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Dollar Tree

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2255 Main St #114, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
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242 reviews


"Low prices on everything,good location,and friendly employees."

"Super dirty, and homeless, trashy people hanging out front."

"Friendly staff, great selection, and everything is a dollar!"

Missy Williams · 2 years ago

Friday I went to the Dollar (.25) store in Longmont on north Main Street. Look at the condition of this store. I had to step around things in the isle just to shop. It looks like the apocalypse happened in there. So many of the isles were this way. It's a shame bc its a huge store.

Vicki Pesce · almost 1 year ago

This store used to be awesome! Nice and clean with great selection. Not anymore.

Gabriel Orozco · almost 1 year ago

This store has been declining a lot today was really a mess all over I now is hard when they don’t have staff but was like someone broke in to it.

Kayla Rivas · more than 1 year ago

Worst experience I think I have ever had in a store!! The store is TRASHED stuff is thrown EVERYWHERE!! We go to the check out and there is no one there. Stand there waiting as we can hear people talking in the office. Another customer walks up & when we tell her we have been standing for a while she goes and knocks on the door & gets rudely told that they will be there soon as they are counting down a drawer. Again we wait more probably 10 minutes go by and I yell "Hello you have customers!!" At this we get someone yelling we are coming! Another 5 minutes and another employee walks into the building and yells you have customers then give US THE CUSTOMERS attitude stating they are counting down a drawer....I at this point told her we have been standing here forever and no one has come out and there is at least 6 other people behind us waiting. At this she goes "ok, well they are counting down a drawer." FINALLY another employee walks out no "I'm sorry for the wait" nothing just has an attitude and starts checking us out. NEVER going back to this location what a horrible experience!!!

sabrena campbell · almost 2 years ago

I always find useful items here, especially storage containers. The caveat is that you can't count on finding the same items two visits in a row. I have also found that for food storage containers, the lids don't always fit the same, but for the price, I'm willing to spend a little extra time trying on lids to get ones that fit well.

Carol Jones · 3 years ago

Dollar Tree always has the best holiday trinkets and gifts! And the staff is friendly and helpful!

Jessica Armendariz · 9 months ago

Store is awesome as always! It was very clean and well stocked!

Queen Stephanie · 2 years ago

Love this store. Maybe a lil too much. Always have lots of items to choose from. Always have different items in. They have a $5 & up isle also. The items are all $1.25 now but it's still a good deal to shop there.

Sherry Marsh · 2 years ago

Had a good assortment of seasonal items as well as every day. I was able to purchase what I wanted due to availability. Cashier was friendly and observant to my needs.

Yuritzi Medina · 2 years ago

Don’t go shopping there ! I went with my wife and son. We where closed by and decided to go to dollar tree to get a couple of things. I went there 03/15/2022 and a couple of my item where EXPIRED !!!! TWO WEEKS EXPIRED !! We didn’t now realized until we was already home. Those employees doesn’t even bother to check there items. Never am I going back to these store AGAIN !



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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