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16530 Keystone Blvd, Parker, CO, 80134, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM


9 AM - 5 PM
9 AM - 5 PM
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16 reviews


"The employees are very friendly, polite and helpful."

"Awful customer service, this is by far the worst branch I’ve ever been in."

"Love my first bank folks, they are always so helpful!"

Fielding Graeber · 1 year ago

Love my first bank folks, they are always so helpful! Thanks guys.

lilianjenae · more than 2 years ago

This bank is seriously so helpful every time. I am traveling all over the western states and when I had a last min buy for a hotel because I was to tired to the next one it was just a sketchy company online for a hotel I was familiar with. They charged me twice for some reason so she had the fraud department keep an eye on it if they both went thru to flag it immediately. I just thought that was so great and nice. This is a really great bank. Very thorough

S B · 4 years ago

Heather called me today letting me know that a check wasn’t clearing, since I had completely forgotten to transfer to my checking account, and helped resolved what would have been an issue in minutes. Thank you so much for being proactive with my account and helping me, I so sincerely appreciate it!

Sterling Lucero · more than 1 year ago

I've been to this branch multiple times and have had nothing but amazing service. By far my favorite branch

Jonathon Carr · more than 7 years ago

Only 1 star because im not able to choose zero. I went in the first time to get my bank card that I ordered to the store since they called that day and the girl who set up my account didnt even check the vault and said no they didnt have it . she told me this just to get me out of her way because she said she had a bad day because of her computers . not my problem , next time dont give me a poor excuse out of lazyness and give me to someone else if you want to act like a little girl on her period. Thanks

Kalee Evans · almost 2 years ago

Deposited $700 cash in person and my money wasn't deposited into my account and have called 3 times and no one will help.

Roxie Biewenga · almost 7 years ago

Super slow service. I sat in the drive up while the teller talked to the guy in the car next to me for almost 10 minutes, then she sent my documents back to me without having processed anything or given me my cash.

Jessica A. · almost 7 years ago

Horrible service would give them zero stars and I honestly hope someone like that in customer service should probably reconsider her career choice because it's awful to treat customers like that and I would not recommend this bank to anyone unless you want to be treated terrible

Dee Gutierrez · almost 7 years ago

Very rude maybe someone like that should not work With customer service she judged me on how I looked not knowing anything about me gave me a disgusting look yelled at me and embarrassed me in front of everyone who was in the bank I will never recommend anyone to this bank to have to be treated like that as a customer is horrible and I will never go to a first bank because I don't want to be discriminated by the employees there

Robin Burke · more than 6 years ago

The employees are very friendly, polite and helpful. Usually quick service.


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