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Family Dollar

Bargain retailer for household goods

  • In-store shopping
95 S Sheridan Blvd, Lakewood, CO, 80226, United States
Closed 路 Opens at 9 AM Mon


9 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 10 PM
9 AM - 10 PM
9 AM - 10 PM
9 AM - 10 PM
9 AM - 10 PM
9 AM - 10 PM


108 reviews


"Place was clean and the people that work were very nice and helpful 馃槉馃槉馃憤"

"Store is much cleaner and well run under it's new management."

"It was stocked and staff was friendly."

Christina Herreraalmost 10 months ago

If I could give a negative in stars I would I could not believe what I witnessed last night at this stores location. Talk about terrible customer service, Last night the store clerk was asked if she could scan an item and continue with the customers other items but she refused due to the fact she was in a big hurry and they were about to close. What I KNOW IS LADY IF YOU DON'T LIKE YOUR JOB CHANGE IT NO ONE MADE YOU WORK THERE BUT YOU!! YOU LITERALLY GET PAID TO HELP CUSTOMERS CHECK OUT AND PURCHAASE THINGS THEY ARE PAYING FOR FROM YOUR STORE. THERE WERE ALSO THREE OTHER STORE EMPLOYEES THAT I AM BEYOND POSSITIVE YOU COULD HAVE ASKED FOR ASSISTANCE IF YOU WERE TOO LAZY OR IN SUCH A BIG HURRY. OR PEOPLE LIKE YOU SHOULD NOT BE WORKING WITH CUSTOMERS BECAUSE YOU MAKE THE REST OF THE FAMILY DOLLAR EMPLOYEES LOOK BAD!!!!

Mary Meyer1 year ago

Homeless beggers in front ,& in the store. No cops called. Bad lunch meat. Miss Carr St store!! Felt a little safer.

Luoalmost 11 months ago

Stopped at store at 9:45pm when an employee inside waved at me and told me it was closed. Needed one things. It clearly states online and on store door hours it closes at 10pm.

Rebecca Cookalmost 3 years ago

This is one of the cleaner family dollars I have been to. The only complaint is there was multiple aisle empty, the shelves that were full were in order and no dust or things out of place. Maybe they are redoing the shelves and changing the store around. Other reason I did 4 stars is there were other employees in the store and they only had 1 cashier when I got in line I was the 4 person and two of the people had a bunch of stuff. The other employees walked by and I saw them look at the line but didn't help. The cashier was slow, took 10 minutes to check out almost left instead of waiting but knew it would take longer to go to other store to get the things

Blibitzmore than 2 years ago

Boxes always in the way! Certain items have not been stocked in a year! Freezers go out and you try and sell the rotten food! I have seen frozen food sitting out in boxes and are in the same place the next day! Probably why I always end up with sour milk! Try and return the items that are expired or sour and you will not leave happy about it!馃枙馃槨

Parathagoras Scorpursa (Patrick Barnes)almost 3 years ago

Got a cute little phone stand with suction cups and new hangers. It was awesome to finally find hangers that are completely straight down the arm, without the catch for dress straps to not slip off and fall. It seemed like it had been decreed that all hangers must have them a while ago. I hate them, however, because t-shirts can catch on them when being taken off the hanger to wear and get the collar stretched. So it was a very pleasant surprise to find them there and not only that but also at 10 for a dollar. Yay!!!馃榿馃コ

Lucinda Enriquezalmost 2 years ago

Lots of options in the past lately they have not been stocked isles are blocked with carts that need to be put out its becoming a unpleasant visit having to search here at there fir what you want things are just sxattered no organization at all the staff was pleasant it just diesnt make up for yhe clutter

Christine Villagrana3 years ago

All staff here are very friendly and helpful. I like to stop here on my way home from work to avoid the supermarket when I need just one thing. Started going here for urgent needs like candles or batteries but found they have so much more. Worth checking out and wandering around.

Mari DeLorme4 years ago

I walked into the store with my service dog and was told by the cashier that pets weren't allowed in store, i then proceeded to tell the clerk that my dog is a registered service animal. She then demanded to see paperwork so i informed her that the Americans with disabilities act states that she is not allowed to ask me that but did inform her that my dog is a trained diabetic alert and medical alert dog. About 5 minutes later the cashier found me in the store and said her manager told her that she can ask me to leave at her discretion if i did not produce paperwork on my dog, ibthen asked her decision and she said yes to get out. Her vile disposition to begin with makes me to never want to shop there again but discriminating against a person with a disability sealed the deal for me. I will be filing a complaint with the department of justice today.

Lindsey Gillisalmost 4 years ago

Don't shop here its unsafe and they asked me to leave my purse in my car or up front with them. Hell No! I feel like I was discriminated by what I look like when I walked in though! Don't give this place your money!



Discount chain carrying a variety of goods, including groceries, household items & beauty products.

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