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Quick Lane at Sill-Terhar

    190 Alter St, Broomfield, CO, 80020, United States
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    191 reviews


    "Ted in the body shop was good to work with, but service quick lane was not."

    "Great place to get service work done."

    "Shout out to Nick and the shuttle driver, you guys killed it!"

    Chris Lilly · more than 7 months ago

    Quick and accurate services. No run around or suggestions for work I didn't really want at the time. Josh did a great job keeping me up to date on progress throughout the day. Thanks!!

    Julia Titarelli · 9 months ago

    Sean was incredibly helpful and accommodating to us today! He helped us get in and out quickly, allowing us to work around tight timing with two vehicles. Work was done fast and the waiting area was comfortable. We were treated very well and will be coming back for service in the future!

    Owner's response · 9 months ago

    Thank you for the kind review Julia, we appreciate your time for the review!

    Elliot Ertel · 1 year ago

    Took my F-150 in for an oil change (The Works) and when they did the tire rotation, they found that I was missing 1 lug nut on each - Discount Tire’s doing - and Sean made sure I had a full set of lugs before I left to make sure I was driving safely! The guys in the bay were already done with my truck, and quickly switched them out to all match the full set, with no problems! I’ve been to O’Meara before and their wait times are exponential and their customer service pales in comparison. I will absolutely be back here in the future! Thank you, Sean!

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thank you Elliot! We're actually working on a solution to let people know what our Quick Lane waittimes are, it's very tough to get that information out in a timely matter. We strive for what you've experienced, so it's always good to know we've met that expectation!

    Adam Kubat · more than 9 months ago

    I'm still processing how bad of an experience I had with the service department here... 1. I made a reservation for pretty routine services and showed up in the morning only for them to not be able to find it. So they said they would try to get it done. I mentioned that they could have it all day, but I needed it back before tomorrow. 2. By the time they called me, confirming they did find my reservation, it was 230 and they were just beginning services. 3. By 5:00 they said all they got done was the oil change and fuel filter change, and now the vehicle wouldn't start. With no warning, I am all of a sudden out a working vehicle, and have no way to get home, and no work truck for tomorrow! Zero solutions presented, AND they didn't even get to the reason I was there, my AC service and needing an alignment. They completed what I could have done in my garage for 1/4 the price, but they managed to take my vehicle out of service doing it. I don't know if I'll have a vehicle tomorrow, this weekend, or when next week! I don't even know want to call it, disorganization and inexperienced technicians? Wouldn't mind a solution from management, will update if I do get any reasonable solution. Updates: I was told today they only have one diesel technician, so that's why they probably could not perform and oil change and fuel filter change correctly. I likely will not have the vehicle back today, or at all this weekend, and have not been provided a courtesy vehicle.

    Owner's response · more than 9 months ago

    Hi Adam, sorry that you're going through this. We do our very best to get everyone in and out in a timely manner, but we do hit snags along the way. I can't help other than to sympathize and tell you that we're trying to do better. There are a lot of moving parts in organizing service for a car. Most of our policies work well, but sometimes a missing cog can throw a wrench into things.

    Dustin Poland · 8 months ago

    Absolutely terrible. Do not take your car here. We bought our car from Sill -TerHar and have had nothing but great experiences with their service department. Quick Lane is not their normal service department. We took our car in for an oil change and they found an mysterious slash on the inside of the tire that looks like they cut it open with a knife. After fighting with them about it the whole day our warranty finally covered that, but now we needed 3 other tires because otherwise only 1 would be new and it would cause issues. $1300 later, they broke the hub cap cover replacing the tires. They told my wife "I don't know if it was you or us, but we'll cover ordering a new one." We've never touched the tires on this Lincoln. We finally get the car back, and the driver side window doesn't open and close correctly. Likely a setting issue, but still a pain. Use Sill TerHar service, but stay FAR away from Quick Lane. They are terrible. Update- Read the response. Any apologies in the for breaking the hubcap cover or messing up the window settings? No. Just like at the shop just being defensive and covering their own butts. Got appt scheduled with the REAL Sill Terhar service and as usual they were pleasant and helpful. For real, just avoid Quick's not worth it. Another update- Our car has been leaking oil since we got it back. So, not only was our experience terrible, and they found a way to get more money out of us, but the thing took the car in for wasn't done correctly. Aweful.

