The store manager is extremely and I mean capital extremely unprofessional and rude and she should be let go. She argues with customers when they ask her if she鈥檚 going to help her employees when there鈥檚 a line, complains about having to help customers when it is busy and customers can clearly see the associate needs help and she calls people illiterate for (not purposely) understanding people pro nouns and calling them by the wrong pro noun and complains to the customers about working at that location and being understaffed when I can clearly see why nobody wants to deal with this manager ( Theresa) she鈥檚 a very nasty person and doesn鈥檛 belong in customer service.

Mariah Chavez1 year ago

This Dollar Tree was ok but the best Dollar Tree is at Microcenter shopping center on Quincy in the DTC area of town. The one on Quincy is the cleanest, well stocked and well organized one. They have the newest and best items. And the people are nice, polite and very helpful.

Arianna Alvarado1 year ago

Manager gina was extremely rude and needs to have an attitude check when it comes to talking to customers a certain way. Do better.

Char Strongmore than 10 months ago

The self checkout line only has two registers for the last two months one of them has only been taking card they haven't even attempted to fix it. There was a line when I got to the register. There was one person in front of one of them and nobody in front of the other one because the light was flashing. After we all waited like 5 minutes the lady standing in front of it finally said that it only takes cards There are over five employees in the store and nobody wanted to open a register to help the line. A gentleman that was my friend online wish so irritated by the time they said something he just walked out and left his full basket. After 10 minutes went by one of the employees walked over to the register and acted like she was opening it and then when somebody got in line she said she wasn't it. 3 minutes later she comes out the office with an actual register till and finally opens it. Shortly after that I was up next so I grabbed my stuff and paid then left. I thought this place finally turned a leaf and was better than it used to be. I guess it still has some improvements to do.

marge thompson1 year ago

Polite staff, Great prices , unfortunately they were out of the ITEMS I wanted today 馃槙

Sandra Duran1 year ago

Clean found great items for some crafting ideas that I have. Friendly employees

Dea Flemmingalmost 2 years ago

I came in with the tax exempt code for work, but the website wasn't working. When I showed it to the manager she was quite rude and told me it was a connection issue. I told her that the website was having issues earlier as well, and she said "you knew the website wasn't working and you still came in" in a very snotty attitude. If I was shopping for me I would have just left, but I was shopping for work and I had to get it done at that moment and I have to use the tax exempt. So this became a huge demeaning and humiliating issue as I had to call customer service while I was in line trying to get it fixed. Ultimately they couldn't fix the website and said to try back later which I cannot do. Now I know there's an override but they refuse to do it. I would absolutely avoid this Dollar tree if you can



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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