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Independent Financial

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935 N Cleveland Ave, Loveland, CO, 80537, United States
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34 reviews


"The location is great and the staff is wonderful!"

"The quality of service has made the bank unusable."

"I bought some furniture from a neighbor who is moving to Arizona tomorrow."

D. Thomas · 1 year ago

Absolutely the worst banking service I have experienced in a long time. The managers will pick and choose which customers they decide to help. I’m not a big customer, so guess I’m not important enough for them to help. New to Colorado, so it’s disappointing to have such discriminatory treatment towards a new customer.

Joel Thomas · 3 years ago

I have been a customer of this bank for 20 years and through two mergers. The quality of service has made the bank unusable. I have been stranded five times in foreign countries without ATM access and they are unable or unwilling the address the issue. Each time I have followed their directions and placed a travel alert on my account with the assurance that it will work and every time it doesn't, leaving me stranded without access to my funds. I am finally switching my accounts to another institution. I can't recommend them to anyone.

Bryant Tjeerdsma · 6 years ago

Wish I could give a better review. The branch and staff are very friendly for the most part. I opened my account with Home State 1 week prior to merger announcement. I too delayed my review, hoping things would improve. That said, many issues have come up since the transition. First, what it the world is going on with online banking??? It seems as though it is down 50% of the time I use it?? Please fix this issue. Also, the ATM's also seem to be offline 50% of the time, so I end up paying a ATM fee at another banks ATM. These issues never started popping up until the sign was changed. Please please PLEASE make some corrections. I'm trying to stay with you... but if things don't turn around I will be moving banks, and I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Owner's response · 6 years ago

Mr. Tjeerdsma, thank you for taking the time to speak with our customer service manager. We value you as a customer and appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

Eveana Chavez · 2 years ago

The staff here is always so friendly and helpful! I don’t go to any other locations because they always make me feel so welcome here. They get you in and out as quickly as they can and are always happy to help with all of my questions.

Michael Ellzey · 1 year ago

I have always have had a positive experience with my bank.

Tom Aron · 6 years ago

The recent merger/expansion activity has taken its toll on efficiency and personal attentiveness. Compared to 20 years ago this is tough to accept. I delayed my review hoping the adjustments would smooth out. No way. Totally unacceptable errors in the Guaranty Bank System (such as cash deposits posted to the wrong accounts) continue. Some bigger organization will have to take over and make all the "glitches" disappear, My own experience with deposit mistakes since 11/15/02 include $100, $350, and $800, Are the Feds living in these facilities?

Lesly Recio · 2 years ago

I opened an account here and everyone was so friendly the staff made it a quick and easy process. They’re ready to answer any of my questions and have had a great experience every time I need to go in!

David Vander Veer · 6 years ago

This branch has always far exceeded my expectations. Jamie Frost and Sherry always remember me and my goals and they actually care. They are always accessible and have an incredible team assembled to take care of all my banking needs. This still feels like a small town bank and is 100 percent Loveland. If you're from here you'll know what that means in the best possible way!

Collin Effler · more than 4 years ago

Hung up on 6 times. The following is an account of my experience. I bought some furniture from a neighbor who is moving to Arizona tomorrow. I wrote a check for $2,800 with $47,000 in that account. She told me she spent an hour at the bank with her crying toddler and they wouldn't cash it without getting her social security# and Drivers license, she offered both, but teller #12 told her he needed to see her actual SS card! Of course, she didn't have it. The teller then said he could use her number, but it would take 30min to verify her identity. She proceeded to attempt to cash it at her bank; however, they wouldn't remit funds because her bank stated they have received too many fraudulent transactions from Independent Bank. Looking to clear up the issue, I called the 29th st branch. I was told that in order to access my account I had to give a password. One problem, I opened the account a decade ago and have never used one and have no idea what shes referencing. I asked her if it was a pin #, perhaps a social security number, was there a hint (like what was the name of your first animal), but apparently there is no other way to verify my identity than the mythological PW. In utter disbelief, I told her I needed to speak to a manager, she said she'd transfer the call, whereupon the line went dead (1). I called back, spoke to the lovely Cheyenne who immediately accessed my account and identified transaction in question, magically and without the mythological password. I wished to place a stop payment on the check because in our recent history, we had a friend of our family try to receive a new check because he had "lost it", only to find out he'd taken pictures of the check in an attempt to cash it as well as the new one. Won't ever be doing that again. Cheyenne was very friendly and helpful until I asked her to put a stop payment on the check. She informed me that policy prevented her from doing so over the phone and she could mail a document or I would have to come into a branch and sign the document. Resigned to this inconvenience, I asked her if I could speak to the teller who serviced my neighbor so I could find out exactly what had gone on and why payment was/wasn't remitted. She gave me the number of the branch off Cleveland to which I promptly called. A woman at the branch answered and I asked her if I could speak the teller in question. She told me he was on his lunch break (at 2:29pm, the bank that closes at 5). I told her it was an urgent matter and that I had to speak with somebody because my neighbors were moving to Arizona the following day. She transferred me to another teller, as the call went through I was relegated to an answering machine without the ability to return to the receptionist (2). I called back armed with a thinly veiled vocal frustration, to which a woman answered, said she couldn't hear me at all and hung up (3). Called again, woman said she couldn't hear me then hung up(4). I called back, this time a man answered, he said he couldn't hear me at all and hung up again (5). I called my wife, she had no problem hearing me. I called again, a woman picked up said she was from a call center, I asked if she could hear me, she said "yes sir" I told her of my frustration and urgency of the matter at hand. She said she would make sure to get me to a teller, I was transferred to their voicemail again (6). I called the 29 St branch Kinata answered. He had no issues hearing me, asked for my ss# to verify identity and was inexplicably granted access to my account. He contacted the Cleveland st branch spoke to a teller found out they wouldn't release funds for the aforementioned reasons save the teller asking for a ss card. According to the talented and friendly Manager Megan, BSA regulations require said information but never mentioned needing the actual ss card. Megan told me she would place a stop payment on the check and waive the stop payment fee. This experience has got me wondering, why I'm putting my small business and money in the hands of these people?

Jordan Johann · 1 year ago

Great bank, friendly staff… a little ornery at times. Highly recommend!


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