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Chase Bank

    200 E 7th St, Loveland, CO, 80537, United States
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    32 reviews


    "They know my name and give my dog a treat when he comes in with me."

    "She tried to lie and say that it takes an hour to company new checking account."

    "People like this should not be in customer service."

    Geoffrey Wolfe · 1 year ago

    I've always had good experiences with chase until I recently deposited a check by phone. Chase put a 10 day hold on it because they had been Acuraing fraud that way. It seems like they would be ahead of that.

    Mr. Nelson · more than 2 years ago

    The tellers and others have always exhibited the highest quality in customer service and engagement. They greet you when you walk through the door. The tellers are excellent in customer engagement. They address you by name, are great with small talk, and exhibit a genuine and positive disposition. They are an excellent example of what customer service should be like.

    Krystina Clark · 2 years ago

    I had to do a name change on my account and was lied to over the phone twice. The first time I called I asked if I could use the court order documentation with a seal on it and they said yes absolutely so i made a trip down there with all my kids just for them to tell me I needed different documentation. So get the documentation they need and called to make sure I didn’t need anything else and they said no then I get there and I did need something else. Worst customer service.

    Kristi Norden · almost 8 years ago

    I just had a bad experience with the young teller With short hair. I arrived 35 minutes before they closed, and asked to see a banker to open an account. She very rudely informed me that he would not be able to see me and help me today because of the time. As a new customer and new perspective patron, I would think that they would care about their customers time as well. She tried to lie and say that it takes an hour to company new checking account. I have been a personal banker for years while I was in college and I know this is to not be true from working out three different banks. Her attitude and tone of voice were so rude I was very offended. I can understand and even appreciate her not having me wait when he can't help me. But please say it simpetheticly and act like you care about my time and that I'm incredibly busy and strapped for time as well. Just another example of bad customer service, what a shame. I guess they don't care about getting new customers.

    Jess U · 6 years ago

    I waited for about 20 minutes to see a banker which I get it we all have busy days but the reason I was waiting so long was because one of the cashiers miss placed some money that a customer had exchanged for different currency. The cashier placed a call to the customer to let them know the money was there but when the customer arrived the money could not be found and all the bankers were panicking and didn't know what to do. The manager called all the employees but none of them admitted to making the phone call. I was waiting to be seen by a banker because when I set up my account I was promised they would help set up my chase pay merchant when I got it in the mail they said to bring it in to set up. After I waited through all the confusion while they were trying to locate money I was finally seen by a banker. Right away she got her manager to help us and her manager was the worst! She came in with a terrible attitude and said we can't do that even though I was already told by three people today they could! She completely took her frustration out on me for the mistakes her employee made and it was so uncalled for! She could have helped me.. she could of set up my account but no she didn't.. she let her problems with her employees get it the way of the customers needs and that is completely un called for and is no establishment I ever want to associate myself or business with!

    Misty · 2 years ago

    I have consistently had friendly service here. Surprising for a big company, this location feels more like a small town bank. They know my name and give my dog a treat when he comes in with me.

    Jim Guessesno · more than 8 years ago

    This bank is amazing and full of very helpful and nice people. The best bank I've had my whole life. Tonight one banker tried to get me to use an atm or online banking to handle my transactions because of staffing or scheduling issues is what it was made to sound like. But one person not enjoying the job shouldn't steer anyone away. They are great people, and I imagine that anyone working for the biggest bank in the US or possibly bigger, will be educated soon or resigned shortly. I really enjoy everyone there and are on a first name basis. Highly recommended!

    K DK · almost 5 years ago

    Horrible customer service. Waited half an hour wanting to open a Chase Business Account, had to inquire twice if we were going to be helped as others came in after and were being assisted. I was told Eric would help when he was done with his "computer problems." I decided to leave and as I was walking out I saw Eric playing on his tablet. His time was obviously more important than a customer wanting to do business with this branch.

    SUN ANJEL · almost 3 years ago

    Kassie was such a great help and very kind. I went for a withdrawal and she helped me way beyond just that. Kind and professional people like Mrs. Miller will help any business. Even if it's an evil bank. Haha.

    Emily Brown · 5 years ago

    This establishment is filled with the most vile of employees. Not only are they disceptive and unhelpful they have not a single level of respect for humankind. People like this should not be in customer service. Me and my fiance are in our late 20s and have just come into some money. We are looking into invesments. They did not take the time to explain the ways and legality of banking. Instead they insulted us and THREATENTED us saying " If you keep speaking we will keep all your money, kick you out, and send it to you in increments through the mail." They we completely rude from the very start. A discuting example of the super rich and the repression of the 99 percent this country suffers from more and more everyday.



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