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13650 Orchard Pkwy, Westminster, CO, 80023, United States
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1501 reviews


"Great selection of products at good prices and helpful staff."

"Great management at this location, one of the best-run stores in the area."

"Waited there while people on return desk took 4 customers."

Casey Dawson · 10 months ago

Outstanding customer service. We’ve been Home Depot customers, mindlessly, for 7+ years and we recently went to get a kitchen redone. Our parents had theirs through Home Depot so we thought why not. We were quoted 40k for a mid-grade 10x10 kitchen REFACE!! I’m still wondering how. So while at this location my wife was in the kitchen isle because we lost hope and decided to do a self install with in stock cabinets. Maria had met her there and kindly asked if she needed help and my wife kinda gave her the run down. Maria sat my wife down and called me over and basically saved us so much stress, time, energy, you name it. She got us an entire kitchen, high end, new everything not even just a reface, for UNDER our budget of 15k. She was and is a miracle worker!!!! We owe this woman so much and we are so thankful. Right after paying for the kitchen we ran to appliances and what do you know, met by another insanely kind and knowledgeable employee Tylor. Tylor was so nice and knew his stuff that we ended up buying the oven, microwave, refrigerator, AND dishwasher with him on the spot. These guys, alone with every employee I’ve talked to, we’re outstanding. Honestly thank you to this team here and they’ve officially turned us into full Lowe’s customers!

Sam Hall · more than 10 months ago

Not only did they have what I needed but the guy opened the package to make sure it was right and he explained what I needed to do with all the parts. The project is done the shower no longer leaks and I got it fixed for less than $60 rather than paying a plumber hundreds of dollars. Thank you Lowe's.

Viki Duvall · 1 year ago

I could wander around here for hours dreaming about home improvement projects. Picked up some wood glue and felt rounds to finish our latest project... refinishing our kitchen table and benches.

Sue Stoklosa · more than 9 months ago

I love going to Lowe's garden center, throughout the summer. I can always find perennials on the bargain cart for between 40% to 90% off. Some just need watering! Got alot this year to finish off my backyard at a bargain basement price, and then will come up year after year plus spreading out

Claire Moulden · 10 months ago

I bought a refrigerator here and when it was delivered the installers damaged our exterior door so that it no longer closes properly nor locks. I have spent three weeks trying to get Lowe's to fix their damage and have got no help, just multiple phone calls and damage claims plus 3 trips to the store. I have no choice but to repair their damage at my expense. I will never buy anything from Lowe's again. Be forewarned.

eric heinz · more than 10 months ago

Not a very good selection for sprinkler parts. I needed a vacum breaker and the nice man that was helping me said that may be a while we have been oit for a while. I went down the road to Home Depot and the must have got all the suplys because they had 2 pallets full of them.

Steven Gilbert · 1 year ago

Never do pick up here. First experience was purchasing a highly sought after discontinued vanity we found on the shop floor by chance. Bought it, but had to go back over the weekend with a truck, they said theyd "put it into storage". They sold the vanity, but took then 1.5 hours tobtell me as i sat waiting. Manager felt bad and gave us $300 off any other vanity. We bought one online. Waited another hour, the pickup crew put a hole in it with the forklift. We ordered again. It never came. We bought one from home depot instead. Next i ordered Mulch and soil. They gave me half my order after waiting 20 min at pickup. Drove home, drove back, waited 20 more minutes, got accused of lying about a $3 bag of pins i also didn't get. Otherwise, great store.

Andy Salmon · 11 months ago

Went in to look at barbecue grills, and they had a large display. Once we decided on a BBQ grill, we asked a customer service employee to help. Within a few minutes, he brought out the new grill on a dolly and brought it out to the register and car for us. Very helpful!

Hot Cat · 11 months ago

I went to this lowes for apple trees. I found pink lady and honeycrisp, my family's favorites. Trees were root bound, so I had to transplant them quickly. It was a little frustrating that it had to be done sooner than I was ready for. 1 tree was discounted in price, while the other wasn't. There was no sign saying anything about the discount, so I was a bit surprised and happy to be spending less at the register. I also got thornless blackberry and blueberry bushes.

Brian Clark · 1 year ago

I rarely write bad reviews but this Lowe’s in particular isn’t great. The employees are mostly unhelpful except an older lady who seemingly has a hard time getting around but is amazing. I literally left and went to Home Depot because most everyone just ignored me. I stood by power tools for several minutes while two employees complained about their day. Not ideal.


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