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CVS Pharmacy

Beauty supplies & home health items

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1400 S Havana St, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM Sun
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60 reviews


"Friendly, thorough hardworking people."

"Poor service (because they don't support their employees)"

"9 yrs experience with this pharmacy and its excellent!"

Timothy · 11 months ago

Pharmacist does not inquire about alternatives available to try to save you money nor in your situation just makes forced changes causing you to have to go back to the doctor to try resolve medication issues and resolutions. They tell you your signed up for notifications when you're not. All around mostly rude staff with a few very nice counter people that make you just barely keep coming back.

Heather Carr · almost 11 months ago

This pharmacy does a great job at customer service, filling prescriptions at a great price in a timely manner, and always has what I need. They are the BEST!

Paytan Rapue · more than 1 year ago

DO NOT trust your medications here. Just in the past month alone there have been issues with miscounted prescriptions, and prescriptions “randomly” becoming inactive with no assistance from the male manager. And GOD FORBID you try and get clarity and raise an issue? Your medications are on the line. A prescription that we were desperately waiting on was sitting at the store shelf with receipt proof, all while the same rude manager said he never received the script. If you value your health and safety, and just your emotional patience, find any other CVS than this! There are amazing employees here (Eileen mainly), but that one manager was enough to ruin it all permanently.

Elenial · almost 2 years ago

Hands down the worst pharmacy I have ever experienced. God forbid you show up and disturb their conversations and they have to do their jobs. They misplace prescriptions constantly and its always anyone's fault but theirs, should have heeded the other reviews about this and saved myself the hassle. I have had to personally call and reorder a minimum of 4 prescriptions and not once has any of the employees here offered to help. The employees are absolutely atrocious, ZERO customer service skills and they give you dirty looks when approaching the counter. I have never been made to feel so uncomfortable just trying to pick up medication, to the point where I will never step foot back into this place again.

Kia Sophia · 1 year ago

Love this pharmacy! Service is always friendly and my prescription is always on time! Thank you for caring for your customers!

Latisha Acklin · 1 year ago

This pharmacy is awful. They never have anything in stock. I don't take anything out of the ordinary. Now I have to wait all weekend and it's a holiday so who knows when they'll have it. I just go here because it's close to home, but I really need to find a new location. I need to know what when I pick up my prescription has to do with when I can fill it even if my insurance covers it. It just gets worse and worse.

Michael Janati · more than 2 years ago

Incompetence and arrogance is a deadly combo. 1) They'll lose your prescription. On three occasions, they lost the electronic prescription that my doctor sent. I wasn't really bothered the first time.After all, people make mistakes. But a few months later, it happened again. And a couple of months after that, it happened again. The third time was the last straw -- totally inconvenient and time-consuming. The worst part is this: each time they blamed the doctor or a "third party" instead of blaming themselves. (So easy to point the finger at someone else.) The doctor knows how to use technology and he always sends prescriptions electronically. In fact, he even gets a confirmation receipt. So I know it's an issue on their end. 2) The manager is the guy that acts like he's morally upstanding and the voice of reason. Instead, he's like the mechanic you go to get an oil change or tune up, but then comes back and emotionally blackmails you into getting other services like a tire change, new spark plugs, or new brake rotors. (Get it or risk getting into a deadly car accident! Boo!) But he's so slippery that he uses this form of blackmail after you complain about poor customer service or lost prescriptions. "How dare you insult 'my team!'" Apparently, he OWNS those employees and any criticism is off limits, no matter how warranted. He is an arrogant guy with nothing to be arrogant about. I've had discussions with him, and all he does is try to shame you for voicing legit concerns. In other words, he's a coward. The blind leading the blind. If you value your time and sanity, you'll get your prescriptions filled somewhere else.

Robert Feike · more than 2 years ago

WORST EXPERIENCE!!!!!! I recommend never taking a child to this pharmacy. My 10-year-old daughter got a vaccination at this place it was the worst experience I've ever had the pharmacist that gave her the shot was apparently the manager she was extremely rude she was rolling her eyes the whole time and told us she was too busy to deal with us because my daughter was throwing a tantrum I get that kids aren't always easy to deal with when it comes to needles but she did not have to be rude she slammed our paperwork on the table and walked away murmuring this pharmacist should never be dealing with children This was at the one at target 1400 s Havana st in Aurora

Artladi · 2 years ago

9 yrs experience with this pharmacy and its excellent! The man Pharmacist is extremely competent, kind and solves every problem. He is so busy, he can't chit chat. My husband and I have had many issues, and they have gone above and beyond. Elaine has been so helpful. Others friendy too. I just took them sweets as a parting gift since I am moving. I will never have such an overall good pharmacy again. I thank all of you, especially the head pharmicist!!

Mikey Joon Kim · almost 2 years ago

Dirty vaccine environment Also they didn’t know how to treat the customer I changed the Costco pharmacy better and nice To customer The sever down is in Saturday. This is not acceptable Old Stone Age processing is this CVS Please don’t go to here it is waste time and money



Drugstore chain selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items.

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