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FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

Packaging supplies & shipping services

    980 Ken Pratt Blvd B, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
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    88 reviews


    "Excellent service and quality every time."

    "Waited over 45 minutes for one customer to check out."

    "The refunded portion was still double the price of what was initially quoted."

    Don Durso · 7 months ago

    very helpful, and quick to accept my return package - it appeared they had a lot of people working, so no backups. Thanks!

    Carly Hester · 1 year ago

    Great experience here! They were well staffed, very friendly, and HELPFUL!! I came here to ship a return (they printed the return label too)

    Cat Colorado · more than 1 year ago

    Had a bad experience here and will not return. Whoever the big, dark haired woman was, she was superbly rude. Kim was very nice but the other lady was obnoxious when telling me I couldn't load a FedEx card with my debit card, to make copies. She was so forceful and arrogant, totally out of line. Like I know this. Post your policies, people. We don't work there, we don't know! Made getting my project done impossible. Not a happy customer. Staples was cheaper, so go there!!

    n · 1 year ago

    I've read some other reviews of this location and wanted to chime in with my two cents. I had a splendid time here and will definitely be back. I was helped courteously and efficiently when I was inquiring about shipping a small package. The cost was incredibly reasonable and I am happy to report that my box arrived on time without any damage! While I was paying for this service, I also asked about getting passport photos. The woman who was helping me with the shipment said she would also be able to get my passport photos done right away. She asked me to go have seat in front of the white backdrop and then followed me over a few minutes later. This was the best decision ever. I can't recommend getting passport photos at this location highly enough. I have had a range of experiences when it comes to passport photos and this experience was my best one yet. I am so grateful to have a good quality photo for my passport that I will be happily stuck with for the next ten years! This will definitely be the only place I recommend to anyone who needs passport photos.

    Becca Raccone · 11 months ago

    Elizabeth and her team are the example of horrible service. Had to order from this location again and they did not get my order. Elizabeth thought it would be best not to tell me until noon the day before my event, when my order was supposed to be ready days earlier. Her and her team showed no care what so ever when they destroyed an event that I had planned for months. If your event is important to you, do not work with Elizabeth or her team. Ordered brochures, if you order them online it is cheaper. The online preview had the brochures printed to the edge of the paper, this is known as a full bleed. When I picked up the brochures they had a white border, they were not full bleed. I ask why and the worker says she would get her manager because she was unaware. This manager told me that it is not possible to print brochures as a full bleed, they always have a border… which is not true. He then just dead eyed stared at me while not really answering anything. These things look like garbage. Just horrible. Go elsewhere.

    Paul Copoulos · 3 years ago

    Carson went above and beyond to deliver on a very complex printing job for a client. My go to spot in Longmont for printing and shipping needs. Thank you so much Carson for going the extra mile the presentation went so greatly and would not have been as impactful without your amazing customer service and direction. Thank you again Carson!

    Nicole M · almost 2 years ago

    Racist! I hate not feeling comfortable in my own community. As I was standing in line for shipping I overheard a customer saying derogatory things about Juneteenth… even more discouraging was the employee nodding her head in agreement/understanding!!!! Way to go FedEx- you have hired upstanding people … and racists. There should be no place for this in your place of business. Fire the racists and teach your employees how to shut this talk down! I will never visit this location or company again. Forever imprinted on my mind and broken heart. BTW- I’m white… this shouldn’t matter though.

    Harsha Kalagana · 1 year ago

    Friendly staff and short wait times. Christian was super helpful when shipping my order. Would go back

    Leah Brouck · almost 2 years ago

    Worst FedEx ever. First off, they delivered a package to the wrong address, we called and told them they messed up and to get someone out here to bring the package to the right address! No one ever came to pick up the package to bring to the right address. It was was a “refrigerate upon arrival” package and no one ever came came to pick it up. Do better FedEx! This was completely the company’s fault and they need to do better and get their employees to actually take pride in their job and do what they signed up to do. This is completely wrong on fedex part. When we called we got the most incompetent representative to help us out. The package was at our door step for over 12 hours and I am completely disappointed in the customer service these days. It shouldn’t be that hard to read the label on the package correctly or at least come back and deliver the package to the right address. We completely understand the short staff but the incompetence is completely unacceptable. Extremely disappointed.

    Dusty Bottoms · more than 4 years ago

    I was quoted a price for a simple print job by the associate, when the print job was completed the cost was more than 4x the original estimate. The associate then admits they forgot to put in the type of paper we had been talking about the entire time, which was key to the entire quote / print request. No apology was given. Then when talking to the store manager about the discrepancy he was initially resistant to wanting to correct the issue and began attempting to school me on the variety of products they offer and saying if you want the nicer options they will cost you more money. To which I replied Exactly! Which is why I asked your associate to begin with what the cost difference in the cheaper option versus an upgraded option was.” The manager eventually refunded half off the cost back to me, but only after my insistence on the issue. The refunded portion was still double the price of what was initially quoted. I’ve worked in customer service jobs for years and know sometimes you have to fall on your own sword as hard as that may be to diffuse a situation and to make the customer happy. But I also know that the old adage of ‘the customer is always right’ is sometimes true too. Having the store’s manager attempt to toe the company line versus owning up to their mistake and offering to honor the original quote, is what should have happened. There shouldn’t have been the need to push the issue to get “some” of my money back. Highly doubtful I will ever use their services again in store or for shipping either. I’ll spend my hard earned money with companies that put their customers first.



    Chain providing office & packaging supplies, plus a variety of services such as shipping & printing.

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