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13600 Colorado Blvd, Thornton, CO, 80602, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM
9 AM - 5 PM
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22 reviews


"Great customer service by Candy a few weeks ago."

"Being asked to take off glasses as you walk in without an explanation."

"They always take care of you and give you any answers you’re looking for."

Dom Romero · 2 years ago

Great customer service by Candy a few weeks ago. She helped me open an UTMA account for my boys and made the process so easy! Not to mention that she was so very sweet and personable.

Joshua Hayes · 2 years ago

I had lost my card and needed to get a temporary one I spoke with the hotline clerks on the phone. When I understood I can pick up temporary one at a branch, it would work till I got a new one in the mail. I had never been more insulted when the clerk Kim and here seemingly rude manager, Who I just heard not two minutes prior talking negative about another customer she has dealt with earlier, extremely unprofessional. She said I don’t see a point your balance doesn’t show that it is worth it. I told her I DoorDash and could have a few hundred in his account in seconds. Again I am the customer, am I always right. And who are you judging when you roll your eyes at me. After I stay this is my main account that everything gets deposited comes in and out of daily…..I ultimately received the card but bad enough service to clearly write this review. Fix it

D S · almost 4 years ago

I have to agree with the recent reviews. I hardly ever review but today was just out of this world. So I bring in a check from their Bank and need 2 form of I'd, no problem, but you're going to charge me $5 to get my own money. Mind you this was there check written out to me. I literally waited 15 minutes for everything to clear while they took their sweet time and of course laughing and joking with each other while looking up the information. NO regard for anybody else's time. She said, well you can take it to your bank. I thought to myself by the time I get to my bank I already spent $5 worth in gas. I came to this location because of convenience. Long and short that's exactly why I don't bank at First Bank or ever will for that matter. Best of luck!

Timothy Nunez · 3 years ago

“Josh “was very professional and prompt during our recent visit. We are willing to travel a bit more to receive better service than our home branch 104th. Definitely recommend using this branch for all your banking needs

Lexi Smith · 5 years ago

My experience at this Branch was horrible. I walked in and wasnt greeted. I sat in the waiting area. There was a teller at her desk, she finished with the customer she was working with and got up and didnt even acknowledge me and went to help the gentleman that walked up to the counter that entered the store after I did. I figured at that point I had to go up to the counter to get any service. The teller told me to wait back in the waiting area and she would have someone come over to assist me. I went and sat down and they lady behind me was told to take a seat in the waiting area as well. While I was sitting and waiting the teller came over and got the lady who came in after me and took her to assist her and didnt say a word to me. I guess at this branch a greet is not required and they pick and choose who they want to assist first!

Ben Strickland · 1 year ago

Being asked to take off glasses as you walk in without an explanation. Whats next? Masks and hats and other appeal?

John Pieper · 2 years ago

I don't know why I still bank here. They're never open when I need them and their ATM deposits don't work. Been walking around with a check to cash for a month because I can't get in to see them during bank hours...because I also work banker's hours.

Kevin and Darina S · 4 years ago

I've been a customer for years now and have to say customer service has been horrible. They are so rude and arrogant, refusing to fix issues and deliver what they are required to by law. I've had better treatment from big banks.

Leah Smith · 5 years ago

Horrible bank! I switched about 9 months ago. Some branches say something is okay and then another say it's not. I will be changing banks soon. I highly recommend finding another bank.

Jesse Lockhart · 7 years ago

Candy was so nice and friendly i hope every teller is as nice and sweet as her.


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