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Walmart Neighborhood Market

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850 E 88th Ave, Thornton, CO, 80229, United States
Closed · Opens at 6 AM


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6 AM - 11 PM
6 AM - 11 PM
6 AM - 11 PM
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1977 reviews


"Hard working staff and always feel welcome and recognized by employees"

"I had to wait for a price check and the cashier ignored me to get on Facebook."

"Full grocery, meat, bread and fruit and vegetable selections."

Nic Lundquist · almost 11 months ago

Last time I ever order delivery from you guys. Everytime....every single order....half filled. I'll just put in extra effort and drive farther get things myself. Stop offering convenience when you can't do it!

Emmy Nguyen · 11 months ago

Disgusting customer service at the self checkout line today. There’s no plausible reason to close off majority of the self checkout area for “20 items or under” when there’s literally no one checking out there. As I checked out in the other lane with the conveyor belts after waiting about 10 minutes while the other area was clear, employees proceed to try and instruct me how to checkout. Is this not a SELF checkout line? Three of them continue to loom over my shoulder, making me feel like they judge my image as someone who steals. What are the cameras at your self checkout for? There’s no need to be all up in my business, instruct me how to checkout, and making me feel unwanted to shop here.

Heather Archer · more than 10 months ago

The workers in the pharmacy are always rude and on a power trip, Instead of asking for your medical card and driver's license they repeatedly make you give all your information out Loud and make you say it at least twice for all to hear. Iam over it will change next month to safeway

Angel · 1 year ago

Today’s experience by far the worst. My children and I went in today to refill our 5 gallon just of water as we tried an employee said we don’t have water then proceeded to tell me that I can just get a jug in which we did however before reaching for the jug I clarified with her that if I can still get it for the refill price she said yes. So we complete our shopping after we grab a couple more items. Fast forward we head to the register, check out all our items and out of nowhere a woman approaches me very angrily touches the screen in the middle of me paying and starts to yell at me on how Im paying the wrong price for our water when I simply just picked the price her employee honored. If I would have known that it would have been a problem or that I couldn’t get my refill price I would not have even switched out our jug prior to this incident as our jug was already with the rest of them of course we still bought the water. I expressed that if she shouldn’t be yelling at me and she needs to come forward with her employee not harass the customers. A few minutes pass and my children and I are waiting for her to return as she took off without saying anything else, then come to find out she is the manager on duty right now. Terrible terrible service!!!!! Walmart train your employees with better skills and customer service and how to approach customers. Our family felt harassed, we all were confused at what was going on but I was not going to just stand there and say nothin. She was in my personal space and yelling at me in front of my kids, she was not even a foot away and how she approached us and treated us so disrespectful. Literally feel like calling osha. Bad experience tonight.

Abby Hess · 1 year ago

Management and cashiers seem to lack basic communication skills and common sense in decision making. They make up rules and policies to their liking and dont fully comprehend thought processing of mundane issues. Walmart policy regarding age restricted sales is ridiculous as they have state law posting such but cashiers cant grasp procedure. Self check out is a joke as they monitor customers ringing up purchases but they never have bags if you dont have your own and tell you not to put items back in cart. ??? The whole shopping experience was bewildering

Logan Griffin · 1 year ago

The one time I stopped in, I literally walked in on a fist fight between an employee & a shoplifter. They had Valentine's day flowers, but it took me about 5 minutes to find some that weren't totally destroyed. I was gonna get a few other things, but most of the shelves didn't have much, and almost everything was still in plastic & cardboard boxes unopened or kinda torn. A lot of the store looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks or even months, just kinda black grime everywhere. Then I swear 30 minutes in self-checkout line, almost everyone was getting just a few things, vague screaming from the back a few times, ppl running, more shoplifting they didn't even try to stop... an older lady fell in self-checkout... several babies crying... I figured it'd be something but this is a stretch.

Samantha Lucero · 1 year ago

Was busy but even tho the register was giving me a hard time the young man never made it seem like he was he didn't want to do his job. Every time and there were many times he had to go to my register and each time I'd apologize to him but he said NO WORRIES at all that's my job. Not like other stores where they make you feel like you're inconveniencing them and it is their job. I mean since we have to scan and bag our own groceries now. I believe I should get a discount now that we do their job and then some. Just saying LOL

Adele Cortez · 1 year ago

The security followed me around the store thought I was shoplifting came up and checked my bags when I was emptying them to make sure they were completely empty while I was at the checkout line then waited out the door for me to check all the items I had in my bag's. What the heaven..... don't go there if you have a messy bun and sweats on.....

Candice Swan · 1 year ago

If I could give this Zero stars I would. My grandmother who is 88 went into this location to buy groceries. She does not understand self checkout and asked for help checking out groceries. This was about a week and half ago. The cashier told her at the front they would show her because she needed to learn how to do it an would not ring up her items for her. It is her responsibility to check out her own items. The disrespect for the elderly and the disabled is disgusting. I don't know who is training these front end managers but I have stopped shopping at Walmart for this reason. I will no longer be a Walmart customer from here on out. I hope in the future, you have better trained associates with more respect for these type of people.

Emerald · 1 year ago

NOT SAFE FOR PEOPLE WITH SENSORY DISABILITIES. Horrific shrill screeching/squealing noise is obnoxiously loud over about half the store (the produce side and nearby aisles) and is audible to some degree throughout the ENTIRE floor. Seems to be constant every time I've been there, and I first noticed it at least several months ago. Absolutely unacceptable environment, enough to be painful even for those *without* auditory sensitivities. If you or someone you shop with has any sensory issues, stay far away from this neglectfully unwelcoming store that evidently refuses to repair whatever is clearly going wrong!


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