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Metro by T-Mobile

Wireless provider offering phones & more

    101 W 84th Ave Ste 110, Thornton, CO, 80260, United States


    38 reviews


    "Customer service at store are very pleasent!"

    "Small store, but deals!"

    "The guy who helped us, who I assume was the owner was very friendly."

    John Estrada · almost 3 years ago

    Dianna and Anna, what can I say..thank you both for the great service from the 1st day to all my self-inflicted issues that you both took in stride and helped me find the best possible solutions for all issues. Best one yet was helping and still saving me a extra whole month of pay. I love you both. I told Josh that he had a winning team in the both of you, and that he should give you both a raise to ensure that you both will keep doing the flawless work you do with a relentless positive energy. Keep on doing what you've been doing.!

    Kimberly Martinez · 4 years ago

    When I first activated my line here everything went very smoothly the cashier was very helpful with my questions. Fast forward , I hadn't been paying my phone bill for 3 months but it was a time I was okay with because I didnt really need the service. After I knew I wanted it back on I went in on the 3rd of January & the cashier that was initially helping me since the beginning was Daniesy, once I gave her my number she had told me the system was acting weird because it was showing her that someone else under a different name had my same phone number. I understand that these things happen especially due on my end, thinking because my phone hadn't been paid they probably just gave it up to somebody else. The thing that really threw me off is after I agreed to start a new activation line (with the same phone) with a different number I asked if I could get my $80 refund for paying the other bill from on the other unknown account. She was immediately going to help me but her co worker Alejandra was immediate to respond that I had to call a certain number & that they couldn't help me in the store. So I told her "Are you sure? How will they be able to help me over the phone if I paid cash? " and she kept insisting I call that number & tell them I paid to the wrong phone number. Sure enough I call & the lady had great service and all but she told me because they dont have the confirmation text that was sent to the original number she couldn't do anything over the phone for me & I had to go back to the store to get my refund. This is already annoying to me because I personally have no transportation and I have a job as well, it's hard to find time to deal with something that should have already been dealt with from the beginning. So here I go back & I call before hand so I dont waste my time again & she said she's able to give me a refund but as I return all she tells me is that i cant have my refund & my payment will just be credited to the next 2 months so i dont owe any payment. I wont be returning to any metro place after my 2 months are over.

    arturo lopez · 4 years ago

    I have been having problems with my sim card so I went to this store to get help. As soon as I walk in the lady working there tells me we have no internet. I laugh to myself because she didn't even greet me or ask what I needed! After I told her what I was there for she told me there was nothing she could do for me. She told me I had to go to their corporate office on 40th or some where. I understand how not every problem is going to be resolved easily but don't be rude! I had to go to another store and unfortunately I was told there that I had to go back to where I purchased the phone! Which unfortunately was purchased at this location where the lady was so rude! Seriously thinking about going back to at&t!

    Ashley McDonald · 2 years ago

    Danielle was amazing she has helped me a couple times and everytime she is so helpful and very kind! Go here if you need help, she is awesome!

    Carla “CRL” Lundy · almost 6 years ago

    The young ladies that work there are very nice, however, I think of you been a long standing, paying customer, companies should also try to give you special deals... Not only a new customer from another mobile cell service. To keep ME, offer me an updated phone at NO EXTRA COST, so I can stay with you another couple of years.

    Chris Vigil · 8 years ago

    My $250 phone wasnt working and I brought it to this store and the girl there didn't do anything to help me besides telling me her computer says it should work fine but obviously it doesn't. And she gave me a number to call myself but they weren't able to help me cause they cant look at my phone. So im going to go to a different dealer as should you. This girl has no idea what shes doing. Or how to help people.

    Jaydin Luevano · almost 8 years ago

    under new management, the NEW manage Diana is so kind and helpful. check them out, if you haven't done so, they have been opened under new management for three weeks now so if you went before that, you probably had a bad experience like i did in the past. I was going to switch because i was very unhappy talked me out of my insurance claim because i was eligible for a upgrade so she recommended the ZTE max Pro that had 32 GB internal memory and is a 6" display, way better than my old LG Stylo (space wise). thank you Diana

    Clifton Barrett · 5 years ago

    Store is spouse to open at 10 am the that opens store rolls in at 10:05 then won't open the store up and when I tried to go in she was very rude and disrespectful think of taking my business else where complete b.s. and store is still not open need to find better employee's with better people skills

    Jason Yetter · 5 years ago

    Came in to the store to upgrade my plan to the 60 . Ana helped me make sure my amazon prime was up and going . Good customer service by Ana cynthia

    Carla R. Lundy · 7 years ago

    AWESOME🎉🎇🎆 customer service, fast, friendly, funny. If they don't have it, they will find a way to get it. My experience was one stop shop. GO JOSELINE, GIRL YOU ROCK!!!!! 👍



    Wireless provider supplying phones, tablets & accessories, plus cell phone & device data plans.

    Service options

    In-store shopping


    Wheelchair-accessible entrance




    LGBTQ+ friendly


    Debit cards
    NFC mobile payments


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