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Ace Hardware of Tamarac Square

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3333 S Tamarac Dr, Denver, CO, 80231, United States
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436 reviews


"Overall, ACE is usually a bit more expensive than Home Depot or Lowes."

"The staff is so nice and just help you like family, you truly feel welcome."

"Great place for low prices and helpful staff!"

Randy Belisle (FastRandy)almost 1 year ago

When I rolled into the Ace Hardware of Tamarac Square, I wasn't sure what time they closed. I asked the first "Friendly Hardware Folk," I encountered, hoping to confirm there'd be enough time to search out the small parts needed. It was precisely 7:28pm.when I made my inquiry to the less than Friendly clerk. "We close in 20 minutes," she said with an unfriendly tone, even though I asked specifically what time they were closing. ( I did the math and made my assumption it was 8pm even if the numbers didn't compute). I thanked her, brushing off her lack of math skills and nearly rude response. Locating the isle i needed was easy. As I found the perfect fittings, I asked another employee if he "had a second" to cut the tubing I needed as instructed by the price tag holder. His response was "no"! "Realy ?"I thought to was now 7:33. I cut my own tubing, breaking the store mandate. Returning to the bad at math clerk with an attitude, I was ready for the encounter with pictures of the SKEW # for the tiny pieces because prices weren't displayed therefore impossible to mark the little envelope, a good bit of experience with these things to thank. She was put off by the inconvenience of looking up the skew. (But no math needed.) I found what i needed and used my own experience and manners. Don't expect anything close to a friendly hardware anything, and be ready to pay through the nose.....crummy people. I walked out at 740pm do the math

Chloe Breaker7 months ago

I've shopped at Ace Hardwares almost exclusively for my hardware needs over the years, I appreciate that they are locally owned and have had an overall great experience location to location. After shopping at this location this week, I will never go back. I came in looking for a specific product that it said they had on their website. I checked with the ladies at the front to make sure it was in stock, they said it should be and pointed me in the direction from behind the counter. It would've been nice for them to actually help me find the item but whatever. At checkout, I asked whether they could price match because I noticed the product was $5 more than Lowes and double the price listed on Chewys website. They said they did not since they are locally owned. No problem, I paid the inflated Ace premium regardless. After doing more research, I decided I wanted to go a different direction and return the product. I had opened it but didn't end up using any. I checked the receipt for a return policy and all it said was 'We will fix it, replace it or refund your purchase. Your receipt is all you need. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase'. Simple enough. I went in to return the item and there was an old lady named Peggy that was working, and she was the absolute worst. She let me know that their policy did not allow opened returns and refused to take the item back. She said 'We're not Home Depot or Lowes, you can't return just anything'. I can understand the policy (even though I have yet to find this policy written anywhere on their website, in store or on the receipt) but her attitude was out of this world and inexcusable. I've never experienced someone so disrespectful in customer service before. She ended up going to get her manager, he was pleasant and approved the return with no problem. She then slammed the bag down on the counter and demanded my credit card to process the return. I pointed out this behavior to her manager as he witnessed it too, I let him know that I would no longer visit their store due to the inflated prices, unclear return policy, and above all-- the mistreatment and horrible customer service from Peggy. I really try to support locally owned businesses but if I can go to Home Depot or Lowes and get more for my money and be treated with basic respect, I will shop at one of the competitors from now on.

Adam Carnaalmost 8 months ago

I was pleasantly happy coming into your store today I got a hose and nozzle, and had some questions about washing the car and the length of those but Josh was very helpful and immediately approach me and walk me to the section. Definitely recommend. A++++

Will Palmost 10 months ago

Overall, ACE is usually a bit more expensive than Home Depot or Lowes. However, the service and staff at this place really make it a great place if you are looking for something fast and quick. I came in the other day looking for a replacement socket. While they didn't have what I was looking for. I was really impressed with the staff's ability to at least point me in the right direction and help me get what I needed.

Anonymous Girlmore than 9 months ago

I went in frustrated my project wasn鈥檛 coming out the way I needed it. Then I ran into Max! He was amazing! He helped me with everything I needed he took the time to show me what the best products were for my project & taught me a few things. I greatly appreciate Max鈥檚 help yesterday he was awesome! Btw my project came out great!

Tribal Training.8 months ago

Prices are quite abit more than Lowes and or home depot, yet I try to shop at smaller businesses when applicable. Most employees are decent, yet there is always one or two whom are off putting.

Jack Truexalmost 1 year ago

So I have to come here at least once a day for something we're working on Every time I come here reminds me of the old school hardware stores. Where you got guys working there that know what the h*** they're talking about The girls run in the registers are super friendly. Always got jokes and it's just a great place to go And nine times out of ten they always got what i'm looking for

Stephanie Anthony (Steph)almost 11 months ago

Worst customer service. The older lady behind the counter spent over 5 minutes sorting paper work before helping me. She then proceeded to tell me I couldn't return an order without the owner in the building. So you can only return orders when the owner is the building.

Stephie Crocker2 years ago

This is our Go-To hardware store. . My baby built that "house" out of boxes and tape. Picked out the color himself, painted it and everything. He asked me "Mom, can you take me to ACE Hardware?" Honestly my initial response was "WHAAAT do you need from ACE Hardware??" But he had a whole list of supplies and the vision to build this. I always encourage and support his creativity but this project is another level. The ingenuity of this surprised me. And his patience of having to wait a day until the paint dried to construct the roof and then again after painting the roof to decorate it, not to mention waiting on me to get through with my shifts at work to go back to the hardware store. He didn't complain one time 馃槉 There are billions of reasons my gives me to be a proud mama but this one has my heart soaring! The manager at ACE Hardware told him that his brother-in-law is named Christian, was doing similar projects as a child and now as an adult is an architect. He told him keep feeding that inspired creative passion. We went in time 3 for supplies. Last 2 times was for more paint. The manager and all the night employees remembered us and asked my son each time how was his house was coming along. The color is called Tango Red 馃槉

Owner's response2 years ago

Stephie, You and your son are the reason we Love doing what we do!! I am so glad that we were abe to be a part of your families project We can't wait for the next one! Cheryl S.

T T1 year ago

Something told me to not come here, but I did since I needed a hammer and some screwdrivers. People standing by the register and talking and didn't greet me entering the store and then once I walked further in the store said "hey" to the people behind me. I was walking around looking for a hammer and screwdriver and employees saw me walking around looking and not one helped me. Instead while I'm looking at hammers and turn around to leave after grabbing one I see an employee standing at the beginning of the isle watching me...I'm guessing profiling me. I go to ring out and the lady was a little irritated that I only had a $100 bill. If you don't like certain people shopping at your store then say that. Work on your customer service as a store!



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