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U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer

    2985 W 29th St Ste C, Greeley, CO, 80631, United States
    Closed · Opens at 8 AM Mon


    8 AM - 1:30 PM
    8 AM - 4:30 PM
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    64 reviews


    "We have had greater service at other U Haul locations over the years."

    "The woman who runs this location is very kind, honest and open."

    "A customer waiting said the same thing happened to him."

    Susan Andersen · almost 2 years ago

    The man that was there was super nice, the gal gave me a finger wagging lesson about how to be a better customer! Didn't appreciate that after a four hour drive with a little trailer that arrived in the exact same condition I picked it up in.

    Brian Lederhause · more than 1 year ago

    Owners are pleasant to deal with. Made my trailer rental as quick and easy as the uhaul website would allow.

    Jim Tillery · 3 years ago

    Horrible service. ZERO STARS Do not use them. Pick up on a Sunday and should have been sent a code to get a key to the truck. No code sent. Gary the area contact guy wouldn’t answer his phone and I had a two hour delay getting a different U-Haul place to help me. Called to let them know on Monday AM and the guy answering was a complete jagaloon. Said “not our fault” and couldn’t care less to make it right. Said everyone needs a day off. Well if that’s the case don’t offer trucks on the day you need off bud!! You need some Customer service skill you clown GO to Sterling Hasting & Sterling LLC 1527 2nd Ave Greeley. They actually care and gave me a discount for the pathetic service this place gave me.

    Rebecca Piper · almost 8 years ago

    Wow! What an awful experience. I called to ask a couple of quick questions, showed up to rent the trailer, and was told something to the effect of "You're the one who hung up on my husband. You're lucky we're renting this to you." I should have walked out then because I knew it was going down hill quickly. I even asked the lady if I should go to a different dealership because I didn't want them upset. She was really nice and was actually helpful. It was going fine until her husband got involved. He started cursing at us while hooking up the trailer. We left with a refund and no trailer, which was a good thing. If you're need a trailer, don't go to this dealer. They really suck. If I could give them zero stars, I would.

    tonya goodman · 3 years ago

    The lady that works at this facility is extremely rude and overbearing. I will NEVER and I do mean NEVER give this place my business again. They have a system to be able to check your own rental truck in after hours...whuch I have never encountered before. I could not get it to work correctly on my phone. The message it gave me was to contact the dealership that I got my rental from so that I would not be charged anything extra. I did exactly as it said and she would not help me. She continued to tell me it was my fault due to the fact I was on the phone at the end of our transaction. She stated there are numbers all over her front door explaing what to do if the check in process does not work. But the message it gives you on your phone tells you to do something entirely different. I was cgarged extra money for something that did not work and was improoerly informed on. I want by the message on my phone and not the message on her door. Anyone with anytype of decency would have cirrected this but instead she blames me and then called me a liar. I will be taking this all the way to the top. I refuse to be treated with this much disrespect.

    Pamela Howard · almost 5 years ago

    I reserved a truck from this facility several days before pickup on Saturday. The facility closes at 2 PM and my movers weren't available until 2:30 so I went to the office at 1 pm and paid for the truck. I was told to carefully inspect the truck upon return as I would be charged for any damages. Around 3 PM my mover and I went to pick up the truck. Thankfully, he was very thorough and before we left the parking lot he inspected the truck and found it had a tailpipe that was literally laying on the ground. I contacted Uhaul customer service, after 45 minutes I was told I could get another truck but they couldn't tell me how long it would take as the office was closed. In the meantime, I am paying an hourly fee to my mover--for not moving anything. I declined the offer of the larger truck as my mover only had a 5 hour window and we were already in for almost 2 hours. I wouldn't be as upset if the store owner had just called and apologized, but crickets--nothing at all. I waited until Wednesday following this incident to file a negative review. I would recommend looking for a more customer service oriented store before using this store. If this truck had even a cursory inspection the tailpipe would have been discovered. And if my mover hadn't been diligent I would have been charged! There are other Uhaul companies in town, check them out!

    Gaila Jones · almost 5 years ago

    Hello everyone, NO Stars!!!! This Lady was Extremely Rude to my husband and then to me!!! 😖 Seriously people! I’ve read some reviews to make sure she isn’t having a bad day???? .. nope, she’s just mean and nasty person... I really hope you all read other reviews.. she’s mean to grandmas and threatens you, a thief??? When your already in a stressful time of moving.. Be careful if you have to with these people! Happy moving!

    Sierra Peppler · almost 5 years ago

    Very easy, convenient and straight forward. I reserved online and dropped off after hours using the website and key drop off box. The woman who runs this location is very kind, honest and open. My only complaint is the small size of the parking lot but it all works out in the end.

    Ashley Kimura · 2 years ago

    The lady with black hair that helped me with rental of a u haul truck was so freaking rude. She talk to me like I was a child, she did not have any customer service. I will never again go back to that packing/ uhaul rental place again

    D Hastings · almost 7 years ago

    My experience with this business was a total fail from start to finish! I called to reserve a uhaul pickup. The man who answered the phone said he could not open uhaul software on his computer to complete the reservation. He was cussing over the phone as he tried several times, finally saying he’d call me back. He called back and completed the reservation. The day I went to pick it up the woman could not process the information on the computer after trying for 20 minutes, finally just gave up, offering no solution. A customer waiting said the same thing happened to him. Ended up going across the street to Home Depot and rented a pick up truck on the spot within 10 minutes. Don’t waste your time here!



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    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


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