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20 reviews


"I personally have worked with Brendon as my banker and would highly recommend."

"Loyal customer for over a year here."

"It is lacking in customer service and dependability."

Rene White · almost 1 year ago

Only had account 6 months, so far no problems with account. But big con is only customer service is to go in the branch physically. They are unreachable by online / phone . Calling branch only goes to voicemails that are never returned , emails that are returned as failed to send mailer daemon even though correct address with numerous attempts. Only reason I signed up is it's supposed to be enviro friendly, green bank. Does not invest in big oil or pharmaceuticals toxic corporations as far as I can see. If I had to do it again I'd think twice about signing up for these reasons.

Owner's response · almost 1 year ago

Hi Rene - Is there something we can assist with or do you have additional details on your experience? Feel free to email us at [email protected] and include case# 91206 in the subject line. In the meantime, we will forward this on to our Branch Partners. Thank you, ^DD

Larry Fiffe · more than 1 year ago

What a joke of a bank this is when it comes to online banking. For the past 5 days I've been unable to access my account? Their online "customer service" is located somewhere in the philippics and they kept telling me that PayPal was the reason that I could not use their platform, and wanted me to call them to "fix" their problem. I'll be closing that account in a few days. Do yourselves a favor, don't use this bank! *UPDATE* After dealing with Key Bank for a while, the people at this branch have been very accomdating and offer a more peronal interation.

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Hello Larry, we apologize for the frustration this may have caused. We'd be happy to take a further look into your concerns. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with your full name, contact number and reference case #77009. Thank you. ^PR

kingofdeadlift · 2 years ago

My review is for the ATM only. I'm sure the branch is well equipped, however, I was on an early morning run at 3am before work and made a cash deposit. Everything was normal until the ATM decided to spit back cash that it had ripped up into halves. I took the money and it continued to process the remainder of the $200 I had tried to deposit it. It again asked me to take my money that it couldn't process but the door wasn't opened and there was no money to take since I had already done so, it just beeped at me continuously. There was no way to go to another screen or anything and the machine ended up KEEPING my debit card ALONG with most of my deposit and did not post to my account and received no receipt - requiring me to call customer service to put in a dispute that I now have to wait 10 days to get results on the investigation along with a new debit card. The ATM is supposed to help outside of normal hours, not steal your money AND your debit card requiring MORE work and waiting. Livid at this experience.

Owner's response · 2 years ago

Hi there! We're sorry to hear about your experience. We'd be happy to escalate your concerns. Please email us at [email protected] with your full name, zip code, phone number, and include case #70916 in the subject line. A member of our escalations team will be in touch within 2-3 busness days. ^SH

Rose MacDonald · almost 5 years ago

I have been waiting 2+ months for a debit card replacement. First I requested one via their app, when it did not come after a week and a half, I called customer service and they issued a new one to my home. After two weeks of careful looking through our mail and still no card, I called this branch. Then they thought ordering a new one to this branch building would work better than my home address. I have come by the bank 4-5 times in the last month to see if it has come (because I have received zero phone calls about it not showing up or what they can do like pull out my money so I can go to another bank). The last time I went into this bank just two weeks ago was to get cash for our road trip because I still didn't have a card, and the woman who knows me by now gave me a very rude look and yelled at me through her glass office, "Your card didn't come!" And the nice guy helping me yelled back to her, "She's not here for that, she's cashing out!" I felt so uncomfortable and the lady never came over to talk to me. It has been exactly a month and 3 days since that last card was issued to this branch location. I have heard no apologies for the inconveniences I've experienced and will absolutely leave this bank asap. Horrible customer service, no urgency for my needs.

Owner's response · almost 5 years ago

Hi Rose, thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear about your experience. What you have described is not the type of service we strive for. Please email your full name, billing ZIP code and phone number to [email protected] if you need assistance. Please reference case# 28606. We would be happy to look into the status of the card for you. Thank you.^CH

Dustin · 1 year ago

Bank is garbage working on switching. Only a matter of time before they go under

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Hi Dustin - We're sorry to hear you feel this way. If you need additional assistance or have more details on your experience, please email us at [email protected] and include case# 89489 in the subject line. In the meantime, we will forward this on to our Branch Management Team. Thank you, ^DD

Emma Marshall · more than 3 years ago

I called the Loveland branch today and spoke with Maria, after giving me incorrect information I called back for help and she was very rude and dismissive of the problem she caused, not taking responsibility for what she had previously told me. She offered no help and when I asked to speak with someone else she said they couldn’t help me either. I then called the Ft. Collins branch where Jessica was able to help me fix the problem Maria had caused. Very frustrating that Maria told me there was no way to fix the problem when clearly there was... 10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Owner's response · more than 3 years ago

Hi Emma - I am sorry to hear about the situation you had at the branch. We will be sure to forward this to our branch experience team. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with. Thank you. ^JF

Alyssa Giuliano · 3 years ago

I have had such a wonderful Key Bank experience both in Loveland and in Fort Collins. I personally have worked with Brendon as my banker and would highly recommend. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and respectful of my time.

Neil Wilson · more than 6 years ago

Customer service is very rude when you call the 800 number. Loyal customer for over a year here. Not anymore!

Owner's response · more than 6 years ago

Hi Neil: This is not the type of service we strive to provide our clients. I'd like to find out more about your experience. If you would please send an email to [email protected] including your contact number, I will give you a call. ^KeyBank Customer Care

Curtis Phillips · 4 years ago

Says open at 9a been waiting a half hour. Says open but the tellars need more time.. For What???

Sarah Hobbs · almost 9 years ago

Would not recommend this branch. It is lacking in customer service and dependability.


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