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Costco Pharmacy

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7900 W Quincy Ave, Littleton, CO, 80123, United States
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10 AM - 7 PM
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17 reviews


"Pharmacy staff is wonderful and so enjoyable to interact with."

"Pharmacist refused to order my epinephrine b/c he felt uncomfortable."

"I have always had a good experience at this pharmacy."

Taylan Dillionalmost 11 months ago

I needed to get some important medications filled here, they had to order one of them no big deal since it should order by the time I run out. I'm assured they should have it Monday. Monday rolls around and I try calling and the lady who answers says she can't find anything and to call back in an hour. I call right back and get someone else named Leah, who is able to find one of my prescriptions and says the other prescription "didn't come today, I don't have an explanation why, if you want I can try to reorder it for tomorrow". What was going to happen if I hadn't called back? When I tried to explain the importance of getting the medication within a week Leah just quickly said "ok we will get it reordered hopefully by tomorrow have a nice night" and then hung up. Very rude and unprofessional.

Evee Kiwi11 months ago

I鈥檝e had a good experience at this pharmacy. They answer the phone quickly, fill quickly, and the line is fast when you go in. They also will give member discounts when prescriptions are expensive. There is one associate that is slightly less pleasant & seems unhappy but the rest are always smiling and helpful!

Jamie Balogh1 year ago

Costco must treat their employees right because they are on a better level than the others. FAR more efficient and for the most part they are extra courteous as well. They literally have my RX ready in 30 minutes or less everytime. Several of the others- take DAYS. Thanks Costco

James Pearson1 year ago

I have always had a good experience at this pharmacy. They don't have as much in stock as some other pharmacies but when they say it's ready it actually is. This is much better than at Walgreens who says my RX is ready when its not. I wish they did not close at lunch time but I understand they need a lunch break also.

Jennifer Butler1 year ago

They always have my orders correct and ready when needed. They are flexible when I want to use my good rx coupons to save money as well. I even fill my dog's prescriptions here. Thank you!

Karol Paulalmost 11 months ago

Pharmacy staff is unbelievably helpful, patient and very nice, to say the least. Thank you staff!!:)

Chris M1 year ago

DO NOT USE PHARMACY. Meds are never refilled in time. Incompetent staff. Script submitted days prior and promised it would be filled. Chronic pain patient and they have zero empathy or understanding of what people go thru because of their lack of ability to plan and provide a service. Horrible experience. Also, no longer a Costco member because of it.

Lori Aguinaldo1 year ago

Pharmacist ripped my receipt out of my hand so I ripped it out of his hand so he left the pharmacy,was crying literally crying to the manager he sighed like I was an inconvenience to him he argued with me in front of all the customers he is very rude so I will move to another pharmacy I'm on hold as we speak 45 mins already I understand there busy lack of staff but answer the phone to acknowledge I'm on the line theres music ,a recorded machine what happened to This world 馃が馃が馃が馃が馃が馃がI love Walgreens but the 馃が

Kelsey Kennelly3 years ago

The first time in 26 years that I haven鈥檛 wanted to scream at everyone when I went to the pharmacy. I鈥檝e only been once but their competence was impressive and far surpassed any other pharmacy I have ever been to. I don鈥檛 know why I didn鈥檛 switch over sooner.

Shawn Fugatealmost 8 years ago

Pharmacist refused to order my epinephrine b/c he felt uncomfortable. Seemed like lack of experience due to age. I explained that I am DEATHLY allergic to bee stings. He was comfortable trying to sell me a $700 "Epipen" that I could not afford. The 1ml vial of epinephrine I asked him to order is the equivalent of 3 epipen shots for only $12. Wake up people!! Taking advantage of people's health and lives for gross profit is just not right! Had to give 1 star just to post this.


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