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Dollar Tree

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15453 E Hampden Ave E, Aurora, CO, 80013, United States
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410 reviews


"Great prices, great selection, but had to wait a really long time to check out."

"Messy and unorganized location need more staff"

"Great customer service, the people working there care and are very helpful."

Brittney Buckley · 1 year ago

Someone who works at this store stole an insulated cup (with lid & straw) that had a LOT of sentimental value, right after another employee secured it in a locked room for me. I left a thermos — the last gift ever given to me by a deceased relative, adorned with a sticker that was also given to me by someone special — by the register two weeks ago. I realized almost immediately, so I called to confirm it was there, and a staff member put it in the locked office. I had a hectic weekend out of town, but I would’ve driven back to retrieve it if I’d known the locked room wasn’t safe. That assurance was the only reason I didn’t run back to get it. When I got back into town and returned the next week to retrieve it, a cashier said “oh yeah, I’ve seen it” and went to unlock the door and get it — but then told me “someone took it.” I asked for more details, asked what I could do (I wanted to leave my name and number in case they had a change of heart), but was just told repeatedly “it’s gone, someone took it.” Clearly this was someone who works at the store and had access to the locked room. I know the store will say they’re not liable, and it was my fault for losing it, and it’s just a cup, right? But I had such peace of mind knowing someone found it and kept it safe for me, and to then be dismissed and told that an employee stole it…… ugh. I wish they knew how much it meant to me. It wasn’t that expensive; they could easily buy a different one that wasn’t a beloved gift. I’d buy them three more if they just gave it back to me. Consider this my small shout into the void… please bring back your customer’s property.

Chantal R · more than 9 months ago

I love this store! Staff is friendly. The store is ALWAYS clean and organized unlike some of the other Dollar Tree's in the area. Kudos to the management and staff at this store. You can tell they take pride in their store !

Juan jr · 1 year ago

Store is really stocked, great variety of stuff and everything was well organized and neat, there's usually stuff everywhere at dollar stores but it was impressive how this store looked, on another note super rude cashier this evening, young girl with glasses, I get it , it's a dollar tree but you don't gotta be tossing peoples stuff all disrespectful, I saw that she was having a bad day so tried to engage in a conversation but she was texting and had open drinks and snacks on top where customers items pass by, like dam who hurt you girl? Make the best of your job ,stay positive everyone is going through something but no need to take it out on customers that are trying cheer you up or trying talk to you. Be humble, God bless..

Jules Mycroft · 1 year ago

I came in this morning and was politely greeted by this cashier with the name of kirstie. She was more than helpful when checking out my items. I needed to grab one more item and she gave me extra time to go grab it. Will come back because of her. However the so called store manager there, the cashier called Zee. Zee has a horrible attitude. She acted like cashier did not matter even when the cashier was clearly having a bad day. If I could write another review I would give it one star because of the store manager.

R 511 · almost 6 years ago

I believe this store may be the most under staffed Dollar Tree in all of Colorado. Corporate really needs to get a handle on this store. Filthy floors, garbage thrown all over, and lots of empty shelves. Two stars because the employees were friendly and helpful. I'm bumping up my score from 2 to 4 stars because the store has been clean and very well stocked lately. I hope it stays this way. Store is going back to its original state. Too bad they couldn't maintain cleanliness and organization.

Growmaster Genetics Organic Cannabis Gardening · 10 months ago

Doller tree is now dollar twenty five cent store and more items up to five dollars. So the store isn't really a dollar store anymore, they are more like Family Dollar nowadays.

milaplaysroblox milaplaysroblox · 1 year ago

Lynn needs to be fired cussed at me before she even approached me so unprofessional! I have tool my dog to all dollar trees in town never had an issue

cassandra romerom · 1 year ago

Came in today 2.13.23 at 240pm the guy cashier is very rude everytime I see him he act like he is so miserable to be working I come all the time ima just stay coming in the morning the ladies in the AM are so much better . Tell your cashier to get a new dream dollar tree isn't for him. No one is forcing him to work

ariel revell · 1 year ago

The staff has always been very friendly (geniunely) and the store is always very clean and well stocked. Also, they do a great job at keeping the shelves tidy which, as someone with OCD, REALLY appreciates.

Andrea G · almost 1 year ago

Really nice and organized and friendly staff. They have everything in stock



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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