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    42 reviews


    "We are very pleased with the quality of work."

    "This is truly a professional company that performs quality work."

    "Mike and his crew did an excellent job on our home."

    Belinda Sanders · almost 5 years ago

    Mike and his team are top notch! We hired them to paint the interior of our house last year, liked them, and then hired them for the exterior of our home. Wow! They did an outstanding job, with amazing attention to the smallest details. Mike worked with us on color and paint choice, we ended up taking his recommendation for a higher-end paint that covered well and will outlast the heat of the CO sun. It looks gorgeous! His crew was always on time to the job site, courteous, respectable, kind and clean! These guys rock! Even my neighbors stopped to comment on what a great crew we had around and how perfect the paint was!

    Stuart Chang · 8 months ago

    Summary: Mike from Windsor painting does high quality work at a very competitive price, and has a professional team working with him. The details: - How did we find Mike? A friend who apparently is very picky had Mike pain their house and they felt comfortable recommending Mike since he met their high standards for quality. - How did we first contact Mike. As some reviews have mentioned, Mike does primarily communicate by text. I find that useful because everything is in "writing" and Mike honors what he writes. - What did we have done? We have a new condo and the builder actually painted the walls AND the ceiling the same color! Mike come in to paint all the ceilings and three bedroom walls of a 1500 sq ft condo. - Mike's expertise. Another reviewer mentioned that Mike know more than the average person needs to know about paint. Ok, true, but he was the one that told me I needed a different finish (eggshell and not flat) on the bathroom ceilings. There was also spot in our bedroom where I applied a rather large area of test paint of a different color and then I painted over it with the builder paint. This matters because if Mike didn't know how to cover it properly my very large square would "show" after being painted because there were two extra layers of paint that I applied. Mike showed his team how to paint over that area where the test spot I did is almost invisible. - Mike and his team's process. Since we had all ceilings and three bedrooms to do the first day Mike showed up he had an army of people with him. It was Mike and three others. Like an orchestra conductor Mike directed everyone so no one had slack time. On the second day they started to tackle the bedrooms and would have finished three bedrooms on the second day but due to some emergencies that caused one of his team members to run a little late they finished up the next morning. I mention this because things come up in a business and Mike made sure that finishing my house was a priority and finished my house. He actually said in the beginning that this whole job was 2-3 days and it was done in 2 and a half days with the unforeseen events. - Mike and his team's work. After working with Mike, I would use one word to describe him and his crew - METICULOUS. Mike and his team see everything and nothing gets left unaddressed. In the end, all lines are straight, and there is no paint bleeding from wall to ceiling or vice versa. Sure some bleeding happens in the process but Mike and his crew go through at the end and touch up everything. All the walls were rolled perfectly and the ceiling paint was perfect. - Mike's Team. Mike and his team are all very professional, personable, and respectful. As I pointed things out throughout the job, they all listened and either explained things or just did what I requested without any attitude or making me feel like I was asking for something unreasonable. - Mike's Integrity. During the process of taping off the walls, there was a very small accident and something got damaged. When I mentioned it to Mike he took accountability and made good on the damage. - Mike's pricing. We had three people come and quote and Mike was very price competitive and certainly gave a more detailed quote breakdown than any of the other two. He basically quotes based on man hours. So it doesn't matter to you whether there is one person or ten doing the work. Do we recommend Mike from Windsor Painting? ABSOLUTELY. In fact, before they left we decided to have the walls of two of our bathrooms painted since we had a little extra paint and we are trying to schedule Mike to come out. Disclaimer: Up until 3 days ago, I have never met Mike before. I am not related to him nor associated with him or anyone on his team in any way. This is a true and honest review and I am receiving nothing from Mike to write this review. My motivation is to help you get information and to also support small independently owned local businesses.

    Garry Rickart · 3 years ago

    Mike and his crew did an excellent job on our home. Mike is very detailed and even recommended a different White trim color because the one we chose had a slight yellow tint the would not have matched the new white vinyal windows. Mike also altered his schedule to accommodate our window guy who was late in installing a window. Top notch and will recommend.

