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5382 S Wadsworth Blvd, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
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759 reviews


"Love this place do all my shopping buys on wax for candle making . ."

"I ordered a gift to give my husband for our wedding."

"Quality wash, the staff is responsive to customer needs."

Leslie Blair Gallagher · almost 1 year ago

Flowers I liked were 1/2 price for the win. Matching thread for hand sewing too.

Kenzie Lozano · almost 11 months ago

Decent selection. Online sales did not match in store at all. Employees here are really nice and they have good prices on cricuts. A really good selection of yarn too.

Alicia Lucier · 11 months ago

I used to come to Michael's because they had awesome fine art supplies with discounts that competed with Hobby Lobby. I prefer Michael's ethically, but have found that they have way fewer options in general and the same supplies are starting to become more expensive at Michael's than they are at both Hobby Lobby and the local hobby stores. Basically, there is one specific brand of paint brush I will keep going to Michael's for, but everything else is more affordable by supporting local businesses now.

Mackenzie Lozano · 11 months ago

Has a good variety of craft supplied. Went for yarn for knitting. Not a ton of knitting books or supplies other than yarn, but a ton of crochet supplies, books and patterns. Yarn was priced well. Not a good selection of adult coloring books. Cricuts are priced well here. I still prefer Hobby Lobby and Amaxon over Michael's. The staff was really nice though!

Samantha Glenn · 1 year ago

I'm super happy with my experience with this location today. I stopped in real fast to see if they had a cricut joy. They did!! I got what I needed. Within 15 minutes of being in the store I got what I needed and was heading home. Thanks guys!!!

Liv Beya · more than 3 years ago

I just moved to the area and was roaming the aisles for some inspiration, an associate found me completely lost and totally helped me transform my bare circle into a Christmas miracle! It was hard to find something flat that could go with a neutral colored background and she gave me this awesome idea to do a simple paper snowflake to match this super cute ornament! I loved the help and can’t wait to go back!

Krystal Kvidera · 1 year ago

Nothing wrong with the store itself. When we got to the checkout I handed the lady a gift card she did what she needed to on her end with the gift card. She then just stood there and turned to me and said hello it's waiting for you and pointed to the card reader that was asking me a question. Perhaps she was just having an off day and that happens to us all.

Mark Mercier · 1 year ago

The store seems empty and poorly stocked.... plus the cashier we had was awful. Rude and definitely didn't want to be there... she was called to the front since there were 7ppl in line and 1 cashier. If you don't like your job, find one you do like... don't take your bitterness out on customers spending money in your store.

Lena Guerra · 1 year ago

Love this store. Always has what I need for hobbies/ arts & crafts. My daughter and I decorated our matching shoes.

Emily W. · more than 10 months ago

Came here to have a WSP poster framed, after 4 weeks of nothing I went back to get the poster to take it elsewhere only to find out their carelessness resulted in the actual tearing of the poster. Beyond upset as the value and condition of the poster are ruined.



Chain retailer carrying art & hobby supplies plus home decor (most offer classes & custom framing).

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