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7355 Ralston Rd Unit R-600, Arvada, CO, 80002, United States
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90 reviews


"Very nice down to earth employees treated with respect and a nice place to go to"

"The manager at this location was very rude and very unprofessional."

"Great deals on phone's on service."

Amber Pearson4 years ago

Anna was great with me. I had gotten my phone at a different location off federal. My phone was having issues as far as key pad difficulty and jus stopped working on some of the numbers for me. The location I was going to told me that the manufacturer's warranty was only for a week and would not let me get a manufacturer's phone because they said the warranty was over with, when really it's for a year sometimes 2 years. Anna who is at the Arvada location was great enough to have me come in and look at my phone and helped me get another phone. She knew what she was talking about. She had great customer experience, she went above and beyond and exceeded in keeping me happy with I wanted and also keeping company policy. She was great. I will now be using that location as my go to location from now on. Thank you Anna for a great experience!!!!

WS Amore than 10 months ago

Overall phone service is terrible msgs not arriving right away sometimes taking up to 2 weeks to arrive when you try to call them during business hours you can't reach anyone. I called the supposed stores number which was supposed to be the stores number a person overseas answered and was no help at all. I'm changing service as soon as possible just tried to go to the store during business hours door closed and locked lights on nobody there.

Owner's response11 months ago

We鈥檙e sorry to hear this happened.. We always want to take care of you promptly, but it sounds like we missed the mark this time. We hope you鈥檒l give us a chance to provide you with a better experience on your next visit.

Crystal Krameralmost 11 months ago

This store is slow and don't know much but metro it's self is awesome

Luis Canalesalmost 2 years ago

Visited Tuesday morning right after opening, about 10:15am. Only one staff member visible. He was assisting another costumer ahead of me. I walked in with my 5 year old son and waited around for assistance. I helped the person in front of me since he didn't speak English well, and I could see that the Metro employee was just not being helpful at all, showed no sense of urgency or even empathy. After waiting around for about 10-15 mins, Metro employee finally asked what I needed help with. I wanted to separate the 2 lines of my family plan into individual ones. He said he couldn't do it there and that I needed to call costumer service. I asked why, was he not certified to do this process? Or stores couldn't do this? He said he just didn't know how to do this. (I confirmed with the main line at Metro that stores should be able to do this in person). One a very hectic family and professional morning, I wasted valuable time and returned with negative view on this store, who have acted like this in my last 2 visits as well (different people) over the last couple of months. In contrast, when I called the main costumer service line, they were helpful, professional, and enthusiastic. They were very disappointed to hear about my experience at the Ralston store and assured me they would take the right steps to correct these issues.

Owner's responsealmost 2 years ago

I apologize for any unprofessional service you received. That鈥檚 not the experience we want for our customers, and it sounds like we fell short this time. Please email me at [email protected] so we can chat!

Kimberly Cirinelli (Kimmy Cirinelli-Kammann)2 years ago

It was a very positive and great experience it was also my 1st time in that store. I up graded from another store and was given the advice of the reval phone being a great phone at a cheap up grade cost... I also invested in the actel tablet so after spending way over $100 3 weeks into my new items and plan the phone over heated the tablet just went out wouldn't turn on I call the store where I received the items to be told I can't exchange on a up grade well NO ONE INFORMED ME OF THAT TELL AFTER THE FACT. SO I JUST THROUGH OVER $100 AWAY BASICALLY. I decided to go to another location to see what they say. The Manager came forth and took over regarding my situation HE WAS ASSUME A HISPANIC MALE THAT I UNFORTUNATELY CANT FIND WHERE I PUT HIS NAME AND A YOUNG GAL WHO WAS VERY NEW TO THE JOB . There was a 3rd young lady there also who was just as great as the other 2 she jumped right in to help the new gal if she was stuck in checking me out. So the whole crew was amazing. I left the store with a new different brand phone and a tablet for under $100. I was definitely amazed. I highly recommend this store and their staff!!! They are polite respectful considerate and you will leave feeling good about what ever you purchased or received fr this store. GREAT JOB ALL 3 OF YOU THANK YOU AGAIN.....

Richard Poggi1 year ago

I pay my service here at this location every month in person I go by it all the time so it's convenient cost more course than paying online but the young gentleman that works there sold me a tablet for an extra $15 for the month no biggie I had a slight accessibility problem in my settings and don't even know how I did it but hey it's corrected I know what I did and I won't do that again thanks Metro

chuck chapmanalmost 2 years ago

You ever drop in on a friend without telling them? Your greeted nicely but you can tell you are not really welcome? This is how I feel at every T-Mobile store I go into

Owner's responsealmost 2 years ago

We鈥檙e sorry to hear this Chuck. We always want to take care of you promptly, but it sounds like we missed the mark this time. We hope you鈥檒l give us a chance to provide you with a better experience on your next visit.

Tawnya Gorse2 years ago

I went into the Arvada location on 58th Ave/Ralston earlier today with my son to transfer him from Verizon to Metro. The staff was so helpful and patient as we worked through transfer issues with Verizon. My son was about to give up and try another day but new store manager and Cessilia were determined for us to leave satisfied customers. Thanks again for all your help.

Owner's response2 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! Our team works hard to provide you with awesome service. It's great to hear that our team was able to help you out!

James Theureralmost 4 years ago

The woman who helped me was very smart and informed about what needed to be done. The customer service rep o. The phone didn't really help me because she couldn't sent me a text due to the fact that my phone wouldn't recieve tests. Si she couldn't verify my account. I ended up having to go to the store to have them help me... As I was saying the store was much more helpful. She got the situation resolved in just a few moments. So thank you Arvada Metro PCS store for your help because I was dead in the water馃ぉ

P Cookalmost 7 years ago

Went into this store about 4 weeks ago to upgrade 4 phones. Gal behind the counter could not get herself out of her personal phone long enough to make eye contact, much less make a sale. I know customer service is a dying art, but seriously. This was just too much. If you are going to put people behind the counter to make money for your store you might want to make sure they are at least motivated to make an effort. Otherwise you might as well turn off the lights and go home, you'd get the same results. Just saying.



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