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Quest Diagnostics Aurora South

    1411 S Potomac St Ste 290, Aurora, CO, 80012, United States
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    83 reviews


    "Their automated phone service is a pain but the people on the ground are great."

    "Absolutely disgraceful customer service, and extremely rude staff."

    "This place used to have a yuck factor... but they did a COMPLETE remodel."

    Salvador Florez · 1 year ago

    There's a nurse there named Stephanie Collicolt that is absolutely rude. I don't know if she was having a bad day but there's no reason she should be rude, snarky and snappy for no reason. I came in to get my blood drawn and she corrected me telling me it was a drug screen. When I went to the room and showed the email with all the details she told me she would not do it because it's not an attachment. And my job needs to put in an order for the "drug screen" (when I was never there for a drug screen. I was there for a blood draw for a TB test.) After that she pretty much tried to shoo me off saying there's nothing I can do today, when I asked for her name she only gave me her first name. When I asked her to write it down so I can let my employer know what the situation is she rolled her eyes turned around and wrote her name then added that I needed and order and attachment like I was a child. She needs to Learn how to treat people. Especially if she's in the medical department taking care of patients. I would not recommend her to anyone.

    atorita 86 · almost 1 year ago

    I had a great experience today when I took my child to have blood drawn for the first time. When Erica drew the blood my child felt no pain at all and didn’t even feel it happening. I am so thankful my child’s first experience was pleasant and not traumatic. Jessica and Erika went above and beyond to assist us by making calls and researching the special type of test my child’s Dr ordered to see if Quest can do it. They were super friendly, and genuinely wanted to help me. I wasn’t even expecting to do the test the same day, I just went to ask if it could be done, but they made sure it was done the same day which saved me time and effort so I am beyond grateful for my experience today. Thank you for making my day!!

    Agua Perrodin · more than 9 months ago

    This Quest is in a hospital. Check-in is entirely automated. One tiny waiting room bursting with people, not a single staff member, only two digital kiosks to check in, which were giving the people using them a great deal of confusion and difficulty. It was clear I would be waiting a very long time just to check in, let alone have my labs done, so I left for another lab. I understand wanting to simplify and digitize the process, but there needs to be an actual person around to answer questions and keep things moving. This is a atrocious planning, that I can imagine causes as much stress and frustration for the staff as it does the patients.

    Steve Hall · 1 year ago

    Wish I could give 0 stars! I've used quest for years all over the country and this is by far the WORST! They lost my order which was faxed a week earlier. I took time off of work to have blood drawn and now they tell me I have to have the doctor fax another hard copy to them. I have an email from my doctor with the pdf of the order and I can't print or email the order from in the office. Why would I have the doctor send another order for you to lose again and waste more of my time. They get business because they are near the hospital and are extremely rude because it doesn't matter. Never go here!

    Antony Muller · 1 year ago

    Too much automation. No one to talk to till the staff shows up at 9am. The staff is too busy to answer small and simple questions. Biggest interaction is them asking for the next person.. people seem to be waiting since 8am.

    alex cauley · 1 year ago

    I arrived 6 minutes before their closing time to be seen or to schedule an appointment for the next time if there was not enough time. The guy behind the door yelled that they are closed. When I reminded him that it wasn't their closing time yet and I just need to schedule an appointment, his shadow slowly vanished behind the glass door.

    Maureen Call · almost 10 months ago

    Oh dear even with an appointment this place is awful. Employee refused to pull up my orders even though I confirmed before I came in that they were sent. LAZY and rude,

    Paul Booker · more than 10 months ago

    Not only are the people at this location rude and incompetent, they wont even answer the phone. They let their automatic system handle their calls and even when requesting a representative it gives you a message about visiting their website. What a horrible company.

    Cassie Diaz · almost 2 years ago

    Farrah was not a friendly person to deal with. My OB requested that I do a 24 hour urine analysis and gave me the tools I needed to take home and complete this test. I was then told that when the test was done I needed to drop it off at this lab. The day I went to drop it off, Farrah took me back, took one glance at the container and went to her computer to pull up medical codes and then told me that they cannot accept this container because it's the incorrect jug. She told me I would need to redo the test. I then told her I was not going to redo the test and that I would contact my OB office instead. When I spoke to my nurse at the office, she told me that the container I was given was directly from this lab and that they should not have denied it. She then called the higher ups at this lab and they confirmed that this was the correct container. So I had to drive all the way back to this lab to drop off my urine test that they should have accepted hours prior. Please train your staff better. They should not only know how to do their jobs, but also be a decent human being and be nice to their patients.

    Gina Honda · more than 1 year ago

    This is my first time sent by my doctor here at the Potomac location for bloodwork and I am very disappointed! When I walked in, at 7am, there were two other people in the waiting area. They called the first guy and it took one nurse 30 minutes to get him done. The sad part of it is that their screen displayed 10 other people who had appointments within the hour in the queue but they only had ONE very slow nurse working. If one did the math, it would take one nurse 5 hours to handle the 10 people with appointments within that hour alone! Pathetic!


    Service options

    Has online care


    COVID-19 testing centre


    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance
    Wheelchair-accessible toilet




    Accepts new patients
    Appointments recommended
    Tests limited to certain patients
    Appointment required for Covid test
    Referral required


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