    Frank Ladonne · 4 years ago

    We just had Mike and his crew paint the exterior of our home. As a professional engineer for 40 years, I am well used to dealing with contractors and I have to say that Windsor Painting FAR exceeded my expectations. These guys are the real deal. Mike has been in the painting business for over 35 years and takes inordinate pride in the quality of his work. Unlike most of the other painting contractors that you’ll undoubtedly evaluate, Mike’s crew are not day laborers or a crew he picked up at the paint store that morning. His crew chief for our job has worked for him for 13 years and similarly takes extraordinary pride in his work. The crew spent an entire first day preparing our home. This included caulking EVERY seam, vertical and horizontal, setting and then caulking EVERY popped siding nail, re-securing any warped siding boards, meticulously sanding the bottom edges of our siding. The second day began with completely priming the entire exterior of our home. Let me say right here that the key to a long lasting paint job is in the preparation. Do you want a job that will last 7 or 8 or more years or do you want to do this every 3 or 4 years – PREPARATION! Later that afternoon and the third day, the finish coat was applied. Every edge and seam was just razor sharp. The last hour and a half, the crew chief meticulously examined every inch of the finished job touching up where needed until he was satisfied. While he was doing this, his crew removed every scrap of masking and debris and left our home spotless! Needless to say, we are ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with the results and many of our neighbors have stopped by to compliment the looks of our “new home”. We could not be happier.

    Fran Petrilli · 3 years ago

    Mike is very experienced and so is his crew. Mike mixed and matched paint to exact color I showed him. Mike's crew was respectful of my home and furnishings. Pricing was fair and the job was done professionally in a day and a half. I highly recommend Mike and crew to come into your home and do a great job! to get his crew in

    Monika Zielke · almost 4 years ago

    Highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a fantastic paint job done on their home. Mike is great! He takes time to explain things in detail and doesn't mind reviewing over and over to your satisfaction. His crew, led by Sammy, are hard working, efficient and pay attention to detail resulting in a job very, very well done. Two thumbs up for Windsor Painting, Mike, Sammy and the whole gang.

    Brian Prince · 3 years ago

    I'll be scheduling any future work with Mike and Windsor Painting. Mike was extremely responsive to any calls/questions. Mike not sure how you do it? He has attention to detail and demands the same from his crew which is key. He doesn't "out source" his crew like a lot of other local painting companies do (beware). Mike's team was very respectful and just all around good people. They were also fast and were able to work with my timeline.

    Theresa Johnson · 7 years ago

    Mike was so easy to work with. Very personable and professional. He always kept in touch throughout the job, keeping communication open. His crew was prompt and detail oriented. They did a wonderful job, excellent quality work and very courteous. Our house looks amazing! I would highly recommend them and will be using them again for future painting needs.

    Scott Felter · almost 3 years ago

    Mike and his painters did an excellent job painting the interior of our Daughter's house, which we share with her. Professionalism does not begin to describe the experience and quality of the services provided. Mike offered suggestions to help make the color choices more effective and his Team of painters were pleasant and kept my Wife laughing, de-stressing the entire experience, putting her and ultimately me at ease. Everyone at Windsor Painting listened to our goals and provided the technical expertise, knowledge, and dedication to accomplish our goals of refreshing the house on the inside...THANK YOU.

    Maryann G · 3 years ago

    2 years ago we had our home painted by a local company who is a lot better at distributing flyers door to door than they are at painting. So when it was time to get our rental home painted last spring I called Windsor Painting. They had been painting in our neighborhood around the same time our house was painted and it was obvious just from walking by the worksite that they were head and shoulders above the company we had hired. Everything about the experience with Windsor Painting was excellent. From the professional advice regarding color choice to the quality of the finished job to the fair pricing it was a like day and night compared to our previous experience. All I can say is don't go with the folks that subcontract their work to itinerant painting crews. Support the local craftsmen like Mike and crew at Windsor painting. Because they are so good they are busy but even if you have to wait to get onto their schedule you will be happy that you did. Thanks, Mike!



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