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379 S Hover St, Longmont, CO, 80501, United States
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813 reviews


"Really grateful for the service and the quality of the folks at Discount Tires."

"Discount ordered the tires for me and matched Costco's price."

"Always good prices, relatively quick service and a friendly staff."

The AstroNerdBoy · 10 months ago

Never been to a Discount Tire store, but they were recommended to me. The tires were all purchased online, so I just showed up and they got to work. I've never had tires put on quite that quickly. Further, they had plenty of very helpful staff working, both in reception and in the bays. And they have a free tire service, where they will check your tires and get them to the right pressure, all without the need to go in. Color me impressed.

Dave Beal · 10 months ago

I've had these guys do free tire repairs for me several times. Repairs are free even if you didn't buy the tire from them. They've always done a good job, and are usually pretty quick. And they have a website that shows the progress of your job in real time.

Katie Klumb · 10 months ago

I’ve gone to Discount Tire for years. I’ve appreciated their costs and quick service. Having grown up with mechanically inclined men I know good service and I also know when fear is being used to make a sale. What I don’t appreciate is the gross tactics to try to get me to by new tires. I just bought a brand new car 6 months ago… so brand new tires & everything is good to go. Nowhere near the 50,000 mile mark the average tire takes before it needs to be replaced. I picked up a nail in one of the tires and went in to make an appointment to have that patched. While I was there I had my tire filled and he spent time trying to convince me my tires are worn out and I need to get new ones. When I told him I knew what he was doing he just stopped taking. If I didn’t know what I know I would think they had my best interest in mind, I would think I needed new tires. This is just the slimiest of sales tactics. I thought we were past this kind of thing but apparently Discount Tire encourages this behavior because I don’t know why their employees when engage that way. Just something to think about.

Rachel Berggren · more than 9 months ago

I brought my Chevy equinox in for new tires and they had all four tires on in 20 minutes!!! Very impressed with how quickly they were done. Employees are very helpful and do an excellent job!

N Williams · 1 year ago

Every time I come to Discount Tire, I am greeted with kindness, a smile, and respect. Tanner helped me this morning. He was so efficient and helpful. Kyle was kind as well. I was in and out within 10 minutes, getting my winter tires switched to my summer tires. I am so impressed by the professionalism, the customer service, and the knowledge that everyone seems to have. Thank you all for making my experience so pleasant once again!!!

Jeremy Gosse · almost 10 months ago

Do yourself a favor and pass on the wiper blades they’re going to upsell you. After 2.5 years my OEM wipers were beginning to streak ever so slightly, so while I had my car here back in June I picked up their premium wipers to replace them. I’ve had to use them very little over the last few months. Just yesterday (not quite 3 months after their install), it rained a lot and I used them consistently for the first time. Every single swipe of the wipers over my 45 minute drive home, those wipers squeaked. Drove me nuts, but I couldn’t see without using them. As luck would have it, I had to bring that same car back to Discount today. Sure enough, the kid at the counter asked me when I last replaced my wipers. I explained the situation and expressed my disappointment in their blades, noting the giant sign next to his desk saying squeaky wipers are a sign your blades might be due for replacement. I said I wanted to return them and I’ll just get new inserts for my OEM blades. He told me he’s used these same blades and didn’t have that problem, then suggested mine *might* be defective, but told me there’s no warranty for them (curiously, he also said it might be different if one was torn, so apparently there is some kind of highly conditional warranty, maybe?!) So, he acknowledged my issue and suggested they might be bad, then did nothing about it. Coincidentally, when I bought the blades it was not disclosed there would be no warranty or returns available for them. Now, I’ve been a Discount customer for over 20 years, have bought tires for many cars exclusively from them. Probably close to 10 grand in tires over that time. As a professional car mechanic, I referred people to Discount all the time. So, imagine my disappointment when they pretty much told me to go pound sand over $30ish in wiper blades. Fine. I will be buying my wipers from the dealer for now on (which come with a warranty and are probably cheaper anyway), and probably my tires, too, even if they are more expensive. Such a silly thing to jeopardize a long-term customer relationship over, but so be it.

P Lg · 1 year ago

Purchased a new set of tires for my 4Runner here. I had done my own research on the right tire for my usage but I had a few additional questions for the sales person. He was knowledgeable, friendly and knew all of the notable comparisons of the two I was deciding between. I’ve been driving on the new set for 6 months now and couldn’t be happier. I have returned for a rotation on both my 4Runner and my wife’s car and every time we have been pleased with the staff, the work and they have been faster than estimated wait times every time we’ve been here. Thank you Longmont Discount. You’ve displayed how business should be done.

Joel C · 10 months ago

All in all, I like the place and they carry my specific desired tires. That said, I was there yesterday because I got new tires put on Tuesday. Also had a pressure sensor replaced. Three of the four were working when I did this. When I got the tires back on and out, two additional sensors did not work. So I went back and they only paid for one. The biggest problem for me is that this cost me three hours of my time in total. For my total wages, that's about half the price I paid for my tires!

Will Pirnasch · almost 10 months ago

Great service! Fast and friendly, fixed our leaking tire for free and with a smile because our tires were from the chain. This is a place I gladly come back to.

James Van Dyk · 1 year ago

I have been using these guys for over 20 years. Used to be a well run store. This is not true anymore. Even with an appointment it's going to take 1.5 hours. They also gave me a hard time about my tires. As so as they did, I mentioned I have insurance on them and suddenly they said they were fine. I could tell the guy was full of it. I don't recommend these folks on Hover anymore. Very disappointing. Oh, they are not cheap either.


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