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Chase Bank

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1101 S Buckley Rd, Aurora, CO, 80017, United States
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66 reviews


"Very poor Customer service rude and unprofessional staff"

"Areli Acosta the branch manager at this location is extremely rude."

"After deciding to just deposit a check using the ATM, I waited in that line."

Green Arrows · 6 years ago

So good to be here at the chase bank. Feel really private. Feel like only me at the big chase bank. No one disturbed at all. Sitting here and waiting for the banker to get of lunch and help me close the account. Seem like just only one banker here. You guys should come here and relax. Peace and quite. No one can bother u. Just you and the teller in the bank. Peaceful bank ever.. you should come.

Sarita Nunez · 1 year ago

I don't know what is going on with Chase. I know several companies are short staffed but...come on!! I been trying to add an account for my teen daughter with any Chase branch in the area and no one answers the phone to set up an appointment. I have called every branch in our side of town. Why not just walk in? Well, I tried that a couple of times and they don't take walk ins. It's by appointment only, but they don't book the appointment right there, you have to call...... you call, and they don't answer. Why not doing online? well, because of the type of account to have to be in person. Ugh!!

Natalie Zelinska · almost 2 years ago

So I called the bank before arriving there asking to schedule an appointment and they told they don’t schedule appointments and I can just come any time. I arrived more than 1 hour (70 minutes) before they close and they told me they won’t provide service to me because there is one more person in a line and they won’t have time for me. I told them I’ll go to another bank then and the lady responded “Good luck!” in an extremely rude manner. I didn’t see any other people working there, only 1 person for the whole branch!!! I’m very disappointed with service and will try my best to escalate this problem higher so that they either close this branch not to disappoint more people or hire professionals to improve their customer service

Brittney P · more than 1 year ago

I have been trying to open up a business account with this locations for over a week and they keep giving me the run around. I came in and tried to see a banker and make an appointment but the teller said she would have the banker contact me. After waiting two days I called again and tried to make an appointment but was told they can't make appointments for the banker she would have to make it herself. They also told me she would take walk ins from 1-4 and I couldn't make an appointment for 1 pm because it was only for walk ins! I arrived before one and was the only person there and the teller said I was first in line. When the banker arrived from her lunch break around 1:10 she told me she had an appointment for 1pm and I would have to wait an hour. Even though these people showed up after me. When I left I called the Iliff location and spoke with a banker immediately and was able to get an appointment right away. Terrible service from the Buckley location and a waste of time.

Ronnie Renyolds · 10 months ago

Chase bank is the worst bank they have rude customer service silly policies that only benefit the owners and not there customers put your money some where else

Deborah Voorhees · 1 year ago

I have never had an issue with this branch in the YEARS I have banked here. Their staff is always knowledgeable and very friendly. If I have a cash amount taken out they ask me how I want it- in 100s or 20s. What other bank does that?

Michael Harris · 2 years ago

I am a new Chase customer and I am fairly new to Colorado, meaning my home bank doesn't have a branch here. I make weekly deposits to my chase account as an emergency account and I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this location. I withdrew $200 from an ATM in the lobby with my out of state card and went inside and used the deposit machine and the money never made it to my account. The junior banker told me the issue would fixed in a couple of hours by "Saturday", it was not. The claims technician proceeds to tell me it will be nearly 10 business days. Why is a machine inside of this branch open to customers if its having so many issues? Corporate is going to have issues if this keeps happening to customers at this branch.

Gary Maziarz · 3 years ago

Obviously this CHASE branch needs a COMPLETE TURNOVER! I went to handle a few items today at lunch... ONLY 1 TELLER DURING THIS BUSY TIME which resulted in a number of customers standing around with less than 6 ft distance because the roped-off line doesn't allow for it. After deciding to just deposit a check using the ATM, I waited in that line. Finally able to deposit the check but the machine didn't even offer a receipt option! CHASE, and especially THIS BRANCH ON S BUCKLEY RD, is a total disaster!!

joshua T · almost 5 years ago

If I could give no stars & leave a review I would. Areli Acosta the branch manager at this location is extremely rude. I've noticed the way she talks & treats her employees is very condescending and dismissive. That rubs off on how she treats customers too. I did not have an appointment & needed only to order a book of checks, & help online. Her automatic reply was, before I could even get done speaking, "can you just walk into a Dr's office and just helped right away? No. You need an appointment." Definitely don't want to do business with a bank who has managers who so easily are that rude to customers.

Ray Leidich · more than 2 years ago

I just retired from a medical practice and wanted to open an account with $5 million. I was informed they were busy today (only 2-3 people there), and I could come back next week. With employee effort like that, I was not surprised that they are rated only stars!


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