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Walmart Pharmacy

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7700 W Quincy Ave, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
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30 reviews


"The mobile app and online interface work well to reorder prescriptions."

"I am always treated with respect, and I feel genuinely cared for."

"I am very appreciative for the consistently caring service."

Sare LaChancemore than 10 months ago

I visited this Walmart pharmacy yesterday for a refill on a prescription. A lovely employee named Sarah helped me. Our interaction is such a great reminder of how important and wonderful great service truly is. I worked in the medical industry for years, and assisted doctors with refilling prescriptions for awhile. I realize how busy pharmacies can get, and that the majority of the people they serve are sick and/or don鈥檛 feel well, and/or aren鈥檛 always the easiest to deal with. Every time I come here, the staff are always friendly and kind. I am always treated with respect, and I feel genuinely cared for. Thank you so much for all that you do! 馃檹馃檹馃檹

compl3161 year ago

Not impressed with this pharmacy anymore. I used to get prescriptions here all the time. The last 2 times they have sat on my prescriptions for 4-6 hours and never presorted them and only did because I went in to pick up. This last time I went to pick up my prescription they had for 6 hours only to find out they didn鈥檛 have it in stock and no one notified me or looked at it until I was there asking for it at 6pm. Unfortunately I will not be using this pharmacy anymore because of the inconsistency and lack of communication. I know everyone is struggling with staffing but you still need to be able to get prescriptions filled as ordered or communicate if unable to in a timely manner.

Emma Jenkins1 year ago

Really helpful and friendly staff and always efficient even when the pharmacy is super busy. They take time to explain any new medicine and potential side effects for myself or my kiddos. Keep it up all, thank you for what you do!!

Amber Hale1 year ago

Speaking to Josh was a like a breath of fresh air compared to other pharmacies. He was kind and very helpful even looking up goodrx prices for me so I got the best deal. Thanks Josh!

Heather Brand1 year ago

I know they had a rough time for awhile due to multiple people quitting and a change in pharmacist. It is much better there now. However, there is one pharmacist that continues to be rude, condescending, acts like he knows more than specialists that send in medication, acts like he is too busy and he will "try" to get your prescription filled. He is the little guy. Have zero issues with any other pharmacist there, but always have issues when trying to get something filled when he is there. I have walked right back out before because seeing him there automatically puts me in a bad mood. He thinks he knows so much more than doctors with way more experience and education. He makes up his own rules just to inconvenience customers, in a power trip kind of way. Doesn't even try to be helpful or problem solve, just says no, can't do it. More like won't do it.

Laura Smith1 year ago

This is the worst Walmart I've ever been to in my entire life and I've been to a lot of them. The pharmacy people are Scottie customer service does even know how to give customer service. Honestly these doors should be shut so worst Walmart ever. 7th

Maggiealmost 3 years ago

This pharmacy is hands down the best pharmacy I've ever used. Trevor is amazing and has saved my life by noticing interactions before. Robyn taught me how to use a medicine I'd been taking the wrong way for many years. They really look out for their patients. There are some new techs and I don't remember their names, but they are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Brie has always been quick to resolve problems and answer questions. Angie has stepped in to advocate for me with the insurance company which I really appreciate. Stephanie truly knows what she is doing and takes care to make sure that I understand everything before I leave and she has an amazing attitude. My insurance changed at the beginning of the year and I decided that if my new insurance wanted me to go to another pharmacy, I'd use Good RX and pay out of pocket so I could continue to go here, they've taken amazing care of me. They also were kind and caring towards my late grandmother, and I'll never forget that. Thanks to all of you for making such a great impact on the lives in your hands!

Cass2 years ago

I have only ever had a pleasant experience at this pharmacy. The ladies are always super nice and always willing to check out your other items as well. They fill the medications insanely fast and always answer when I can. I pick up medication for my dog and the pharmacy included a baggie of dog treats this last time. He鈥檚 been on medication for years and has never gotten treats. It was so sweet and really made my day.

Autumn Rainemore than 1 year ago

After the experience I had here last night, I wish I could give this place 0 stars. Not only is the pharmacy tech, Andrea, horribly bigoted, but when I corrected her on my identity and that my name isn't male, she made even more fun of me and doubled down on calling me "a man in a dress" amongst other things.

Jessica L.2 years ago

Don鈥檛 use this pharmacy. HIPPA violations all over the place (I shouldn鈥檛 be yelled at & asked what surgery I had from the Pharmacist FROM BEHIND THE PHARMACIST鈥橲 COUNTER & told she won鈥檛 fill my script if I don鈥檛 tell her with other customers within an ear shot). She was not behind the first counter, the 2nd counter. MORTIFYING. Forget that Pharmacist. I鈥檝e never had any issue with any doctor, nurse or pharmacist in my life until this moment at almost 40 years old. Go to the Walmart pharmacy on Coal Mine instead. If you鈥檙e a pharmacist or pharmacy tech, give customers an option to write things down so you don鈥檛 completely embarrass them. Common. Sense.


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