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JOANN Fabric and Crafts

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2701 S College Ave Unit 160, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM Mon


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484 reviews


"Good service and staff."

"Great selection of yarn and good prices too!"

"Awesome sales and a wide variety of hobby things your interested in"

Nicole Pepper · more than 6 months ago

I was in a two person line for 15 minutes because the manager on duty (Jason) didn’t want to help the training cashier, but definitely made a point to talk to her throughout multiple transactions (nothing to do with the transaction itself). The drive to Loveland is worth it just to go to the other location. This one is a mess.

Nathanael Meagher · almost 10 months ago

I think I was blown off because i am a man, who was shopping in a predominantly women's store. Trying to do a self help and fix up dining room chairs, I went in for advice. The woman at the center counter was unhelpful. I brought one of the seats with me so someone could help me get dimensions, find fabric, etc. Instead, she treated me like a "dumb man", with a very patronizing tone. It was bad enough that a customer ended up helping instead. The reason a 1 star is given is because 1 out of 3 workers showed me where to find stuff.

Laurel Lalicker · 11 months ago

I did an online pick up order and the experience was A+. I followed the, "I'm on my Way" prompts from my email and when I arrived, I clicked on, "I'm Here." I did not have to call them and under 3 minutes a store associate delivered my purchase to me in a heavy weight paper bag that had been stapled shut. Very pleased with this experience and I will no doubt do online pick-ups with JoAnn in the future.

Jenia Kosoy · 2 years ago

They had great fabric options. The lady at the fabric counter was very helpful and cut me four or five 2" sample strips of different fabrics I was choosing between. I paid around $2 for all the samples, couldn't be happier to be able to make my fabric decision with confidence and not have any surprises when coming home and seeing them in a different light.

Oakleigh G · 1 year ago

I found exactly what I was looking for and so much more and it was all on sale! Not only that, but the cashier there, Anatolia, was so personable and friendly with every customer and when it was our turn to check out, she even let my 5 year old brother scan one of the items because he asked. She was so wonderful and put a smile on all our faces. I'll definitely be coming back.

Mariah Rodriguez · 1 year ago

My husband went to get some supplies and wasn’t wearing a mask. Some of the workers weren’t wearing a mask either. He got called up to check out and the guy that he got called too was wearing a mask and he told my husband he wouldn’t ring him up without putting a mask on. There is no mandate in our area and was no sign on the door. He refused to do something that an employee in a store wanted him to and got refused service. It’s his body and he doesn’t have to wear one especially if other employees aren’t. Extremely dissatisfied with this store.

Julie Robbins · almost 1 year ago

Joanns' is my favorite craft store in town. They have a good selection, and I love that they always have sales/ coupons. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Kelsey Barnes · 10 months ago

I've experienced this location closing anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes before their posted time on multiple occasions, specifically Sundays.

Audii Ding · 1 year ago

Walked into Joann's today to buy my daughter some markers for her birthday and no sooner did I get through the first door into the lobby when an associate asked me to leave and I said why and she said that she didn't have to give me a reason. I'm assuming because I had my work clothes in a backpack she profiled me as a homeless person. Never have I ever caused any trouble at the store and I have done nothing but spent money in the store. Even if I was a homeless person that's no reason to not allow me shop. I'm appalled at the way I was treated and Hope that corporate might do something to make it up to me. Just because she didn't like the way I looked she didn't allow me in the store. There may be a discrimination lawsuit to come.

Jenn Bajovich · 4 years ago

Love it i thought it was just fabric but its better then hobby lobby, other then the few employees who followed us around like we were stealing... We just liked the store people, not everyone is out to get you, you keep following people like that, and youll not only lose customers, but eventually your job, may want to remember we are the reason you have a job... Not very smart... May try again later we will see..



Chain providing a wide range of fabrics, plus sewing & arts & crafts supplies (most offer classes).

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