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901 E 120th Ave B, Thornton, CO, 80233, United States
Open · Closes at 9 PM


11 AM - 9 PM
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298 reviews


"Great place for gifts ,helpful staff and great prices"

"Stellar service by the people in this store as always."

"They charge $130 for the full size Google Home."

Rowan Dieringer · 9 months ago

Got to this location at 10:55. All online and the sign on the store say open at 11. Have been waiting outside in the sun for 15 minutes and all employees are a no call no show. Lights are off, no one inside, and when I called the other Thornton Colorado locatuon to inquire if this location was even open, I was fed that all locations (all. Really? All? Y'all have how many stores to be feeding that line to?) All locations were running behind due to "a management issue". Was then interrupted several times to be told it's a management issue and hat all GameStop's would open 30 minutes late, I just "really needed to be patient right now." Would be kinda cool if ya know you guys opened when you said you would. At this rate I would've sold games faster standing on 120th hawking them. Interesting business ethic to open when you feel like it and close when you feel like it. Love spending my time waiting for someone whose 30 minutes late. We call that getting fired in my line of work. Update: 11:25 and no employees, multiple customers have driven up, tried the door, then left.

Teresa Fierro · 11 months ago

Came in this morning to purchase a new item that was just released. I waiting in line for about 10 min, then waited again while she answered the phone and had a discussion with the person on the other line. I told her what I wanted and she stated she didn’t have them. I tried to show her it showed online they had them but she responded with “nope not me”.. I didn’t want to argue so I just asked if she thought maybe she would have them soon. She then responded in a snarky attitude “I don’t know, maybe I go through the 50 boxes I have” I just said ok and left. She was extremely condescending and left me with a ‘screw this place’ attitude. No wonder Game Stop is failing so hard.

Margarita Ochoa · almost 1 year ago

OK loved the ppl that used to work here and got replaced by girls like Bella or whatever who just gives you ugly looks when you pay like she ain't got nothing better to do.. but other than that nice little store :)

Spencer Bartley · 9 months ago

Good ol Jay stop doing Jay stop things! Unless you know the employees don't both looking for anything rare here.

Amber Velarde · 1 year ago

The employee working when we went was very friendly and helpful as well as knowledgeable about all the games that we purchased and had inquired about.

Marcus Miguel · almost 10 months ago

Amazing place. Quick in and out. Got a present for my boss and no issues at all

Raymundo Lerma · 1 year ago

Rude customer service. Went in to inquire about returning a damaged collectible I had received. Immediately the man working the register gives me attitude and doesn't ask me about why I was dissatisfied with said item. He then proceeds to give me more attitude. Shipment for said item said I could return it. If that's policy fine but to be treated poorly is what set me off. If I can't even ask a question without you being irritated get out of retail.

Jessie Messie · 1 year ago

I have never been treated so poorly in a video game store. The guy behind the counter was rude to me from the 2nd I walked in. I was picking up an online order. He refused to even check if My order was there because I didn't have a second email sent to me saying it wss ready. I did not realize I needed a second email the store was completely empty so I asked if he could possibly help me out. He was very rude about it and said my only option would be to cancel my order and buy another controller in store. I'm a single mother and do not have the money for that. I did start to cry out of pure frastration. We had been in the store 30 minutes at this point. Eventually he decided to help me.....Turns out that my order was behind the desk the entire time . So he could have just looked for it instead of embarrassing me and being incredibly rude. I understand that working during the holiday season must be very frustrating but I was kind from the beginning and did not deserve to be treated like trash.

AD Garcia · more than 1 year ago

Keith was extremely knowledgeable and helpful for us finding a headset and took the time to set up a GameStop pro membership for us. They were also very friendly :) Thanks so much!

Amber Deines · almost 2 years ago

Wow. Customer service here is a joke. Placed an online order came to pick it up. They had no idea what I was even taking about. Then we continue to shop and instead of the employees asking if we needed anything or had any questions they were more busy talking about childhood experiences than worrying about a customer… bro I don’t care about you learned high speed maneuvers from your cop family when you were a teenager, I want to shop in the store, and get employee assistance. At one point one of them even complains that they have to be there until 3 o’clock. Finally we asked about an item he answers a questions points out another product, I say “whoa didn’t see that what is it…” and he proceeded to walk away. Super sad, if you don’t like your job get a new one.



Chain retailer offering new & used video games, plus consoles, controllers & related gear.

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