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The UPS Store

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    1151 Eagle Dr, Loveland, CO, 80537, United States
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    54 reviews


    "Price to ship a fairly small and light box was a bit expensive in my opinion"

    "Good service and good people!"

    "The staff aside from the management is fantastic."

    Julie Gillen · 1 year ago

    I have frequented this location years due to location and convenience. Today I go to return a package, unboxed as per the store manger's previous rude and condescending behavior last fall at pointing out that they were no longer allowed to take back packed items. Fine. If that's your policy, just please explain when a new policy goes into effect. My issue, today, her nasty, rude behavior towards me with a store full of people. Today, I returned an unboxed package as per her directions last fall, only to be told that it needed be boxed! I come home, boxed the item and went back. Now, she tells me they no longer accept packaged items! 🤷‍♀️ I don't like leaving unfavorable reviews. Unfortunately, the manager on multiple occasions has had a poor attitude towards both customers and staff. Worst customer service provided by a manager ever. Yes, the last time I was very frustrated. On multiple times she had been rude, never bothering to explain anything because she was top busy talking over and down to me. I had been polite each time. The last time I had enough to actually write a review and ask to speak with someond sbove her. Again, poor service as a manager. Apparently from feedback from others I am not the only customer who feels that way. The staff aside from the management is fantastic.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    I tried to help this customer with her return she has previously brought amazon retuns in that did not need packaging the most recent one needed to be packaged she would not let me explain the difference. When packaging was not needed we politly ask that she take her old packing with her when advised that amazon wanted one packaged she got very angry I tried to explain that we do a service for amazon and do not have any control over how they want there returns she got very angry that I could not control this. I am sorry that she was upset over this.

    Bob Troilo · 1 year ago

    Several visits to this location to ship items. The first few times I dismissed the rudeness as maybe she was having a bad day. Today was my last visit to this location. It’s not a bad mood if you’re in it all the time, it’s your personality. If you have a trash can in your lobby,… expect your customers to use it for trash. I watched as the customer in front of me was reprimanded for using the trash can for “customer trash”. There has to be some area director that gets these reviews. This franchisee is damaging the brand. I hate leaving a bad review. Good luck.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    The staff at our store are always courteous and friendly. This particular individual was throwing away trash from her car. We politely informed her that there was a trash located outside for her convenience. This person was not upset at all and kindly removed her trash and took it with her. We will as always continue to provide friendly and excellent customer service. Manager Robin Thank you, The UPS Store (#3738) 1151 Eagle Drive Loveland, CO 80537 USA Phone: (970) 663-1711 Fax: (970) 663-1712 Email: [email protected]

    Horton Who · 1 year ago

    I was excited to go in and print 3 recipes. All the sudden, papers began to print, and the manager advised me that I am paying for “a book.” She said I had to buy them since I “sent it to their email,” yet she failed to overlook the work that was to be processed, which other employees have always done…. It should have been 6 - 8 pages…. Not 25 - 50. Plus, I told her to cancel it, and the Cancel button is Red and Right There. Yet is took her a bit to know what she was doing. On top of that, she was being rude to her own employees in front of customers.

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Hi, this is concerning to hear. We are forwarding this to the appropriate team right away and will look into this further. Please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can follow up with you.

    Elyse Toole · 1 year ago

    I went around 4:45pm on 1/28/23, there were two guys in their 20's or 30's working. I had one simple question, to verify that all my packages were included on the return since the receipt was showing 4 out of 5. The guy working told me to "take my box and get out of his store" because he was "done with this day". I was so shocked I left, and now I don't know if all five of my returns will make it back or not, since only four were verified and the store closed shortly after.

    Nacho' Name · more than 5 years ago

    Friendly, fast and thorough. Shipping and several packing options available for shipping standard items to your most valued fragile item(s) with corporate approved certified packing professionals to guarantee you items arrive just as the way you shipped.

    Melissa McCormack · more than 1 year ago

    I feel like everytime I go in it is different staff. And nobody knows what they are doing. Last month the girl behind the counter was so confused on my package she was blatantly making things up because she didn't want to tell me she didn't know. Then this time when they get the " manager " who tells me I can't have my boyfriend chemo meds bc name doesn't match after I just have her my id proving this. They had no idea how to handle the package and had be sign on a blank piece of paper which seems legitimate.

    Ashley Devine-Maddox · more than 1 year ago

    The best option for UPS in Loveland and surrounding areas. Robin, the store Manager, runs a great store and takes amazing care of her customers. I never wait long for anything, they always know what they are doing and make everything simple and easy. Don't go anywhere else!

    B Local · 1 year ago

    Sabrina was wonderfully helpful and had amazing customer service when I was returning some items to be shipped back!

    Owner's response · 1 year ago

    Hi, thank you for the review! We know we can always count on Sabrina. We appreciate the feedback and hope to see you again soon.

    Marissa Sanchez · more than 3 years ago

    Usually when I come in the employees are really nice to me. I have a small business and come in with prepaid labels that I don’t need a receipt for and no one has ever had a problem with me dropping off my packages and leaving because I don’t need a receipt. Today there was a line and everyone is waiting for postage but since I already have my labels I try to go set them by the front like I always do and the older woman working SNAPPED on me and told me to get in line like everyone else, but said I can leave the packages on the counter, so you want me to stand in line for literally no reason? She was so rude to me.

    Jen Murray · 3 years ago

    There was a beautiful young lady behind the counter that was helping me find a box for a large bag I was shipping, another employee was helping to find a correct box, the young lady helping me rung me up for the box and we both thought the transaction was complete... but someone else behind the counter didn't and was extremely rude in-front of all the customers and chastised the young lady for completing the box purchase before she felt she had the right size box for my bag. I want to personally thank my cashier Andrea for her very professional help.



    Store offering shipping, packaging, printing & other services, plus office supplies.

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