    Owner's response · 8 months ago

    I can assure you that we have no interest in cutting your tire with a knife. Our quick lane mechanics are paid hourly, so they have no incentive to make more work for themselves. I feel as though we proved that when we did make a mistake with your hubcap and immediately offered to replace it. The only reason we would point out a slash in your tire is for your safety. Nothing would be worse for us than if we missed a problem that lead to injury or worse. The requirement for 4 matching tires is for the good of your car. We may not let you leave on a tire that's got a dangerous problem, but we would absolutely let you leave with 3 old tires and 1 new one, you can buy your tires anywhere you would like. Our mechanics also wouldn't be touching anything that would impact the function of your windows, not intentially anyway. Some cars to have some odd quirks where a combination of mistakes can reset things, but we're more than happy to work with you on fixing that problem too. Most of our mechanics are young, and they are learning, but we stand behind their work, and their character. We wouldn't employ someone who would intentionally cause a customer hassle, that's why there are giant windows into the waiting room, transparency.

    Nightmareloo · 9 months ago

    Took my car in for a quick check on a recall. Was told they would not do a recall, but then gave me a list of $6000 worth of repairs I suddenly needed. Took my car to 2 other mechanics to be told 50% of it wasn't needed at all. When dropping my car off, I asked to have air put in my tires since they already had it. When picking it up, I asked if that was done and was told yes.... When getting out to my car, I discovered that was a complete lie. In the end, I was charged $200, and didn't even get the two things I dropped it off for, completed. Complete waste of time, and money.

    Owner's response · 9 months ago

    Hi, sorry that you weren't happy with your service. We run diagnostics based on the complaints of the customer, and recommend fixes based on the results of those tests. We never recommend unneeded repairs because they don't benefit us in the long run. We rely on repeat business. It's not uncommon for other shops to have different recommendations on repairs, sometimes more or less than we've suggested. The only reason we wouldn't do a recall is if the parts aren't available and it's not a safety recall.

    Carter Croghan · more than 10 months ago

    After having my vehicle looked at by another shop for an A/C issue, they could not come up with a diagnosis and advised a recharge. I called here and after getting the phone run around from person to person, I finally was told over the phone a quote for $150 and they didn't have an appointment available for another month. I booked the appointment regardless because it was March and wouldn't be needing the A/C until around May anyways. Arriving on the day of my appointment, I was informed they would be charging me $150 but for a DIAGNOSTIC fee, not the recharge. After waiting in the office for over 30 minutes, they quoted me $465 for a recharge! I reached out to a Midas location the following week that had me out the door with cold A/C for $265 and only took 2 hours. For a dealership service facility, this lack of effective communication and clear pricing is very frustrating to deal with. I've worked in the quick lube and automotive industry and it isn't this hard to be upfront and professional with customers.

    Owner's response · more than 10 months ago

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention Carter. We have centralized call center here on site that does the management for service so our advisors can focus on the customers in front of them. Unfortunately this can lead to some missed communications. We do have a base diagnostic fee, and then the pricing goes from there once we find the problem. Our quotes are all estimates based on what we think needs to be done. I will pass the communication failures on to our call center, unfortunately the price estimates depend on more than we can accurately do over the phone.

    David Patten · more than 9 months ago

    So the young woman in the main office regularly drops f bombs when talking to coworkers. This generation has zero sense of professionalism or appropriateness. It's pathetic.

    Jonathan Sellers · 1 year ago

    I took my truck in to have an airbag warning light diagnosed and an oil change. They diagnosed the issue, and the parts are on order. Michelle did a great job explaining everything. Pricing seems fair for dealer labor costs.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Thank you for the review, hopefully your parts get here quickly, between international shipping delays, slow production times, and FAA outages delaying all flights nationwide, getting things takes a long time. Please always feel free to follow up on your status if you haven't heard from us recently.

    Sidney Geldmeyer · almost 1 year ago

    Went in for The Works on an F150 mid-afternoon. No wait, attentive staff, and everything afterwards was explained well. In and out in less than 30 minutes!

    Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

    Thansk Sidney! Our Quick Lane can get backed up, but coming mid afternoon is a great time for a fast experience!



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