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Dollar Tree

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225 S Sheridan Blvd, Lakewood, CO, 80226, United States
Open · Closes at 9 PM


9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM


275 reviews


"The store is cleaner, better stocked since the new manager has taken over."

"Took away restrooms and refused to serve a regular customer!"

"Save all the customers from wasting there time and money."

Auksana Star · 10 months ago

Best dollar store ever! I was literally to stunned to speak over the variety of options that's was swell stocked an the prices where perfect. Everything you need they got it. Such a well taken care of store. Will be back very soon!

onomonopia Thx · more than 5 years ago

This is just sad... this store has a great selection and no, the whole store isn’t completely trashed but the aisles that are are REALLY messy. The staff seems nice though, I’m guessing they are under staffed and over worked.

M X · more than 3 years ago

It's 8:25pm doors are closed . About 6 different people have walked off. I would understand if they closed earlier to keep the store clean. Lol but it's a disaster in there. Can't pick up their own broom to sweep a little.

Kaitlin charneco · more than 1 year ago

An older white lady manager is always very rude when people come in with larger items. The other managers will let you keep extra bags and such at the front but she won't and will follow you around the store harassing you while you try to shop.

Solomon Romero · more than 1 year ago

It's a Dollar Tree. What do you expect for a buck twenty- five to five bucks. I found what I went there for and a bit more. I had to walk through and over piles of inventory. What are you gonna do with two employees to cover an entire retail business and stock shelves.

Christie M · 2 years ago

It has gone way downhill from being the best dollar store I have ever been to and now I will drive 15 minutes to avoid this store. The hours are never consistent. I have been here several times and it is locked up with a note on the door. (2 stars) Edit: April 2022. The store is under new management and is a lot better! The hours are regular, employees seem happier, staffing coverage is better, and shelves are stocked. Prices did go up to $1.25 but that isn't this store is every Dollar Tree. (4 stars)

Jennifer Fuller · more than 2 years ago

Worst Dollar Tree I've ever been to. The poor cashier had I line wrapping around the ransacked store. Then a woman's voice comes over the store speaker advising trust she would be out soon to open a 2nd register and asking for patience. Not 10 minutes later, I hear her yell from her register, "I need 5 minutes" not more than 10 minutes later. As I make my way to the end of the long line, she hollered, out of what I can only assume was the office, that she's taking her break and saying sorry, she had to help someone, she said a name, meant l maybe Dennis? I think if Dennis was a manager or staff member of Dollar Tree and even if he wasn't. She should have asked Dennis if she could call him back because there was a line that I personally stood in for a good 30 minutes. That's my opinion. There was another employee casually walking through the store putting items back on the shelves. Maybe she isn't a cashier and wasn't able to help, but normally in my past experiences, everyone at Dollar Tree has come to open additional registers. Avoid those Dollar Tree. There are plenty others and you might even find what you're looking for instead of hoping things are where they are supposed to be, it at least close. As long as that other woman is in charge, this store is the worst!

Jason Mehl · 2 years ago

I’ve been shopping here for over two years and though they’ve had struggles with staffing during the pandemic, the store has never been anywhere near as bad as it is now. The decline over the last month has turned me from a daily customer buying snacks and frozen fruit into someone who avoids the store. Aside from the physical disarray and stench, the current staff and management seems grim compared to the cheerful vibe this place used to have. It’s a shame to watch such a rapid decline at my neighborhood store. And as of yesterday, I learned that the chronically flustered guy who’s always complaining is the new manager. LOL, I can’t imagine this will end well.

Cinder Cominiello · almost 3 years ago

I was in this store recently an was very impressed with the young woman who was the only employee in the store. She was a cleaning washing windows in the door and had a very good attitude. I'm aware DT is going through changes however I felt it was important to give credit where credit is due.

Sheryl Murphy · 2 years ago

1 star is too much. I haven't been in this store for a while (225 s Sheridan, Lakewood, co). Visited today (my 3rd one since I was looking for an item you used to carry) and this is the dirtiest, filthiest place I have seen in a long time. You should be embarrassed to have raised the prices and keep a store in this shape. Be glad my phone was in the car or I would blast you with photos of EVERY aisle. Trash and items just thrown and left all over the floor everywhere. Empty shelves. Totally disgusting. This is an insult to your customers.



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