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Hobby Lobby

Wide range of supplies for arts & crafts

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4106 S College Ave #101, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
Closed · Opens at 9 AM Mon


9 AM - 8 PM
9 AM - 8 PM
9 AM - 8 PM
9 AM - 8 PM
9 AM - 8 PM
9 AM - 8 PM


1590 reviews


"With the sales rotations, products and prices cant be beat!"

"Lots of people NOT wearing masks in front of staff, me, store manager."

"It's a pretty cool place to walk around and just look at stuff."

Leslie Goettsch, Realtor & Foreclosure Specialist · almost 2 years ago

I absolutely love this place! As a realtor, my friends and clients often ask me where they can get great artwork and home decor at affordable prices and this is one of the top places I recommend...especially when things are on sale!

Andy Gregory · 10 months ago

If you manage to visit on a day when your item is on sale, you can get some good deals. Otherwise, best to wait a week or two for items to cycle through the weekly sales windows.

Steve & Monica Robertson · almost 11 months ago

Sign on door shouldn't just say to remember your reusable bags, it should also say you must bag your own items. The manager or acting floor manager checked me out, she was not pleasantly helping me, and walked away while I bagged my own purchases. Managers should lead by example.

Ryan Lascala · 1 year ago

I needed a couple things for my son's birthday party and haven't been here in years and they were super helpful! The lady was extremely nice, walked me to everything I needed and was very friendly. A++

Aaron Decker · 1 year ago

Great store for craft supplies, decor, accessories, and more. Clean store with plenty to choose from. Prices are reasonable and they constantly have sales across the store. I have taken advantage of framed canvas and the quality has been great.

Ryan Carey · 1 year ago

Hobby Lobby is a fabulous store that is full of great finds. It's taken me a few visits to figure out the layout but once I understood that I was able to easily navigate. If that doesn't work, do not worry. Hobby Lobby is fully staffed with some of the most wonderful and helpful people. I never leave with a problem unresolved. Great selection of art supplies and crafts. If my young daughters (or son) have a craft project or art idea, we usually start at Hobby Lobby to gather our necessary supplies. Great store.

Zipporah Loucks · 2 years ago

I love love love this store, it is filled with so many crafts and decorations. I would be prepared to spend a whole lot of your money there, because there are just so many cool things that you can put into your home. I highly recommend the store for anything house needed, I really enjoyed everything there. They got enough to fit a whole theme of one thing too, for example you can just fill your room with pirate stuff.

Hanna Spencer · more than 1 year ago

Needed to frame a print today and Samantha paused the task she was working on to cut me a border and glass. She was super polite and helpful in putting the custom frame together. This is the second of many prints I’ll be getting framed at Hobby Lobby!

David · almost 1 year ago

Terrible experience at this location. The staff is working harder at avoiding customers than anything else, actually avoiding eye contact and racing down aisles. It was actually comical. The two whose attention I did manage to get were rude and made it clear that they were annoyed with me trying to get some help.

Bob Nunyabiznz · 1 year ago

First of all, yes, I am a real person although I am using a silly name. I just spent almost $200 at the Hobby Lobby on S College in Fort Collins; it is Wednesday May 17th and I was in the store around 6:15 pm. I’m honestly considering returning every item I purchased and then buying it online. I had never been to Hobby Lobby before and was asking about the return policy in the event that the items I bought didn’t work for me. The cashier wasn’t helpful (or even friendly) & couldn’t answer my question. She turned to her co-worker who was an old, thinner, grey haired woman that wore glasses. This old woman immediately went on the defensive and was so incredibly rude to me. She raised her voice and spoke to me in a very disrespectful and condescending manner. I explained that I was just trying to clarify the policy. I had a cart full of various gouache paints, brushes and 5 brands of metallics (paint pens, gold leaf, acrylic paint & mica) that I hadn’t used before and wondered if I could return an opened item that wasn’t satisfactory, like their local competitor does. Again, this older woman spoke to me in such a snotty manner & then proceeded to call the manager over, like I was causing a problem. I saw her talking to the on-duty manager & overheard the way in which she was representing me & my inquiry. She made it sound like I was trying to get away with something. At this point, I’m pretty irritated & went over to the manager to ask her directly since the older woman was behaving so unprofessionally. I was finally given some clarity by the manager but I can’t say that she was particularly friendly either. I paid for my items & left. I don’t understand why I was treated this way. It makes me wonder if I was being judged by my appearance; I have visible piercings and had come from work with my hair in a sloppy ponytail and was wearing old jeans. I honestly can’t think as to what it would be otherwise. Perhaps this is just the overall demeanor of this woman or she just hates her job? Regardless of the reason, she was so unbelievably rude and this employee needs to either retire or find work that doesn’t interface with the public. I wish I had gotten her name. If I had, I would share it. This will be the last time I set foot inside another Hobby Lobby. I’ll be up the road at Michael’s.



Chain carrying a variety of arts & crafts materials, plus party supplies, fabric & home-decor items.

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