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Walmart Pharmacy

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440 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO, 80226, United States
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23 reviews


"Love this place the pharmacy is one of the best, caring and friendly staff"

"I didn't want to interact with people, just grab item rice and go."

"The gentleman with the curly hair at the pharmacy was absolutely incredible."

Coco Korte · 2 years ago

Just got my prescription here. The cholesterol medication was very expensive $180 with for 3 months even with my insurance. Joe was so very nice and spent time to get coupons for me to lower the price to $35. I really appreciate his kindness and effort.

Sara Shepard · 3 years ago

Edit: Not sure why this says Pharmacy. Just another problem with the system. It was the pick up point. I also wrote corporate but of course have never heard back. So people are still ordering, getting there and it is broken. I ordered an item to be taken to the pickup point. I didn't want to interact with people, just grab item rice and go. I got there and I tried to scan my phone, nothing. I finally hit the right button that then the screen said this pick up was broken. I pressed the button for an associate to be there. It didn't work either. I talked to some girl just standing there and she said she would call some one and then said someone would be here "in a bit" I kind of threw a fit and walked over to customer service and said I needed someone now. My husband with mild dementia and my puppy were out in the car. Finally a nice lady showed up and went and got my order. If I wanted to go shopping in the store or go stand in lines with other people and risk my life with covid, I wouldn't have used the pick up. She said it had been broken for some time.

Devon · 5 years ago

Truthfully one of, if not the worst pharmacy I’ve ever been to. Staff are unprofessional and wouldn’t know popped customer service if it hit them in the face. They always feel the need to be right or they will instigate an argument. I simply called to fix my prescription (which they messed up the exact same thing last month and all they had to do was call my doctor.) however this time I was met by Harold who decided to speak with me like I’d never been there or had a problem before and once I became frustrated with him telling me they can’t do the same thing they did last month he hung up on me. Now I have to run around and try to get my medication confirmed even though they could’ve just called them. now I have to waste my Monday.

Jen Zeller · more than 6 years ago

Went in yesterday because I had no inhaler and knew that it would be a scary night. Showed up 3 minutes to close. They refused to fill it. I asked if they would transfer to Walgreens or a 24 hour and she said I could but no one will stick around to answer the call. They turned a severe asthmatic away because of 3 minutes. Last I checked, if one comes in at 3 till, your not closed yet and you should be filling the prescription. Not leaving the person without meds. I'm going back to day to get it filled and will be making a serious complaint! DO NOT GO HERE! THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

chase · almost 3 years ago

The gentleman with the curly hair at the pharmacy was absolutely incredible. He helped me in a timely manner when they were closing. Love the pharmacy and their friendly staff!

Angel Alba/ Kent · more than 4 years ago

Very unhappy with their service, they need more techs and pharmacists. They ignore you when you've been in line for at least 10 min. It takes yelling at them to hear them. And they seat you because the pharmacist doesnt have time to discuss your prescription. Hate it will not be back here

Quae Frei · 2 years ago

The entire Pharmacy staff at this Walmart (440 s wadsworth blvd) has been extremely helpful and courteous, especially Liz!!! They go above and beyond to help!!! Many thanks and much appreciation to them!!!

S · 7 years ago

Avoid is pharmacy at all costs. They mismanaged my prescription and lost track of it. Pharmacy staff is rude. They have the "I am right and know it all" attitude. They were initially unwilling to help. Only after a very unnecessary conversation did they admit to their mistake. This was my first experience with a Walmart pharmacy, and it will be the last.

Lydia Kotter · 2 years ago

The pharmacy technician hung up on me. She also messed up my prescription and messed up my copay at another location. They had been so helpful previously. I have no idea what has happened to this location.

Lisa Orgren · 7 years ago

My doctor called in a prescription for me and when I went to pick it up last night, the people working were very friendly and helpful. Much better service than I'd ever expect from Walmart.


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