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27 reviews


"Absolutely the best bank, knowledgeable staff, Great service."

"Friendly staff, "Fatima" is great as well as "Neera" the branch manager."

"This branch is super slow and not capable of serving their customer."

Alan C · 8 months ago

If you want horrible service this is the place for you. When you go in for a simple withdrawal, they will ask if you have an appointment. I would always look around and say, “I don’t so do I need to come back as I don’t have an appointment as it looks like you are all busy?” They would then help me with my simple transaction. If you want to be treated like your in NYC please by all means, open an account here.

Owner's response · 8 months ago

Alan -We're sorry to hear about your recent experience at our Smoky Hill location. I'll send this over to the proper management for you. If you require assistance, please write us at [email protected] and reference case#92568 in the subject line. Thank you. ^CS

Kisai B Milan · more than 2 years ago

I have never been to bank with such horrible customer service, middle aged European women was very rude screaming to swipe my card when I was waiting on phone with client. Someone please properly trained staff or hire people with better costumer service and attitude to work.

Owner's response · more than 2 years ago

Hi Milan- Thank you for providing your feedback. We would like to learn more about your experience. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your full name, zip code, and phone number. Please include Case #66100 in your subject line. Thanks ^KC

Dawn · 2 years ago

A huge shout out to Alberto who is a banker at this location.My adult daughter went in a yesterday to troubleshoot problems with her checking account and it turned out to be a problem with her debit card due to overuse and overcharges by her. Not only did Alberto take the time to help her understand proper use of a debit card, but he offered for her to come in today during his lunch hour so he could give her the basics on finances and budgeting. She took him up on the offer and is a better smarter person because of it. Not only is Alberto a fabulous representative of KeyBank, but he is one of the kindest most selfless people we have ever encountered. Thank you Alberto for all you have done for us. You are a blessing and we will forever be customers of KeyBank!

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Hello Dawn, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your 5-star rating and review. We'd be happy to forward the kudos over to Alberto at the Smoky Hill branch. We hope you have a great weekend! 😀 ^PR

Book Reviewer · 3 years ago

Worst costumer service ever. I don't even want to give it one star. Do they hire these people off the streets? How hard can it be to add a parent to a minor's account? This isn't the first time we've done this. The first time with our first child, it went smooth. Somehow this time, with our second child, the rep and manager are refusing to do the work. They had us fill out a form to add both the second parent (no biggie, done this before). They said it would take a couple a days. Three weeks later, nothing's done. They said it's done at the corporate level and not their responsibility. Called the 800 number. The rep at the 800 number says it's done at the branch. Called the branch back and the teller says the rep and managers are out. The rep was the same rep who worked with us with our first child. How can she suddenly forget how to do the job. Unbelievable.

Owner's response · 3 years ago

Good Morning, This certainly isn't the type of service we strive to provide our clients. If you would like me to have this escalated for you, please send an email to [email protected]. Please include your full name, phone number along with referencing case #59058. Thanks!! ^LH

McKenzie “Carma” Houston · almost 4 years ago

When I came to this location I reopened an old account I had with keybank. On the day of my first direct deposit my account was suddenly blocked because they needed me to bring my social security card to verify my account. When I had moved recently it became lost in transferring my belongings, I was completely terrified to find out I could not touch my cash or anything. Luckily, Thanks to Neera. She helped me get this issue dealt with as quickly as possible she is an amazing banker and worked extremely hard to solve my situation. If it wasn't for her I would have closed my account and gone elsewhere with my business. She is a true life saver, I will continue to come to this location for any thing I will need for my banking. Thank you once again Neera! -McKenzie

Owner's response · almost 4 years ago

Carma Otoya -Thank you for the wonderful compliment for Neera! I'll be happy to ensure she gets this. Also, thank you for sharing your experience and staying with us! Have a nice day and stay safe!

Sharanjit Garcha · 5 years ago

Absolutely the best bank, knowledgeable staff, Great service. All Tellers, bankers and manager are nice and efficient. I've been working with Dianelly From two years,she knows her role. Always email me new promotions, new rates, how I save money and introduce all services through key Bank.

Owner's response · 5 years ago

Thanks for the great review! If there is ever anything we can do for you, just let us know. ^ JJ

Weston G · almost 8 years ago

Horrible experiences. Each time I have gone into the branch there is usually no one in line but the representatives are typically occupied on their computers and say "we will be with you in just a minute" those minutes are more like 5-10 minutes in my experience. Additionally, today I have an available balance from a recent deposit into my account, however, I go into to withdraw the available balance and am told by the individuals that they can't withdraw the funds. I call Key bank and find that the funds are available for withdrawal. This branch is highly incompetent of doing any job. Anytime I have to pull out more than a few hundred dollars it is like I am asking them to empty their entire cash funds. This branch is super slow and not capable of serving their customer. No one seems to know how to do anything and by the time they get the right person to do some simple transaction an hour has past by. Do not bank at Key and even more so this branch. Additionally, when you do withdraw funds they act like it is their money and want to tell you how to spend it. Highly unprofessional.

F G · more than 5 years ago

Zero customer service. Long waits. .1 teller for the WHOLE BANK. I sat in the drive up line AFTER sending my deposit in for 30 minutes before I drove around the bank, went inside, and got my checks back. Now I'm back again to attempt this deposit. 2 cars in the drive up, 7 of us inside the lobby...1 teller. The branch Manager just told me, "that's how it is". Looking for a new bank STAT.

Owner's response · more than 5 years ago

Hi Sheila, we understand that being serviced in a timely matter is important to our clients. We are going to look into this for you. We hope you will choose to stay with Key. ^PG

Self Improver · almost 5 years ago

Zero stars. Average bored service, not busy at all today, but just barely polite. Needed to use the restroom in an emergency after making a deposit, I'm a customer, and they said "bathrooms aren't open to the public". Zero customer service. Other branches are much friendlier and more helpful!!!!!!!!

Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

Good Morning, I'm sorry that you had this experience and I will forward this information to our Branch Experience Team for their review. I hope you have a great holiday week!! ^LH

Jennifer Gettel · almost 8 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS BRANCH. The relationship manager is a liar and is very rude The workers are rude, impatient, and pushy. I got my tax return and the woman asked me 4 times to come inside and talk to a banker on how I was going to spend my money. I told her I didn't need to, I had a plan for it. She then said 'are you sure? All of it?"


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