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14658 Delaware St, Westminster, CO, 80023, United States
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815 reviews


"Great service and the staff couldn't be nicer to me."

"Great prices on kids shoes, this is why I shop here for shoes."

"Really nice location and a great place to take the family."

JD BELANGER · more than 10 months ago

I believe JCPenney has been on a difficult path you/couple of years but it seems like the story is rebounding and getting back to decent product selection and good customer service, staffing considered. It is comforting to be able to go to a nice mid-market department store.

Owner's response · more than 10 months ago

Hello JD, We appreciate your 4-star review and for sharing your honesty with us. We hope that you enjoy shopping with us and that you will shop with us again soon. Have a wonderful day!

Maria Fernandez · 9 months ago

Super helpful employees in the home/drapes section. Attentive to the needs of a person w physical challenges. Willing to work with us to find a solution. We were there on a busy Sunday afternoon, and still, they made time for us.

Owner's response · 9 months ago

Wow! Thank you so much for the 5-star review. There is nothing that could make us happier than to hear from a satisfied JCPenney customer. We appreciate your support and loyalty to our company. Have a marvelous weekend and we hope to see you soon!

Samantha Montague · 1 year ago

Employees seem very annoyed when you ask for help. We signed up for rewards as advertised throughout the entire store. When we provided them with the coupon code that was sent to us that day, by signing up they told us it was invalid and there was nothing they could do about it and that their signs are “probably old” even when showed the expiration date of 2.4.2024. Lost our business and will not be coming back.

Owner's response · 1 year ago

Thank you for taking the time to write this review, Samantha. We are disappointed to hear the lack of customer service you experienced today. This is not acceptable for our valued JCPenney customers and is never our intent to cause frustration, and we appreciate valuable feedback on how we can improve and prevent the same frustrations from happening in the future. We have submitted this feedback to the appropriate departments for review, so we can create a more seamless shopping experience. We hope you will give us another chance.

Christina Peterman · almost 2 years ago

I loved our Photo season, I'm bad with names but she has blue hair I loved her so much , I'm going through a tough time lately and this Photo shoot was for my kids graduated to go to the 5th and 3rd grade and a family Photo shoot for my breast cancer she was amazing and I started crying the pictures came out amazing and I just don't know how long I have left but she made this to be my most memorable Photo shoots I have ever done she's so sweet she even gave me a hug when I was crying. 🥰

Owner's response · almost 2 years ago

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear of what you're going through. We are glad she was able to provide a wonderful experience. We look forward to seeing you again, soon.

Kalyanakrishnan S · almost 11 months ago

plenty &verities of dresses available for infants,girls &elderly ladies. many other items are also available.

Owner's response · almost 11 months ago

We appreciate the five-star review, Kalyanakrishnan and we hope you had a spectacular shopping trip. When you get some free time, give us another go and check out all our deals on We promise our sales are jam-packed with tons of deals just waiting to be discovered! Thank you for being a valued JCP customer and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Sam Brown · 9 months ago

Got zero help in the mattress department even after requesting help. But I did get an employee that was eyeballing me like I was going to try and steal something. What a joke of a department store like what am I going to do run of front entrance with a mattress. Get real

Owner's response · 9 months ago

Hello Sam, We are very sorry to hear of your less than perfect shopping experience with us. We hope that you will give us another chance. Thank you for being a valued JCPenney customer.

Carl Saenz · 9 months ago

Cool and clean inside. Many sale items. Sales help encouraging. Pleasant shopping. Good prices on jewelry. Sales daily. All kinds of house needs. Beauty salon inside store. Bedding and associated accessories. Nice place to shop. With Sears closures this is your next step. Need to bring in with you groceries bags for purchases otherwise. Ten cents per bag added to your cost. Colorado adjustment. Sales daily with great prices. Good quality. 28 March 2023 Bought jewelry. Great sale. Jc has promotions often. This store is great for community. Shop here often. 29 Aug 2023 Went shopping and saw not too many employees working in afternoon. Place seemed half empty. This place is large. Looked like cut back. Felt alone other than those at register. Penny's still a great place to shop.

Michael Paisis (PofC) · 1 year ago

My wife loves the store to find special things she's looking for. I'm not a friend of shopping...I just go for the

Sam Morris · 11 months ago

JCPenny workers were friendly and helpful. Store was well stocked, and clean.

Owner's response · 11 months ago

We are very happy to hear that report Sam, & thank you for the excellent 5-star rating! We look forward to hearing from you again soon. Thank you for your patronage of JCPenney!

Matthew Bartoe · more than 1 year ago

Wife bought a couple items a couple of days ago with cash. Didn’t end up liking them so I went to go and return them for her. Entered the store, went to the return counter, gave them the receipt and asked them if I could return these two items. I feel as though it’s universal to assume that they’d give the refund back in the form of the original payment method, a.k.a. cash, in this instance. Worker at the time didn’t ask if I wanted the refund back in the form of the original payment method or something else but as I just mentioned, I think it’s plausible to assume that they’d give the refund back in the original payment method. He scans the receipt and the clothing and then proceeds to say “Alright, a refund of $$ will be refunded to the JCPenney Credit Card.” At the time, I didn’t know that my wife paid with cash so I thought that it being refunded to her JCPenney Credit Card was fine. After arriving home and finding out that she originally paid with cash, I went back to this store the next day. I asked them if there was any way possible that they could reverse the refund from the JCPenney Credit Card to cash, as that was her original form of payment, and as they didn’t even give me an option of getting the refund via original form or JCPenney card in the first place. They say no, and that once the refund goes on the JCPenney card then it’s “gone.” That they can’t do anything about it. It’s ridiculous to me because even if, at the time, I knew that my wife paid with cash, it wouldn’t even have mattered because it’s pretty universal to assume that they’d refund you to your original form of payment. People usually say that they “wanted to return items.” They don’t say that they “want to return items to their original payment method” because it’s already assumed that it will go back to their original payment method, especially when the return is within 30 days of purchase which this return was literally within 5 days of purchase. And, as I learned today, “once it’s gone, it’s gone” so that means that even if right after he told me that he refunded it to her JCPenney card, I tell him that I actually wanted it in cash, it supposedly would’ve been too late anyways. Just terrible service, why wouldn’t he ask me in the first place if I wanted it via JCPenney card or original payment and why would he just assume I’d choose JCPenney card over original payment, anyway?



Chain department store selling a wide selection of brand-name clothing, footwear, furniture & more.

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