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Quick Lane at Ken Garff Ford

    4809 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO, 80525, United States
    Open · Closes at 6 PM
    7 AM - 6 PM
    7 AM - 4 PM
    7 AM - 6 PM
    7 AM - 6 PM
    7 AM - 6 PM
    7 AM - 6 PM


    19 reviews


    "Super nice friendly staff!!"

    "Ken Garff destroyed what was once a respected dealership and service department."

    "Really, with all the computers in the room you can't check a vehicle status?"

    Alan D · more than 1 year ago

    0 stars would be more accurate. Worthless. 1st time they didn't do everything we asked for. The second time we dropped off the car the night before, so they would have all day to work on it. By 3:30 PM they hadn't called, so we called them. Nothing had been done, NOTHING! Ken Garff destroyed what was once a respected dealership and service department.

    Michael Frasso · more than 2 years ago

    2 hrs to put a license plate on the front of my car. 6 hrs for general inspection. 2 hr wait for the shuttle. This is all with an appointment scheduled for 8am. Final result was fine, prompting 2 stars instead of 1. Just expect to wait. All day.

    Sean Kennedy · 3 years ago

    Straight up, do not take your car here!! I took my Subaru Legacy here in the past for a free oil change that I had as part of a purchase contract with Spradley Barr, and the mechanics drained my transmission fluid in the process of changing the oil, didn't notice somehow (!!), and returned my car to me. Needless to say, I ruined my transmission within a day, and it took them over a month for them to find a replacement transmission. My few interactions with the mechanics there since have not won back any confidence that they might have basic competency with Subarus, and I no longer feel comfortable reaping the value of the free oil changes in my purchase contract for fear that they'll make unnecessary repairs or damage my car again. If there was a way to rate less than one star, I would. Just disgraceful.

    Andrea Wilson · 5 years ago

    If I could rate the Quick Lane at 0 stars I would. I took my car in to get new tires and when I picked my car up, there was a piece of my bumper broken off by the wheel-well. I talked to the Service Lane Manager, Luis Dominguez, and he said that I need to get an estimate to replace my bumper, but promised that they will help me pay for the replacement. After I got an estimate and reported the price to Luis, he said they are not going to help pay for the replacement even though they are the ones who broke it. I had previous damage above the wheel-well so they said that is just the risk I take when getting my tires changed. He then hung up on me without even saying goodbye. My husband then tried calling the General Manager, Jack Wroten, three times and left voicemails, but he never returned any of his phone calls. We will never take our car here again. They damage cars, go back on promises, and are rude on top of it all. I can't believe the owners of the company would put people in management positions who treat others this way.

    Dylan Good · 6 years ago

    I was misled and they borderline attempted a direct scam on me. I purchased a vehicle from Spradley Bar Mazda 2 years ago on Dec 14th. With the purchase I was given 6 oil changes to be provided until my vehicle reached 92,000 miles or the two year mark was up. Now within that timeline I had only used 3 oil changes based on their recommendations. I called in knowing that my timeline was coming up quickly where the remaining oil changes would expire so I made a call on Dec 23rd. I was informed of the status that my timeline had in fact expired, but because I had only used 3 oil changes and my vehicle was only at 89,000 miles (well under the 92,000 cut off) that they would be happy to do one last oil change for me and to just bring the vehicle in before the end of the month. So I bring the vehicle in. Immediately I am told there is a technician ready to go and in fact was standing right there talking with 3 other guys and we could do the oil change right away. Then he asked if I want to do the 90,000 mile service while they are at it. That would run around $500 so I declined for the time being. The he quotes me for the oil change and says that he won't be honoring anything that was set up with me previously. They seriously lied to me to get me to go in there and were going to do the oil change that they said was free and then charge me HUNDREDS of dollars after! They are bad people and I recommend keeping your vehicle away from there shysters.

    Bob O'Loughlin · more than 7 years ago

    I went in on a Friday to get tires on my Ford F350 truck. The young woman did not know how to order and consulted with another employee. He told me my tires would be ordered and were in a "local warehouse" and would be in either that day (Friday) or Saturday. On Saturday, I got a call telling me they would be in on Monday. I called Monday to check status, about noon and the person who answered the phone told me he didn't know, and that she was at lunch and would return my call. Really, with all the computers in the room you can't check a vehicle status? Never called. I waited until just before closing and went to Spradley/Barr to check on the truck. Total disorganization. They didn't know where my invoice was, where my keys were, where my tires were, where my truck was for Pete's sake. I spotted my truck out on the back lot. She didn't know if the tires had been put on. By this time I had enough and told her I was leaving and wanted my keys. I checked the truck and no work had been done on it except the rear view mirror was sitting on the front seat with the yellow service tag attached to it. I replaced the mirror and drove off. She did apologize but really didn't seem to have a clue about much at all. If she is new, then I do apologize to her, but for gosh sake get some help. She wasn't the only one, it seemed like everyone I spoke with didn't have a clue. I told her to cancel my order. If the service advisors are that clueless, what are the mechanics/tire mounters like? When I went there the service bay was literally empty. There are many other tire places in the area. It was my first time at Spradley/Barr and will definitely be my last. I recommend you do the same!

    Ashley Morgan · almost 4 years ago

    Very friendly but.... I have a 3.5 eco boost F-150 and after the oil change the oil catch tray was not cleaned out. As a result I now have oil spots on my drive that is only 6 months old.

    Shannon · more than 5 years ago

    Super nice friendly staff!! Showed up early for my appointment and they got the car right in and did a great job, was only there for about 1/2 hour and they even washed the car!!!

    Kolby Welch · 5 years ago

    They were polite and professional, and the waiting area was nice and comfortable with plenty of seating and free Wi-Fi listed so it was easy to see

    Helen M · 5 years ago

    Always friendly and they offer shuttle service home and back if your car is to have lengthy repairs



    Wheelchair-accessible car park
    Wheelchair-accessible entrance
    Wheelchair-accessible toilet


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