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Dollar Tree

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1600 Hover St Unit A, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
Open · Closes at 10 PM


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160 reviews


"Has a pretty good selection and a refrigerator area which is a plus"

"Employees not wearing mask, employee stocking shelves with out masks."

"Overall it's a rather clean place; the staff are very nice!"

Sharon Doyle · more than 2 years ago

Great deals and great selection. Dollar Tree stores are a consistent chain. They have a lot of good stuff for kids. They have a large selection of holiday decorations too. You can buy fancy candy dishes that looked nice and they are only $1.00.

Julie Howard · almost 5 years ago

Love this store!!!! One of the BEST Dollar Tree I have been to. The help was the best!! Very clean store!! I will be coming back!!

Britini Gentry · 2 years ago

This store is just AMAZING!!! It is very, very well kept and neatly organized. This is NOT your average dollar store!!! Everyone has a great attitude and they are all so helpful!!! The manager of this store goes ABOVE and BEYOND, and she is incredibly kind!!!! I will shop at this specific location, for all of my dollar store wants and needs!!! Thank you so much for the hard work that all of the employees put into this store, ESPECIALLY the manager!!! Your work does NOT go unnoticed!!!

sabrena campbell · 2 years ago

They were rearranging the store today, but other than 1 aisle being pretty well blocked, the rest of the store wasn't too hard to navigate, an there were plenty of employees to point people to the new locations of things. I tend to buy a lot of storage containers here, and today I found some which will be perfect for dry cat food. I also found some kids barretts which may be fine as they are but would also be pretty easy to adapt into something more adult (I have VERY fine, thin hair and regular adult hair clips, barretts, etc. will never stay in my hair).

Laurie Goldberg · 2 years ago

Each store is different. Manager Dawn was training a new cashier who did fine. Well organized and lots of variety tho the new higher prices mean I have to decide what to put back to fit my budget.

Tony Pecchio · more than 1 year ago

The cashier was very good at his job. He (James) eliminated the line very quickly and professionally. I heard him say Hi to each and every one of his customers very cool we need more of him.

Suzanne King · 1 year ago

Great prices! Everything's a $1.25. Unless marked differently. Clean store. Friendly staff.

Rosa Herman · almost 4 years ago

Great variety of items. Not bad quality. Nice staff. Store could be cleaner and the bathroom was not usable especially considering the health crisis we are in. Either keep it clean or close it...manager should be checking constantly and ensuring the store is CLEAN everywhere!

Elliott Wynkoop · almost 6 years ago

Honestly, this is just kind of your standard Dollar Tree store. It is a bit smaller than some of the newer ones, so there isn't such a great variety of some of the newer things we find now like the large selection of party and school supplies. It does has some, but not nearly the same collection as the bigger ones. The staff is also kind of what you would expect to find. Most of the time they try to help, but there is always the attitude of just not caring, which I think is just the environment. Most of the time though they are the standard friendly I would expect. In terms of cleanliness and the maintenance of the store, it is usually fairly dirty with product strewn throughout the isles and nothing really in its proper place. Alot of the time if youre looking something and its not on the shelf or hanging in the place it should be, you can just look on the floor in front of, or around the area and find it somewhere else where someone had just put it back down instead of where it belongs. I'm not sure if they ever clean it up or sort it into place, because some things have been in the same place on the floor weeks apart. Overall for me this is the standard dollar tree store which I really only go there to get bargain things I need. I'm never expecting a 5-star experience. They almost always have what I'm after assuming it's something they would even have, and some things are kind of surprising to find for only a dollar such as aluminum foil wrapper sheets, candles and kitchenwares. Also a great place for cleaning supplies.

Jeff Mccook · 3 years ago

They have alot of random things. And to he people are friendly. Just need to be able to check people out quicker instead of having 4 or 5 people in just one checkout. Still a cool place to pick up that whatever thing you might need.



Chain offering a mix of household items, beauty products, food & more at discount prices.

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