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King Soopers Pharmacy

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1155 S Havana St, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
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18 reviews


"The best Pharmacist and staff."

"These people are inconsiderate and unprofessional."

"I'd love to give this place 0 stars, if that were possible."

Karen H · 1 year ago

Just awful. Takes two or more days to fill prescriptions. I waited a week to find out they had ran out of a medicine of mine that has heavy side effects if not properly taken off with medical care…. And I had to chase them down, only for them to tell me call another pharmacy and tell that pharmacy to call them. WHAT?! I hate leaving negative reviews but this place is just awful, and I really hope others don’t need to have the same experience as the rest of us. Or maybe they will see these and finally change a thing or two. 🤞🏻

Josh Lee · more than 1 year ago

I worked in a pharmacy for 10 years so I understand how difficult it can be when it is busy. However, I have never seen a more dysfunctional pharmacy in my life. My prescriptions are never ready when they are supposed to be even when I give multiple days advanced notice. Every time I call they are rude and put you on hold immediately and I have waited over 20 minutes for someone to answer on more than one occasion. This is by far the worst pharmacy I have ever done business with and will be moving my prescriptions immediately

Joseph Gauspohl · almost 2 years ago

If I could leave these nimrods 0 stars I would. I stressed the importance of ordering my medication a week before I ran out and the tech even said he spoke to the pharmacists to order it. Day comes, I come in, they haven't ordered it, and won't even apologize. They just stand there acting like they didn't do anything wrong and tell me I can go without my medication for two days because of their incompetence. Apparently nobody knows how to do their jobs anymore since COVID, including pharmacy workers.

Michael Byers-Sherman · almost 4 years ago

HORRIBLE STAFF. I went in to the pharmacy yesterday for one prescription of Tramadol for my broken foot. After 40 minutes of waiting I asked if they could call when the subscription was ready. NEVER HEARD FROM THEM. My first night was in absolute agony and then had to wait 20 minutes on the phone just to see if it was ready. Ridiculous.

Brian Nissen · almost 3 years ago

Do you like being put on hold multiple times and then when they finally take your call give you the worst customer service possible? Well then you're in luck this garbage pharmacy is your answer! Seriously avoid them at all costs. Safeway is just down the street.

Stewart Pearce · almost 3 years ago

I'd love to give this place 0 stars, if that were possible. They claimed they didn't have enough of my medicine to fill my prescription but that they would have more the next day...I call them the next day, they tell me the same thing, and claim "I don't know who told you that yesterday" Complete buffoons who take 0 responsibility for their mistakes.

Aaron LC · more than 1 year ago

These people are inconsiderate and unprofessional. I called about a question about medication and was put on hold for 17 minutes only to have someone hang up on me. I’m never don’t business here again.

L Buckley · almost 5 years ago

The best Pharmacist and staff. They are careful, considerate and caring. This pharmacy is the only reason I shop at this KS.

Kim Evans · 5 years ago

By far the most childish people I have dealt with. 2 days now still waiting on refills. The worst.

Ken Evans · almost 6 years ago

The pharmacists are always friendly and helpful. Recommend!


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