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Foot Locker

Brand-name athletic shoes & apparel

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8501 W Bowles Ave Space 2207, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
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102 reviews


"Good selection of shoes"

"Over priced, under service."

"Great staff exercise here super helpfull"

Chloe Frazier · 1 year ago

We went in yesterday for converse. After trying 2 pairs, we asked the sales person for one more size. She walked around the counter and looked to see if my fiancé was watching her. Then after she noticed I was watching her, she walked to the back, came back 2 seconds later and said they didnt have the size I needed. It was pretty obvious she didn't look and had no intention of looking. So we left. I would have gotten the shoes if she even pretended to care. With that poor of customer service, we won't come back. Thank goodness for online shopping.

Ryan Hopkins · 1 year ago

No customer service. They won't help you, I don't know how to buy shoes from this place... Online maybe?

Lynette Butcher · almost 2 years ago

We go to to this store often. The staff are always asking if we need help. My boys love the shoes here and we feel its priced right. We were there July 22nd. Female I don't know her name but its totally ready for a management role in my opinion. She's great with my boys and friendly.

Janette A · almost 2 years ago

We showed up last minute and Jordan helped us with no problem. This is the best customer service we ever experienced. We actually were going to buy shoes from another store but they didn't let me try the shoes on. So we decided to get my shoes at foot locker. I will buy all my shoes at this store from now on, Thank you Jordan!

B B · 3 years ago

Worst customer service ever!! The manager Tee was extremely rude when we tried to return a $170 pair of shoes 2 days after getting them, not even worn for longer than to try on. Even called security on us after walking away when we tried showing her their own current return policy they have online. Even security literally laughed at how she "handled" the situation lol. She's the absolute worst person I've ever had to deal with and I've worked at Southwest Plaza for years now. She needs to be fired, I've spoken to a large handful of people with similar experiences and everyone agrees that store would be A LOT better without her.

Gerardo Palomino · 3 years ago

We came across town for a pair of shoes I needed to get for my daughter. It was the last pair her size at all foot lockers but it was full of glue. They wouldn’t clean it for us. I asked if I can return if they didn’t clean up. She said no they would accept em back. I asked if we can get a discount on them the manager said NO refused to work with us. I will never shop at this foot locker. What a terrible manager !!!

A B · almost 4 years ago

All of the customer service employees are very nice and are very quick to help they also give you time to shop around after greeting which is nice however the management likes to hide in the back room And sacrifice their employees to any irate customers

Michelle Rasmussen · 3 years ago

At Denver West Footlocker there was a line to get in the store and when I looked inside the store there was only two customers in there. There's a sign that said wait to come in our store but there was nobody greeting you at the store to let you in the store. If you want something from Footlocker do not go to this Foot Locker

Steve Wilder · more than 3 years ago

Terrible experience! They would not let me return $150 shoes I only wore once. Over priced, under service. I would recommend buying shoes anywhere else.

Tye Adams · 3 years ago

Nick gave me great customer service after a not so pleasant time with the manager T, glad to be happy shopping there again considering im there once a month



Retail chain with brand-name athletic shoes, clothing & related accessories for men, women & kids.

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