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Bed Bath & Beyond

Bedding, housewares & home essentials

    7225 W 88th Ave, Westminster, CO, 80021, United States


    735 reviews


    "Good place to find stuff for your home and very friendly staff."

    "Cluttered and packed with gimmicky products in aisles and walk ways."

    "Good service, good selection and prices."

    Dbaca B · 1 year ago

    Definitely not what it used to be. Cashier was answering phone and talking to customer on the phone while ringing me up. That was just rude! Probably not shop ping there again.

    Courtlandt Trowbridge · almost 6 years ago

    The only thing I don't like about this place is there air conditioning is usually not that great. I really love the store so much that I consider it dangerous because it is so easy to spend too much money there. They have something for just about any type of need. The functionality of our house is significantly improved because we were able to purchase items that increased the efficiency of space used.

    J · 1 year ago

    Nothing on sale really. 20% off just like the d coupons plus they no longer take their own store credit from returned merchandise before the bankruptcy. I also heard they won’t honor their gift cards which should be illegal since people already gave them the money. Not sad that they are done. Inflating prices and then having constant coupons is just stupid. Feel sorry for the employees though.

    Misti Dufur · 1 year ago

    Sadly, all Bed, Bath and Beyond stores are closing! This one, still open with there, 50 to 70% off the entire store. Totally worth a stop in, if you haven't already. Time's running out!

    Marissa “M. Apadoca” Apadoca · 1 year ago

    The products are great.! Decent price, great deals. However staff at this location seem clueless about any and everything feom products sold in store as well as availability. To online discounts. They aren't even sure how to apply the 20% off for using the credit card. Or how that card works... there is one woman who will say things in a very sure ways reiterating "I know" over and over while clearly not knowing what it is she is doing...

    JOEL THOMPSON · more than 2 years ago

    I always feels like I'm not trusted with the whole one-way Entrance and exit. I'd say, don't try to eliminate all risk in the world, especially at the expense of a good feel at a store. You want your potential customers to feel welcome, understood and appreciated in your store, so that they feel like thanking you by buying from you. Isn't that what you want? Here's a couple pics of the men's bathroom condition and maintenance. I'll let the viewer decide. Btw, another great way to tell the prospective customer that you think highly of them, is the design, feel and upkeep of the bathroom. A Feng Shiu consultation might be able to help you change the feel, off your interested in house it might changed the bottom line (a lot!).

    Kyle Gordon · 1 year ago

    I can see why it went bankrupt. We had gift cards and it was hard to find anything we really wanted. Things we were slightly interested in cost double what we know we can find them for elsewhere.

    Sara Krauss-Kuhnle · more than 2 years ago

    We purchased several baby furniture items back in June. We understood that the items would be back ordered and did receive in August. When we went to set up our items in September one dresser was very damaged. We sent pictures of the damage product to be replaced and now several weeks later we still do not have an update. I’ve made calls to the store and they keep saying they have not heard from the vendor. This is not OK and I feel as if the store could care less.

    Lindsey Wood · more than 1 year ago

    Before I even entered the store with my mother, I mentioned the awful customer service here. I haven’t been back in over a year for this reason. I was really hoping to be wrong this time. Unfortunately, I was dead on. The store was disorganized making it difficult to shop in and about half of the items are priced and the rest you just have to ask at the register. The cashier was visibly annoyed and incredibly rude to us. She was being short, snarky and wouldn’t even make eye contact. That was a very uncomfortable interaction. Bed Bath and Beyond used to be a fun place to shop but now I avoid it all together.

    Eduardo Dominguez · 1 year ago

    They are in the process of closing the store permanently, but at the moment they are only offering 10-30% of some items not all.



    Chain with a varied selection of home goods, including bedding, kitchenware, towels & decor items.

    Service options

    Kerbside pickup
    In-store pick-up
    In-store shopping
    Same-day delivery


    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance


    Repair services


    NFC mobile payments


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